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Yosemite February Meetings
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Yosemite February Meetings


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CMS Yosemite Lunch Meetings …

CMS Yosemite Lunch Meetings

-Medicines - general health questions
-Yosemite Water Bottle Ordering

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  • 1. Yosemite Lunch Meeting Summaries February 11, 2010 February 4, 2010
  • 2. February 4
    • Medicines and Medical Forms
    • Cabin Cards Due
  • 3. Medical Information
    • If you have updates (new medications, insurance providers, etc.), please submit a new form
      • Yosemite Institute Emergency Contact and Health Form
    • Mrs. Holtzapple will be reviewing all medical forms and you may be contacted for clarification.
  • 4. Medicines Students May Bring
    • Students may bring non-prescription medications that they typically use at home.
      • Herbal remedies
      • Vitamins
      • Cough drops and cough medicines
      • Tylenol
    • Parents can have adults supervise as necessary, just note that on the medical form or contact us.
  • 5. Prescriptions
    • All prescription medication should be noted on the medical form
    • Adults typically administer these medications per the protocol.
    • Some emergency medications like epi-pens, and rescue inhalers may require two devices in case one is lost, or one for the child and another for the adult.
    • Mrs. Holtzapple will contact families for clarification.
  • 6. Dietary Allergies & Restrictions
    • All dietary restrictions should be noted on the forms.
    • Mrs. Holtzapple will contact families with any questions.
  • 7. Questions-Concerns
    • If you have any questions or concerns about health and safety, please contact us via email.
  • 8. February 11
    • Finalize Cabin Arrangements
    • Yosemite Bottles
    • Boot Break In Starts after break
  • 9. Cabin Arrangements
    • Cabin arrangements were finalized at the meeting.
    • Rotations will be developed soon!
  • 10. Bottles
    • This year we have a custom water bottle to commemorate our trip.
    • These are plastic but bpA free.
    • They are 32 oz (work as one bottle)
    • Cost is $10
    • We are taking orders on line.
    • Payment on receipt.
  • 11. Boots
    • Boots should be acquired by the week after the break.
    • You will probably need to waterproof them.
    • You should start wearing them to break new boots in and to get your feet and legs accustomed to them.
    • Where thick socks even at school
    • PE shoes should be carried separately
    • Boots will be checked next Thursday.