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Lincoln wildcats.pptxfinall project

  1. 1.  Target Market: We are looking for an age group of males that are 20-50 years old. We want males because they will spend money on drinks and they just like football more than females. Our general income level will be above 50,000 dollars a year to attend games regularly. The climate will be nice summer and spring and colder football weather during fall and winter. Also a new location would be good for the NFL because there would be no competition.
  2. 2.  Psychographic- we will not discriminate against different religions all are welcome to come. We want a group of people who love football and the games. This will bring a fresh atmosphere to the game. Also it will build a strong fan base. Our research has showed us that the heart of the USA has the biggest fan base.
  3. 3.  Product benefit-not only will this help the economy become more sound, but also it will be a huge entertainment factor. People in the heart of the United States often have nothing to do. This will change all that forever, People will come from all over the state to watch their own national football team.
  4. 4.  Secondary market- The secondary target market we are going after is women and children. They are secondary because most women’s favorite entertainment is not football. Now for the kids they have no decision if they can go to the game or not, it is all up to their parents taking them. We still can’t ignore them though. We will treat them just as good as any other customer they are just not our main focus.
  5. 5.  Geographic location – we are going to place the stadium in the heart of Nebraska in a county called Billings it has over 100,000 people in this place alone. We are not only going to take all Nebraska as our fans, but also other states around them. We believe we can do this because there are almost no NFL teams around Nebraska so we believe we can take over. We will start a revolution in the heart of America.
  6. 6.  TV T.V. KFLX TV 4 is Fox T.V.KOLN TV 10 ABC Newspaper Lincoln Journal Star Neighborhood extra UNL Daily Nebraskan
  7. 7.  Crime index is 79 (100 is the safest possible ) One of safest locations in America Rated one of best places to raise a family
  8. 8.  Cornhusker state industry Garner industry Motion industries Nebraska industry Good will industry
  9. 9.  58,000 without taxes taken out Female 33.77 Male 31.45 Median 31.9 Primary profession is a teacher
  10. 10.  Nebraska football games Clubs and bars Amusement parks Busch Gardens Island Oasis Fine dinning Lazols Brewery Mistys Steakhouse & Brewery Vincenzos Ristorante Carmelo’s bistro rated best restaurant in Lincoln
  11. 11.  FedEx Sams Club Lincoln Industries Molex, Inc KPMG
  12. 12.  262,341 Males make up 49.81% of the population, Females make up 50.19% Males and females under and over the age of 21 are 69% of the population Males and females between the ages of 45 to 54 12.6% of the population Males and females between the ages of 65 to 74 5.23% of the population
  13. 13.  Alex Smith Position- Quarterback Team- San Francisco 49ers Statistic- Has thrown 8 tds this year (2012) Salary & Contract- $16.5 million (2015)
  14. 14.  Arian Foster Position- Running Back Team- Houston Texans Statistic- Career Rushing Yards is 3629 Salary & Contract- $40.3 Million(2017)
  15. 15.  49ers
  16. 16.  Franchise name: The name of our franchise is the Lincoln Wildcats. The reason we chose the name is because since there is no other team in the league with this name it is easy to remember. Also it is catchy and people will never forget it. On top of this our logo will cause intimidation throughout the league
  17. 17. We chose these colors because they are bright and vibrantand will catch the eye of the fans
  18. 18.  Our logo shows an intimidating picture of a wildcat. We chose it to be black and white because we feel these are the two most powerful colors. It is also a very unique logo nobody has anything like it.
  19. 19.  The name of the mascot is Willy the wildcat Willy the wildcat attends every home game. He will be located on the sidelines with the cheerleaders keeping the crowd entertained, and pumping them up in key situations. He will be an instant crowd favorite.
  20. 20. Lincoln Wildcats 3718 O Street Bill Johnson Public Relations DirectorBill.Johnson@LincolnNE.com111-222-3333
  21. 21.  The name of our stadium is Bud Weiser Park we chose this name because we have been heavily sponsored by this company throughout the whole process of opening the new stadium. We now have a contract with this company and will predominately serve this through the entire park.
  22. 22.  Gloves Jerseys Finger Cups Shoes Shirts Bags Jackets Hats Bobble head
  23. 23.  Our policy on refunds is if you buy the ticket it is yours, and you will not get a refund on the ticket. If the weather prohibits the play of the game one night, you will be fully reimbursed, and for the inconvenience we will give you half off on the next game. Our tickets will be on sale starting 2 months before the season. All games will be open to get tickets, this will let people plan ahead to what game they want to go to. We will have a 5 percent discount on those who but at least a week previous to the game.
  24. 24.  The only forms of money that will be accepted at the game are cash and credit. We will sell our tickets a variety of ways. We will use the internet, vendors and sales personnel to sell, and will call.
  25. 25.  We will have a stuewerdeist at each section of the field so if there are any complaints they can bring it up to them and they will help it get resolved. Although, if the complaint is not a valid one, they will be asked to go back to their seats and enjoy the game. The only forms of money that will be accepted at the game are cash and credit.
  26. 26.  The top section will range in pricing from 20 to 30 dollars The middle section will range anywhere from 60 to 110 Field level will range anywhere from 120 to 200 Our strategy for ticket sales is to get it out on the web and on TV commercials. We believe this will attract buyers from every age of life. Our breakeven point will be having at least 50 thousand fans at this point based on statistics we will break even on money.
  27. 27.  Our magazine ad will appear in sports magazines such as sports illustrated
  28. 28.  Our outdoor ad will be in local areas for fans to see
  29. 29.  *music playing* (wildcats fight song- 20 seconds) *background is continuous of screaming energetic fans* “then have a singer come on to sing the song are you ready for some football?” *after song will have talks to fans getting ready for the game* “then we will have are all star running back Arian foster come out and take some questions in about him …”
  30. 30.  Our online ad will appear on many websites
  31. 31.  The Lincoln wildcats chose addidas to be one of our sponsors They will be able to provide us with gear and uniforms The addidas brand will be promoted the whole game. Also advertised by being worn by the players
  32. 32.  The player we will endorse is rob Gronkowski He is well known for his unbelievable play around the league He is a veteran tight end with a lot of power He will be marketing the team jerseys It will be great for the addidas company to have him as the face of the company