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SBER on NCWise
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SBER on NCWise


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Teacher handout for submitting student behavior and effort report comment codes in NCWise

Teacher handout for submitting student behavior and effort report comment codes in NCWise

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. New NCWise Comment Codes The numbers in Excellent Good Needs Unacceptable RED are to be used 4 3 Improvement 1 in NCWise 2 Organizational Consistently collects Usually collects and Sometimes needs Rarely organizes Skills and organizes organizes informa- assistance in organizing information information tion information (40s) 44 43 42 41 Assignments Consistently com- Usually completes Sometimes needs to be Rarely completes pletes assignments assignments reminded to complete assignments even if assignments reminded (50s) 54 53 52 51 On Task Consistently is on Usually on task, Sometimes on task, Rarely on task, task, attentive and attentive and uses attentive and uses time rarely attentive and uses time effectively time effectively effectively does not use time (60s) effectively 64 63 62 61 PBS Skills Consistently Usually demonstrates Sometimes demon- Rarely demon- demonstrates SPLASH expecta- strates SPLASH expec- strates SPLASH SPLASH expecta- tions tations expectations (70s) tions 74 73 72 71 In an effort to better inform parents about their child’s academic performance, our school is going to use the Behavior and Effort Report (BER). The comments in the chart above are the new NCWise comments for this year. These comments have taken the place of the old NCWise comments used last year. We have moved from three comments last year to four comments this year. The numbers in RED are the new NCWise comment numbers. The description in the box is what will appear on the child’s report card. For example: if you type a #73 into a comment column, the child’s report card will say “usually demonstrates SPLASH expectations” in the comment section of their report card. On the back are step-by-step instructions on where to put comments in NCWise. If you have any questions about these steps please ask. It is the expectation that every teacher will give each student these comments for each quarter.
  • 2. 1. Log in to NCWise 2. Click on Mark Entry 3. Select the appropriate quarter 4. Click on Students 5. Next to each ? you type in the comment number you want for each BER category 6. When you are finished check the box 7. Click save and then exit 40 50 60 70