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  • 1. Australia’s Government Unit 12 Notes
  • 2. Australia’s Government
    • Australia has a federal parliamentary democracy.
    • There are three key factors that determine Australia’s government:
      • form of leadership
      • type of legislature
      • role of the citizen
  • 3. Form of Leadership
    • Queen Elizabeth II (England) is the head of state.
      • She does not run the country, but she signs laws, approves elections, and is commander-in-chief of the military.
    • The prime minister recommends someone to represent the Queen in Australia—the governor-general.
    • The prime minister is the head of the government & has the most political power.
      • leader of the political party with the most members in the Commonwealth Parliament
  • 4. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
  • 5. Her Excellency The Right Honorable Quentin Bryce
  • 6. The Right Honorable Kevin Rudd
  • 7.  
  • 8. Type of Legislature
    • An elected government operates the country.
    • Every 4 years, citizens who are over 18 vote for members of parliament.
    • Parliament meets several times a year and makes laws that affect how Australians live.
    • There are 2 houses of the Commonwealth Parliament:
      • House of Representatives
      • Senate
  • 9. Type of Legislature
    • House of Representatives : Australia is divided into areas called electorates; people living in each electorate vote for a person to represent them in parliament.
      • elected person becomes the MP of the House of Representatives for that area
    • Senate : people from each state and the 2 territories elect 12 people to be their senators
  • 10. Role of the Citizen
    • democracy: voters choose the lawmakers
    • Everyone who is 18 or over is required by law to vote.
      • Citizens can be fined or go to court if they don’t vote.
    • Citizens vote for MPs -- the leader of the party that gets the most votes becomes the prime minister.
    • Voters do not vote for the head of state (Queen), the governor-general, or directly for the prime minister.
  • 11. Role of the Citizen
    • Australians enjoy many freedoms.
      • freedom of religion, speech, job choice, travel, etc.
    • They can vote for the leaders that make laws and lead the country.
    • Their level of freedom is similar to what people have in the United Kingdom & the United States.