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  • 1. Zebra Sharks By: The Zebra Shark group
  • 2. Interesting Facts
    • Zebra sharks are found in the Indian Ocean
    • The Zebra Shark’s tail is almost as long as it’s body
    • Zebra sharks are able to fit in small crevices and holes in the reef as it searches for food
    • Zebra Sharks are nocturnal
    • Zebra Sharks can grow over 11 feet
    • The upper lobe of the caudal fin is very long and it has fleshy barbels at the corners of its mouth
  • 3. What are Zebra Sharks?
    • Zebra sharks are invertebrates that are black and white and they live in the Indian Ocean. The zebra sharks are nocturnal and feed on small animals such as snails ,shrimp ,crabs and sea urchins ,and small fish. The zebra sharks are slow animals and are harmless to humans.
  • 4. What does the Zebra Shark look like?
    • The zebra shark looks like a long thing with black spots on it and white skin. The zebra shark can be up to 11 feet long or can be longer or shorter. Even though it is a shark, it may look harmful to you but it’s not. The zebra shark is harmless to humans.
  • 5. Definitions
    • Crevices- a crack forming an opening
    • Nocturnal- active at night
    • Caudal fin- the terminal vertical fin of a fish
    • lobe- a round projection or division
    • Barbels- a slender , external process on the jaw or the head of certain fish
  • 6. The End
    • By: Mrs.Drouare’s Zebra Shark group