GES 2012 Summer Reading


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GES 2012 Summer Reading

  1. 1. Why Summer Reading? The ProjectDuring the school year daily classwork provides plenty of Choose the summer read that you have the strongestmental exercise. As wonderful as summer vacation is, feelings about -- one that you loved, hated, or learned“summer slump” has a terrible habit of slowing, event something interesting from. This can be a book,halting student progress, making the return to school in magazine, newspaper, or website.September difficult. Simple activities, like independent Using 1 side of letter (8.5x11) sized paper, creativelyreading, can help students maintain the great progress share with others why they should (or should not) readthey have made during the school year. For more on thistopic visit that book, magazine, newspaper, or website. Some ideas:  Share amazing information that you learned  Sketch, draw, paint or create a collage of a favoriteWhat to Read scene or characterStudents are encouraged to read what they enjoy, in the  Write an alternate endingformat they prefer. Looking for reading Ideas?  Write a short prequel or sequel  Visit the LMC Wiki for award winning books, teacher  Make a top 10 list of why this book is a must read picks, great websites, book blogs, and online reading  Practice your graphic artist skills – create a poster opportunities. using drawing software  Talk to a librarian at the Phillipsburg Public Library or  Create a comic version a branch of the Warren County Library.  Design a new book cover  Visit a bookstore and attend a story time or browse the shelves.  Express your thoughts in poetry  Discover your Super Hero Reading Personality at A  Imagine that what you read is now going to be a Book and a Hug. movie – create a poster to advertise it  Talk with friends about their favorite reads! Make sure you include the name and author of the item you are sharing. Posters will be hung throughout the halls in September for all to see!Maintain a Reading LogStudents are asked to keep a summer reading log. Thisreading log will help their new teacher in September More Summer Reading Programsknow what kinds of books, magazines and websites Public libraries and businesses have planned fun (andstudents enjoy reading. It can also be exciting for kids to free) programs to encourage kids to read over thesee how much they read! You can find the log on the summer. Below is a list of just some of the localother side of this page or on the LMC Wiki. opportunities:  Phillipsburg Public Library  Warren County Library Summer Reading Check List  Read and earn a free book from Barnes & Noble  Read often  Read and earn a free book from Pottery Barn  Log your reading  Read and TD Bank will put $10 in a Young Savers  Talk with friends about what you are reading Account  Create a project  Chuck E Cheese will give 10 free tokens to kids who  Hand in your project during the first week of read each day for 2 weeks. school  Check out the posters in September and read something new! Have a great summer!
  2. 2. Your Name: ____________________________________________ 2012-2013 Grade: _________ Homeroom: ________________Date Book or Website Title and Author Minutes Read Total time spent reading this summer: