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Existing Customer Seminar

Existing Customer Seminar



Slide show presented at the following cities on the following dates:

Slide show presented at the following cities on the following dates:
Seattle, WA - 9/16
Portland, OR - 9/17
Charleston, SC - 10/22



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  • This session is educational – we want to show you ways to use your database more effectively to raise money and give you ideas on Best Practices.This isn’t a training session, you’ll see some examples of how things work in your database but we’re going to take a high level view rather than focusing on the specifics.It’s also not a sales pitch, we are going to cover a lot of standard features in your database but you may see some additional services that you do not currently have.
  • Let’s take a look at a scenario – a year in the life of cultivating a new donor, and how eTapestry can help you every step of the way. We want you to see the different tools that are available through your database to increase your efficiencies and maximize your effectiveness. This will allow you to raise more money and cultivate better relationships!
  • Let’s say someone wanders onto your website wanting to learn more about you. You conveniently have a wonderful new website designed by eTapestry. They see your newsletter sign up and decide to put themselves on your mailing list. We are going to utilize Galveston Bay Foundation’s site today, since they have incorporated a lot of the things an organization could be doing as the seek to raise awareness and connect with their constituents. They are down in Webster, Texas.
  • With an online newsletter sign-up page, they can send you their contact information and that information goes directly into your database as a new account.
  • Next time you go to do a newsletter, they are going to be included.Using eTapestry’s correspondence feature, you create and send an appealing, stylish newsletter that details all of the good work that your group has been doing, and includes a link to your website and donation pages.The Correspondence editor allows you to quickly create a professional, attractive newsletter to share your message and links to your website and donation page. The newest release that came out on Friday has changed some of this to allow more advanced users more HTML coding and less advanced users to have more features in the WYSIWYG editor – What You See Is What You Get.
  • You send your email out to all of your newsletter recipients, including the new prospect, to update them on your latest projects, successes, and needs. Don’t forget to include a link back to your donation page – you never know when the newsletter will move someone to contribute!
  • Did they open your email? Did they read it? What were they interested in? Our Advanced Mass Email tool allows you to generate reports…
  • … so you can see who received your email, opened it and what links they clicked on within the email. You can drill down into any of these categories to get a list of the constituents and even create custom queries to come back to at a later date for follow up.
  • The new prospect reads an article in your newsletter about the recent projects your organization has been working on, and she is moved to donate. Good thing you included a link to your eCommerce donation page in the newsletter!
  • Fantastic, the prospect has become a donor! Not only that, but she makes her gift a Recurring Monthly donation. The donation is recorded in the database, through your website and will be processed automatically by the credit card processor…
  • … in addition to an on-screen Thank You notice, both you and the donor receive emails confirming the successful transaction. This is more of an alert for you that a donation has occurred and a cash register receipt the donor can print off for tax purposes. The donor does not automatically receive a Thank You letter but we’ll talk about that in just a few slides.
  • As I said, the donation and recurring gift schedule are set up in your database, you can see both in the donor’s journal. Because of the secure connection to the credit card processor, their recurring gift will process automatically each month. No more data entry and no more monthly reminder notices…
  • Recognition can be the key to a good relationship with your donors – so you use the Correspondence tool to send the donor a sincere and timely “Thank You” Letter. You could run these as a group for all gifts that were entered for the day, week, month, etc., or you can use the Create Document option to run a single letter for one transaction.
  • Voila, a nice professional letter including your logo is generated. This is one example of our templates. There are many to choose from - you can even create your own. We also just added a few more. Has anyone seen some of the new ones that came out with Friday’s release yet?
  • Your newsletter has generated gifts….now how do you measure why they are giving and what they are giving to? eTapestry offers many standard reports to help you measure and analyze your fundraising activities.
  • One example is the Fund Activity Report which will show you where donations are going.
  • And with the approach analysis report you can see what activity generated what gift, whether it was your newsletter, a special appeal, an event you held, or even if they gave because of a personal solicitation from a Board member. I don’t want to put anyone on the spot, but does anyone here have a Board that actively raises money for your organization?You know that is not always the case for a lot of the organizations I talk with. That’s something to be commended.
  • Now your board wants to measure and analyze your giving trends. eTapestry has a great suite of reports called Executive Reports that gives you those analytical tools. As an example the Giving Dynamics Report will show themyour gain/loss statistics so far this year. Remember, you can schedule any report to automatically run on your customized schedule and be delivered via e-mail to whom ever you choose including your board members.
  • To schedule a report see the delivery options section on your launch report screen. Select schedule for off hours. Select your frequency and who the report should be delivered to.
  • And now back to the actual report - - - what does it tell you? The Giving Dynamics report will show overall numbers for new, recaptured, upgraded, downgraded, and lapsed donors. You can also drill down into each category to see a list of the donors within that particular category. And you can save those lists as custom queries to be used later for follow up.What else can you do with this information? Things you can use it for: targeted mailings to lapsed donors or new donors, or maybe board member follow up. How much more money could you recover it you called on your lapsed donors?What would it mean to you Development Directors or Executive Directors who need to show how hard you’ve been working on fundraising efforts to show the increase in the recaptured and upgraded status categories as the result of your hard work?
  • We called this a year in the life of a donor so one example would be that in the list of New donors, one of your Board members realizes that one of the new donors is her neighbor, and she suspects that the new donor might have a higher giving potential.
  • Based on the information from your board member, you decide it’s time to find out what this donor’s giving potential really is! eTapestry partners with Target Analytics who can do a wealth screening on your database to determine hidden wealth and potential major donors. Here is example of what the results might look like of such a screening.
  • In the case of Jane P. donor, whose name has mysteriously changed to Bill Brown in my presentation now. You can discover that the donor has the capacity to give a gift far greater than what you have been asking for. What would it mean to your revenue flow if you could find two additional people that could give your organization one additional major gift each? It may not be that big of a deal if your major gift amount is around $600, but what if your major gift size is $5,000? Wouldn’t that mean an additional $10,000 in revenue?Target Analytics and WealthPoint have various wealth screening options that return different levels of information to meet your needs. Is anyone here using WealthPoint now or in the past and would care to comment on your results?
  • Now that you know this donor’s potential, and you have a Board Member with a connection, you decide to assign that Board Member as a solicitor of that donor using the relationship tracking capabilities of your database.
  • Your staff can use the information you gather through wealth research, communications with the donors, published articles, etc. to assign ratings to that donor by using our ‘For Impact’ fields. Your organization determines what each rating means as it relates to your cultivation process.
  • Once you have assigned the ratings, they are recorded in your database and eTapestry automatically calculates a score for each donor or prospect.
  • Then you can run the For Impact Master Prospect List to find out who your top donors are. These ratings are meant to be updated every time you learn a new piece of information about your donor/prospect so individuals may move up or down on your prospect priority list accordingly and you always have access to the most current data.
  • Now that you have done your research and assigned your ratings, what’s next? Contacting them! Your Board Member can use the journal in eTapestry to record the steps she’s taking to cultivate this donor. She invites them to special events, takes them on “behind the scenes” tours of your facilities (if it makes sense to do that), and introduces the donor to the Development Director. All of this is recorded in the Journal using Contacts.
  • You can also set up Calendar Items as a reminder to perform certain steps on time, remember to invite people or return a call once they return from vacation. If you have your calendar on your welcome screen, they’ll be there for you to reference and review each day.
  • If your board memberis always on the go, and relying on a smart phone to keep organized - information can be added to the solicitee’s donor account “on the fly” using eTapestry Mobile. It’s easy to set up and included at no additional cost in your base service with eTapestry!
  • The Development Director can then check the Board Member’s progress with the donor right from her office. However, she doesn’t want to do a lot of searching for the right accounts or the right data– she wants to see just the info she needs. Thank goodness for customized Home and Welcome pages. She can set up the Home page to only show her preferred and most needed information from an account…
  • You just click on ‘manage content’ and select your options.In fact, if you didn’t know, most screens in eTapestry are customizable. Each user can see exactly what they want to see on the welcome page and journal screens too! This is why it is important that every user have their own login id. And if I can put my former IT Director hat on for just a second, to have a little ability to have data integrity and to know who access what data, who entered that information or modified it last. Might be important if you need to ask a follow up question or too about a particular note or entry.
  • One option is to show your favorite reports displayed on the Welcome page, then you can run them in just a few quick clicks.
  • Don’t forget to have the report “remember” the query – this makes the reporting process even simpler. Mostly because you don’t have to remember which query you used to get the results the last time you ran this report.
  • That’s a fast & easy way to run a report, just click the green arrow on the Welcome page!
  • So you’ve done your research, you’ve made your contacts, you’ve recorded it all in your database so you can easily assess what’s been done and what the next step in your donor cultivation process is…and the Board Member’s work with the donor has been a success – the donor decides to give a very sizeable gift!Enter the gift into your database and use the Soft Credit section to give credit to the Board Member for all of her hard work in cultivating the donor.
  • Time flies in the life of a donor and now we are at the end of the year!It’s time for the end-of-year reporting & receipts - Everyone’s favorite time of year! Your first priority is getting those receipts out, but you’re having a problem – for some reason you’re getting gifts from previous years in your receipts. So you contact Support for help! Depending on your licenses, you can email, telephone or instant message our support team. Our IM functions have become very popular so let’s take a look at that.
  • You’re can easily submit your request for help to a Support team member…
  • The support person notices a small issue with the query setup, and sends you step-by-step instructions for correcting it. You then send a copy of those instructions to yourself via email or print out the communication log for future reference.I just want to note that the only way a Support person would have the ability to access your query is you providing them with a Login ID and password. No one has access to your data or database without you providing them with a Login ID and password to access it.
  • Another popular option is the “Send to Support for Assistance” link to forward your query’s setup information to Support so that they can quickly analyze if there is a query setup issue. This sends an email like the one shown here to Support to let them see the exact setup of your query or report. Support will reply with further questions to clarify the problem, if needed, and then send you step-by-step instructions for correcting it.
  • Some faces of our eTapestry support team!
  • You’ve run your receipts and have sent them out. Time for more reports! Lets see who your Top Donors were for the year – you run the Top Donor Report to find out which donors contributed the most this year.
  • You also run the Recognition Report to prepare your Annual Report data listing for your Giving Societies. Your new donor falls into your highest Giving Society level and is so impressed with your organization’s response to her gifts, she decides to join your board and help recruit other donors! Success….and how would you have been able to accomplish all that without a database to keep you organized?
  • We have actually just demonstrated two stories, one of the donor who has made a connection with your organization, is notified that their gift was received and will be well used and has an overall feel of  comfort with the connection they have with your mission. The second is of the internal audience, your board! Not only are they at ease becauseof the accuracy of reporting they will receive but they can better plan for the future of the organization. Hopefully you picked up a tip or two! If you saw anything here that you want more information about, please contact your Account Manager.
  • Wondering about our newest technology and how it might benefit your organization? We want to cover three of our newest features today – Personal Fundraising, Cart and Donor Login. Just a reminder, Personal Fundraising and Cart are managed from within the database and the pages that they generate are hosted by eTapestry for free. You only pay for the module or a custom page. It will make more sense as we go through the slides…
  • With Personal Fundraising you take advantage of viral fundraising (one of the fastest growing and easiest ways to raise funds) by creating events/fundraisers/projects in eTapestry that generate a website where individuals who support your organization can create a team, support a cause, make a donation, etc. all by creating their own personal webpage and sending the link to family and friends. You simply enable the fundraising page from the database and let them do all the work.
  • You have an option to register teams, create a team, or support a team that’s already registered…
  • You can create your own text for what your events is about, even include pictures
  • And your participants can create their own fundraising pages too. Creation of a Personal Fundraising site generates a unique URL link that your participants can send out to their friends and family who will then go online to that participant’s website to make a donation. The donations are automatically entered into your eTapestry database, just like the eCommerce module and the thermometer, along with all the other information on the page is automatically updated to reflect how much has been raised in relation to the goal.
  • Your organization, the team and/or the individual can keep up to date with their own fundraising pages to monitor their progress. In addition to events like a 5k race, some common uses of the fundraising modules are small fundraisers held by your supporters, missionary support and special campaigns. School on Wheels held a non-event fundraising event and raised over $30,000 in the month of April to support their mobile home classrooms that help children in homeless families keep up on their schooling.
  • The Cart allows you to manage your inventory within your eTapestry database and create web pages you can link to your own website for individuals to purchase your merchandise.
  • The benefit to this module over an ecommerce page to sell merchandise is that purchase transactions look like purchases. They are recorded in eTapestry as purchases, not as gifts. You can account for sales tax and shipping.
  • Creating your inventory is simple and manageable within your eTapestry database.
  • And all an item’s specifications including shipping and taxes, if that’s applicable.
  • Items purchased are collected into a checkout screen for your donor/customers review. The release on Friday created the ability to handle additional monetary donations, free transactions like event registration, newsletter sign-up, requesting additional information, fully or partially deductable as well as non-deductible transactions….You can manage item quantities, publish start and end dates and control all the content of the Cart directly from the database. It is quite an amazing degree of functionality that you can easily manage from within eTapestry. Again, you can have templates for the Cart’s page, like this one, provided for free or pay for a custom site that resembles your organization’s website.
  • And they receive a receipt that looks like a sales order while you get the transaction recorded in your database with segmented lines for each piece of the transaction.
  • Donor Login is a self service product that allows your donors to have a username/password which gives them access to their contact information and giving history.
  • They can send any contact info changes to you
  • and they can make online gifts from the giving history summary page,
  • including payments to a pledge.
  • In addition, if you have any sort of membership/alumni/groups that would need to find each other there is a member look up piece you can activate. They can search on a wide array of criteria. Members can opt in or out of being found with this functionality.
  • Once they find the individual they are searching for…
  • They could even send them a secure email.
  • Any questions?

Existing Customer Seminar Existing Customer Seminar Presentation Transcript

  • A year in the life of a new donor
  • Today’s Focus
    What this session is…
    What this session is not…
  • .
    A year in the life of a new donor
  • A visit to your website…
  • This just in…
    A new prospect signs up to receive your newsletter!
  • News you can use…You create and send a newsletter using eTapestry correspondence.
  • Sending the Email
    A few quick clicks, and the email is sent
    "The e-newsletter is an inexpensive way to give coherency and consistency to our marketing campaign," Michael Wachter, Columbus Gay Mens Chorus
  • Measuring your successHow many responses might you get?
  • Measuring your successHow many responses might you get?
  • I’m hooked!
    The prospect reads your newsletter & decides to donate.
  • A donation!
    She visits your donation page & donates!
  • A donation!
    …you both receive confirmation emails…
  • A donation!
    …and it’s automatically added to your database, too.
    "eCommerce gives us the ability to automate transactions and keep records on everything." Allison Broihier, Pasco Education Foundation
  • Time for a thank you…
  • Time for a thank you…
  • Reporting… Measure your results
  • Check your Fund Activity
  • And your Approach Analysis report
  • Measuring how you’re doing…
    Compare one time period to another…fast!
  • Scheduling a Report
  • Measuring how you’re doing…
  • A revelation in your next Board meeting…
    A familiar name with a personal connection…..
  • Analysis reveals even more…
    WealthPoint screening further backs up your board member’s assessment.
    “I’ve discovered that very few of the richest people on our list have given anything to us…and some have given very small gifts. So this tells me that we haven’t done much over the years to connect with them in a meaningful way, build relationship and give them a reason to give.” - Rich Avery, Wesleyan Native American Ministries
  • Analysis reveals even more…
  • Cultivation makes your donors grow!
    You assign a the Board Member to solicit this new donor.
    "For a small non-profit with a very small staff, such as Komen Indianapolis, eTapestry is a very helpful, effective tool. Such a powerful database with limitless customer service at such an affordable price is hard to believe." – Letha Keslar, Susan G. Komen Indianapolis
  • Cultivation makes your donors grow!
    For Impact can help you determine which donors to pursue.
  • Cultivation makes your donors grow!
    Angela Doty has no idea her picture is on this slide 
  • Cultivation makes your donors grow!
  • Cultivation makes your donors grow!
    The details of the cultivation steps can be recorded on the Journal as Contacts.
  • Cultivation makes your donors grow!
    Calendar Items act as reminders to keep you organized.
  • On the road again…
    eTap mobile allows you to keep up to date, even when on the go.
    “It gives me peace of mind knowing that I can access the most important
    information about our organization—which is our database—through my PDA
    seven days a week, 24 hours a day,"  Randy Peterson, Delta Sigma Phi
  • No place like Home…
    Customizing the Home page allows users to see just what they want to see.
  • No place like Home…
  • Welcome back!
    Our favorite Welcome Page option? The Favorite Reports & Queries Tile!
  • Welcome back!Quick and easy reporting…
  • Welcome back!Quick and easy reporting…
  • Congratulations – another gift!
    The Board Member has been so successful in her efforts with this donor that the donor decides to give a sizeable donation!
  • And now, the end is near…
    Time for end of year reporting & receipts! What to do if your queries aren’t quite right?
  • I need some Support!
    The IM Support option allows the Support team to diagnose and troubleshoot your issues in no time!
    Amber Smaltz
    Support Specialist
  • I need some Support!
    After the chat, you can use the links at the top to print or email yourself a copy of the chat.
    "Every year we use the database more and more. It's so user-friendly, and 'instant message' support is so convenient - the chat feature makes it so easy to contact the support team when we need to." – Janet Hiatt, School on Wheels
  • I need some Support!
  • Geoff Arbuckle
    eTapestry Support
    Mark didn’t know Support put their pictures in this presentation!
    Charles Moore & Jason Oliver
    Kimberly Hammer, Abbey Schaefer & Susie Morris
    Ken Shuttleworth
  • Receipts are a go, now on to Reports…
    Now that you’ve got your receipt query set, you can move on to some reporting, like the Top Donor Report.
    "Since using eTapestry in 2008, we have more than doubled our gifts during our annual campaign (compared to 2007), and we have also increased the average gift as well as the total number of donors. The software helps us raise and save more money, which is invaluable to charities in these challenging times. Thanks, eTapestry!”
    - Jennifer Willis, One Brick
  • A little Recognition goes a long way…
    Another great option, the Recognition Report allows you to sort donors by giving level, or by the areas they gave to.
  • A year in the life of a new donor
  • What’s new at eTapestry?
  • Personal Fundraising
  • Personal Fundraising
    Registration – Team Options
  • Personal Fundraising
    Team Page
  • Personal Fundraising
    Participant Page
  • Personal Fundraising
    Team Fundraising Center
    "I think the personal fundraising page had a huge impact on our success.
    We've received feedback that it was very donor friendly. Thanks a lot!“ -
    Erin Bullman, IRCIL
  • Cart
    Sell items on your website…
  • Cart
    Purchase transactions that
    look like purchases:
    • Purchases stored as Orders, not as Gifts
    • Separate Sales Tax line item (for US States)
    • Separate Shipping Fee line item
  • CartEntering items is easy!
    Cart Webpage
  • CartCustomize your preferences
  • Cart ….a purchase!
  • Cart ….a purchase!
  • Donor Login/Member Look Up
    Give you donors self service access to their information
  • Donor Login
    Update contact information
  • Donor Login
    See giving history and outstanding pledges
  • Donor Login
    And even make a
    payment on a pledge
  • Member Look Up
    search for other individuals affiliated with your organization
  • Member Look Up
    search for other individuals affiliated with your organization
  • Member Look Up
    communicate with other individuals in a secure way
  • Questions?
    eTapestry at Thanksgiving