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Flipped classroom
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Flipped classroom


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Introductory lesson on the Flipped Classroom.

Introductory lesson on the Flipped Classroom.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Flipped ClassroomHow to “flip” the way you teach your content
    • 2. Agenda• Go over syllabus and expectations• Using Edmodo and Edline• Three Case Studies – What can we do to help these kids?• The History of the Flipped Classroom: Khan Academy, Aaron Sams, Jon Bergman• CBS – 60 Minutes: Khan Academy: The Future of Education?• Defining the Flipped Classroom: What does a flipped classroom look like?• Discuss Aaron Sams’ Video – Pre Assignment• Questions, concerns, etc.• Traditional vs. Flipped vs. Balanced• Pros and Cons of the Flipped Classroom: Why you should or should not “flip” your classroom• On Your Own: Read one of the articles or watch a video linked to Edmodo – Comment on the article
    • 3. Edline and Edmodo• We are going to use two online vehicles to share information in the course: – Edline – Edmodo• Before we begin does anyone have any questions about either?
    • 4. Sign Into Edmodo• Please go to• Click on “I’m a Student”• Enter the code: j5k87g• YOU DO NOT NEED TO ENTER YOUR EMAIL
    • 5. Case Studies• Enrique• Janice• Ashley – What can we do to help these kids?
    • 6. Solutions
    • 7. The History of the Flipped Classroom• 2006 – Three high school chemistry students needed a tool to help students catch up on missed classrooms• Found Camtasia (a screencasting tool) and started recording their lectures and posting them on YouTube• Word got out and the rest is history – Flipped Learning Network
    • 8. 60 Minutes
    • 9. What is it?Traditional Classroom Flipped Classroom• Teacher delivers content • Content is delivered using, chalkboard, whiteboa through a video, podcast, rd, or interactive animation, song or other whiteboard in front of the form of media kids • Homework is completed in• Homework is completed at class with the teacher home Have you heard of Khan Academy?
    • 10. Flipped vs. Balanced ApproachFlipped Balanced• All lecture delivered online • A little bit of both• Class time is dedicated to – Some of the content is flipped inquiry based learning – Some of the content is traditional
    • 11. Why do it? Pros and ConsPros Cons• Students can revisit your • Students may not have lecture at anytime access to a• Students are more computer, television, etc. at responsible for their own home learning – they need to be • Creating the videos can be prepared for class time consuming• Frees up classroom time to • Developing activities for the focus on in-depth hands-on classroom can be time inquiry based learning consuming
    • 12. How to Build Your Own Flipped ClassTools Websites• Powerpoint • Khan Academy• Jing or Screencast o Matic • You Tube for Teachers• Prezi • Discovery Education• Your Promethean or Smart Board• Snip-it Tool on your computer• TED Tools• Educreations• Slide Rocket
    • 13. Your Challenge• Build a flipped lesson for your students. – You will need the following • A platform to deliver the lesson – Edline or Edmodo • One Self Made Video (or voice thread, or blog, etc.) • One Video (if you can find it) from another teacher or sources • An outline of the activity you will complete in class