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2 budd2012

  2. 2. We are in our class. Our class
  3. 3. Mrs. Budd shows how todo fractions. Math
  4. 4. Sean is staring at peopleeverywhere. Sean
  5. 5. My class is working onour surfer dude alien.Our alien won thecontest! Our Alien
  6. 6. This is our morningroutine every day weunpack our things. Wetry to get all of our workdone. My Friend Julia
  7. 7. In this picture we arelisting to the teacher inlibrary. At Our School Library
  8. 8. My class is at the library. library
  9. 9. This is Timmy havingfun. THE BEGINNING OF THE DAY
  10. 10. Connor, Lena, Chase.Sean’s shoe and themap. The map of America
  11. 11. Joseph is trying to take apicture of me. Camera time
  12. 12. Michael, Evan, andTimmy are having funplaying with Legos atrecess. They buildbuildings. RECESS
  13. 13. This is one of theactivities we completedto celebrate Dr. Seuss! Read Across America Week!
  14. 14. This isEvan, Chase, Jacob, McKenna and I. We weresmiling so we can get inthe picture. Friends
  15. 15. This is a alien fromspace. He dreams ofbeing a sure dude and hedid. My friends and Imade this alien we allenjoyed doing it so Ihope you enjoy it. The Alien
  16. 16. Sloane standing by theclassroom library. Sloane
  17. 17. Mrs. Budd teaching usmath. Math
  18. 18. I was at recess takingpictures and someonetook a picture of mewith my camera. The Mckenna
  19. 19. Recess time in our bigclassroom. Drawing
  20. 20. Michael is happy!! Legos
  21. 21. McKenna is soAwesome!!!!!!!! McKenna
  22. 22. Reading has not beenthis fun since Mrs. Buddcame in our classroom. Fun with Reading!
  23. 23. Recess time in ourclassroom. 406
  24. 24. We were at the carpet. Carpet
  25. 25. It is lunch time. Lunch
  26. 26. I was making an alien. Alien
  27. 27. My class having fun atthe library. Library
  28. 28. Mary Ann is in thelunch room gettingready to eat lunch. Mary Ann
  29. 29. Annijah, McKenna, Joey, Timmy, Julia, andJacob are all holding apicture. Alien
  30. 30. This is Joey looking atthe camera. Super Joey
  31. 31. McKenna is at the carpetsmiling. Mckenna
  32. 32. Julia is smiling at thecamera. Super class
  33. 33. This is my friend Evan.He is acting like a rockstar. Rock Star
  34. 34. In the picture, there isLena, Connor andTimmy. We are in Math. My Friends And Sister
  35. 35. This is our alien namedBob. He is for family funnight. Rain Bow Alien
  36. 36. Jacob in the class roomtaking a picture. Jacob
  37. 37. We are about time inmath. Our Awesome Class
  38. 38. She is helpingsomebody. Ms Hazard
  39. 39. Emilia is at the librarypicking a book. Emilia
  40. 40. Mrs. Budd is taking apicture with herstudents. Mrs. Budd and her students.
  41. 41. Mrs. Budd is leaving forlunch. Budd at lunch
  42. 42. Time to play. It`s timefor gym. Wonder whatwe are going to play. Gym
  43. 43. It`s time! Time topractice our test. Test Time
  44. 44. Mary Ann is at the smartboard guessing theanswer. Math Time
  45. 45. Ms. Stecker is getting asalad for lunch. Ms. Stecker getting lunch
  46. 46. 3 triplets are in thispicture.Maryann, Lena, andEmila. We Are just aboutto start Guided Reading. Guided reading time
  47. 47. These are a few of myfriends reading thebooks they got at thelibrary. The person infront is Sean. Reading
  48. 48. This is my friendConnor. He is eating hissnack. Connor is eatinggoldfish at his desk. Snack
  49. 49. These are 2 of myfriends , Julia andMcKenna. They are onthe carpet in ourclassroom room 406.They’re waiting for Mrs.Hazard. Friends
  50. 50. This is one of Lena’sbook’s. She’s going toread this book. Aftershe’s done we’ll line up. Lena’s book
  51. 51. This is Hadley eating hersnack. Tasty Crackers
  52. 52. This is Lena drinkingher juice box. She is ingroup four in ourclassroom. Snack time
  53. 53. The End