Lunch Meeting1 Dec 17
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Lunch Meeting1 Dec 17



Outline of the topics for the December 17 Lunch time meeting.

Outline of the topics for the December 17 Lunch time meeting.



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Lunch Meeting1 Dec 17 Lunch Meeting1 Dec 17 Presentation Transcript

  • Lunch Time Meeting 1 December 17, 2009 Expectations Consequences Thinking about Clothing FORMS Due by Tomorrow
  • Purpose
    • Quick 30-35 minute meeting
    • Share important information and ask questions
    • Collect forms and checks
    • Practice working as a large group just as we will be in Yosemite.
    • If we start on time, and stick to the rules, we can get out EARLY!
  • Expectations
    • Be on Time - doors close at 12:40
    • Form two orderly lines outside and wait to pick up your attendance ticket.
    • Enter with respect for others - don’t push.
    • Place your backpack on the side and sit down immediately. Sit between the red lines facing the band room.
    • NO Hot Lunch - pick up hot food at brunch or bring a bag lunch.
    • Keep the gym clean - No spills, Pick up even the tiniest of crumbs before we leave.
  • Behavior During Meetings
    • When a teacher’s hand goes up, the room becomes silent and all eyes go to the front.
    • Sit up, facing towards the teacher at all times.
    • Listen carefully and don’t talk while the teachers are talking.
    • Raise your hand to ask questions.
  • Attendance
    • Attendance is required.
    • If you have an excused absence you are also excused from the meeting. I check with the office.
    • If you are absent, see Mrs. Enright or Mrs. Holtzapple for the information and review the slides on line.
    • Attendance tickets should have your last name and first name clearly printed on the back.
    • You only get one ticket when you enter the door.
  • Exiting the Meeting
    • Make a circle to check if all food and trash is gone. (If it’s not, pick it up EVEN IF it is NOT YOURS.)
    • Wait for okay signal from the teachers before leaving.
    • Place your attendance tickets in the proper bags.
    • Turn in any forms/checks etc.
    • Exit with respect for others.
  • Consequences
    • Hot Lunch - pulled to the side given a warning
    • Talking or being disruptive - pulled to the side and given a warning
    • Late - pulled to the side and given a warning
    • Missed meeting - given a call slip with the warning.
    • After multiple problems a student will be moved to the bottom of the wait list. You and your parents will be told if that is the next consequence.
  • Clothing
    • Clothing List
    • Wearing Layers - prepare for wet/cold
    • Non-cotton is the best.
    • Keep your eye out for discounts around the holidays
    • Think about asking for some of these as holiday gifts.
    • You can wait on the boots until after the December break.
  • Announcements
    • Form packet (golden rod check sheet on the front) is due by tomorrow.
    • Drop off forms here in the bin.
    • Drop off forms in Mrs. Enright’s room, room 3
    • Drop off forms in your science teacher’s room.
    • FORMS will NOT be taken in the OFFICE.
    • FORMS are YOUR responsibility not your parents.
    • Turning in Late forms is a problem that will be tracked.