Simple Machines Review
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Simple Machines Review



A review of the simple machines we learned about.

A review of the simple machines we learned about.



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Simple Machines Review Simple Machines Review Presentation Transcript

  • Simple Machines
  • Table of Contents Kinds of Simple Machines What Kind of Simple Machine Is It? Our Simple Machine Hunt Fill in the Blanks Some Simple Machine Cartoons Simple Machine Websites
  • Kinds of Simple Machines
    • A simple machine is a device that makes work easier.
    • Some examples of simple machines are:
    • Levers
    • Wheel and Axle
    • Pulleys
    • Inclined Plane
  • Inclined Plane
    • An inclined plane is a slanted surface that makes it easier to move a heavy object.
    • You need less force to push an object up an inclined plane, but you move it a longer distance .
    Photo courtesy of
  • Parts of an Inclined Plane
    • Can you label the parts of the inclined plane below?
    load force inclined plane
  • Examples of Inclined Planes
  • Lever
    • A lever is a long stiff bar that rests on a point called a fulcrum. The fulcrum does not move.
    • Force is put on one end of the lever. The other end lifts a load .
    Photo courtesy of
  • Parts of a Lever
    • Can you label the parts of the lever?
    load force lever fulcrum
  • Class 1 Lever
  • Class 2 Lever
  • Class 3 Lever
  • Pulleys A pulley is a wheel with a groove that holds a rope or a chain. A person holds one end of the rope. This force lifts the load on the other end. Photo courtesy of
  • Parts of a Pulley
    • Can you label the parts of a pulley?
    wheel rope force load
  • Examples of Pulleys
  • Which simple machine is it?
    • Look at the pictures below and decide what kind of simple machine it is.Click to reveal the answer.
    pulley lever inclined plane
  • Our Simple Machine Search
    • We went on a simple machine hunt in school and found many simple machines.
    • On the following slides are pictures of the ones we found.
    • Click on the slide to reveal what type of simple machine it is.
  • wheel and axle
  • lever
  • inclined plane or wedge
  • pulley
  • lever
  • lever
  • inclined plane
  • wheel and axle
  • pulley
  • lever
  • wheel and axle
  • inclined plane
  • lever
  • wheel and axle
  • pulley
  • inclined plane
  • wheel and axle
  • pulley
  • lever
    • The steeper the inclined plane is, the (more,less) force is needed to push the object.
    Fill in the blanks A pulley can move items(up, down, sideways. The (closer, farther) the load is to the fulcrum, the easier it is to lift it. closer up sideways more down
  • Some Simple Machine Cartoons
    • You wouldn’t think simple machines are funny, but look at the following cartoons and you just might change your mind.
  • Some Great Websites
    • Created by:
    • Julie Foster
    • Stone Harbor Elementary School
    •  2009