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Kofman final project
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Kofman final project


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Andrew Kofman

Andrew Kofman

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  • 1. FANTASY SPORTS FINAL PROJECTCreated by: Andrew Kofman Period: 3rd
  • 2. Project Layout• Marketing Research- CITY [Slides 3-7]• Marketing Research- PLAYERS [Slides 8-13]• Product Planning- BRANDING [Slides 14-21]• Marketing Research and Financing [Slides 22-24]• Distribution- TICKET SALES [Slides 25-27]• Promotion [Slides 28-]
  • 3. Target Market• Demographics – Gender: Male and Female – Age: 8 to 65 – Income Level: ≈$52,067• Psychographic Statement – Attitudes: Positive, Hard Workers. – Lifestyles: Family Oriented, Middle Class neighborhoods. – Beliefs: Catholic
  • 4. Selected City• Geographic Location – Carson City, Nevada, USA• Details – Population: 55,439 – Average Income: $27,568 – Average Age: 39 – Primary Professions: + Accounting + IT + Financial Analyst – Primary Industries: Automotive Parts – Local Media: + TV: KNPB, KOLO, KRNV, KTVN + Radio: KDOT, KKOH, KNEV, KUNR, KWYL – Crime Stats: Murder: 0 Rape: 1 Robbery: 20 Assault: 141
  • 5. Entertainment & Attractions• Museums – Nevada State Museum – Nevada State Railroad Museum – Capitol Complex – Governors Mansion – Bowers Mansion Museum – Childrens Museum of Northern Nevada – Warren Engine Co. No. 1 Museum • Restaurants – Reds Old 395 Grill – Basil – Dukes Steakhouse – Adeles Restaurant & Lounge
  • 6. Corps. & Sponsors• 5 Corporations – Concept Automation Systems – Travelgrove, Inc. – The Bed Wedge Company, Inc. – Lessinger Enterprises – Firewood Department
  • 7. Reason For Choice• ExplanationI chose Carson City as the home of my team is because of its cozy hometownfeel. Though it is the capital of Nevada, it has a rather small and close knitpopulation. Many of the people in Carson City know each other and thereforour team has a free source of advertisement… The people. Say one personsays, “Hey did you go to the Condors’ game last night? They were amazing.You should check them out.” That is a way of spreading the word of about theteam. Plus since Carson City and Nevada in general doesn’t have any sportsteams, the people will be excited about this new change. Carson City is home to many historic museums and homes and are agreat family attraction. The revenue that this team could bring in would berather high. As of right now, Las Vegas is the biggest attraction in Nevadafollowed by the peaceful city of Reno. By adding a sports team to Carson City,it would boost the amount of tourists come to the city as well as benefitingNevada as a state.
  • 8. Players• Players – Matthew Stafford (QB) • Team: Detroit Lions • Salary: $10.5 million • Contract: 6 years – Ray Rice (RB) • Team: Baltimore Ravens • Salary: $2 million • Contract: 5 years
  • 9. Players• Cont. – Adam Vinatieri (PK) • Team: Indianapolis Colts • Salary: $2.7 million • Contract: 3 years – Tony Gonzalez (TE) • Team: Atlanta Falcons • Salary: $3.9 million • Contract: Free Agent
  • 10. Players• Cont. – Reggie Wayne (WR) • Team: Indianapolis Colts • Salary: $1 million • Contract: 3 years – Hakeem Nicks (WR) • Team: New York Giants • Salary: $750,000 • Contract: 5 years
  • 11. Players• Cont. – Tim Hightower (RB) • Team: Washington Redskins • Salary: $1.2 million (2011) • Contract: Free Agent – Jermaine Gresham (TE) • Team: Cincinnati Bengals • Salary: $690,200 • Contract: 5 years
  • 12. Players• Cont. – C.J. Spiller (RB) • Team: Buffalo Bills • Salary: $852,900 • Contract: 6 years – Jeremy Maclin (WR) • Team: Philadelphia Eagles • Salary: $993,200 • Contract: 5 years
  • 13. Players• Cont. – Christian Ponder (QB) • Team: Minnesota Vikings • Salary: $836,800 • Contract: 4 years – Rob Bironas (PK) • Team: Tennessee Titans • Salary: $2.85 million • Contract: Free Agent
  • 14. Why the Name?• Franchise Name – Carson City Copperheads• Explanation – According to CATSEYE PEST CONTROL® (a local pest control service), approximately 127,000 Copperheads call Carson City their home. Though most tend to stay in their habitat, some do make their way into residents’ homes. Therefore, the Copperhead is somewhat a feared and aggressive animal. Giving this name to my football team symbolizes that the team is aggressive and should be feared by its opponents.
  • 15. Why the Colors?• Team Colors – White, Light Green, and Dark Green• Explanation – The color is used to represent the color of the venom that the Copperhead releases when attempting to kill its prey. It also symbolizes the eco-friendly nature of the team. We will attempt to leave a small carbon footprint in the environment from an environmentally friendly stadium to uniforms made from recycled materials.
  • 16. Why the Logo?• Team Logo• Explanation – The logo clearly displays a snake which can quickly be associated with the team name.
  • 17. Why the Mascot?• Team Mascot – Cody The Copperhead• Explanation – The reason for this mascot is simple. He looks aggressive to the adults yet has friendly personality and a childish name to appeal to kids. He is a fun loving, team crushing snake who enjoys spending time with the fans.
  • 18. Uniforms• Uniform Designs PRACTICEHOME AWAY
  • 19. Helmet• Helmet Design
  • 20. Cheerleader Uniforms• Cheerleader Uniform Designs
  • 21. Business Card• Manager’s Business Card
  • 22. Location• Stadium Site
  • 23. Stadium• Exterior
  • 24. Stadium (cont.)• Interior
  • 25. Ticket Sales• Forms of Accepted Payment – Credit/Debit Cards: • Visa® • MasterCard® • Discover® • American Express® – NO CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED. – Cash payments are accepted, but $50 and $100 bills may be rejected if assumed to be phony.
  • 26. Ticket Sales (cont.)• Places to Purchase Tickets – Ticket Booths at the stadium. – Ticket Kiosks outside of the stadium. – Licensed online vendors: • • •
  • 27. Ticket Design• Design
  • 28. Print Ad• ESPN Magazine Print Ad
  • 29. Broadcast Ad• Radio Ad – Hey, NFL fans. Tired of seeing your favorite NFL teams on TV. Well now that will be coming to Cason City because we now have an NFL team here in Carson City. That’s right… The Carson City Copperheads. So come on down.
  • 31. THE END