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    2 budd2012 2 budd2012 Presentation Transcript

    • We are in our class. Our class
    • Mrs. Budd shows how todo fractions. Math
    • Sean is staring at peopleeverywhere. Sean
    • My class is working onour surfer dude alien.Our alien won thecontest! Our Alien
    • This is our morningroutine every day weunpack our things. Wetry to get all of our workdone. My Friend Julia
    • In this picture we arelisting to the teacher inlibrary. At Our School Library
    • My class is at the library. library
    • This is Timmy havingfun. THE BEGINNING OF THE DAY
    • Connor, Lena, Chase.Sean’s shoe and themap. The map of America
    • Joseph is trying to take apicture of me. Camera time
    • Michael, Evan, andTimmy are having funplaying with Legos atrecess. They buildbuildings. RECESS
    • This is one of theactivities we completedto celebrate Dr. Seuss! Read Across America Week!
    • This isEvan, Chase, Jacob, McKenna and I. We weresmiling so we can get inthe picture. Friends
    • This is a alien fromspace. He dreams ofbeing a sure dude and hedid. My friends and Imade this alien we allenjoyed doing it so Ihope you enjoy it. The Alien
    • Sloane standing by theclassroom library. Sloane
    • Mrs. Budd teaching usmath. Math
    • I was at recess takingpictures and someonetook a picture of mewith my camera. The Mckenna
    • Recess time in our bigclassroom. Drawing
    • Michael is happy!! Legos
    • McKenna is soAwesome!!!!!!!! McKenna
    • Reading has not beenthis fun since Mrs. Buddcame in our classroom. Fun with Reading!
    • Recess time in ourclassroom. 406
    • We were at the carpet. Carpet
    • It is lunch time. Lunch
    • I was making an alien. Alien
    • My class having fun atthe library. Library
    • Mary Ann is in thelunch room gettingready to eat lunch. Mary Ann
    • Annijah, McKenna, Joey, Timmy, Julia, andJacob are all holding apicture. Alien
    • This is Joey looking atthe camera. Super Joey
    • McKenna is at the carpetsmiling. Mckenna
    • Julia is smiling at thecamera. Super class
    • This is my friend Evan.He is acting like a rockstar. Rock Star
    • In the picture, there isLena, Connor andTimmy. We are in Math. My Friends And Sister
    • This is our alien namedBob. He is for family funnight. Rain Bow Alien
    • Jacob in the class roomtaking a picture. Jacob
    • We are about time inmath. Our Awesome Class
    • She is helpingsomebody. Ms Hazard
    • Emilia is at the librarypicking a book. Emilia
    • Mrs. Budd is taking apicture with herstudents. Mrs. Budd and her students.
    • Mrs. Budd is leaving forlunch. Budd at lunch
    • Time to play. It`s timefor gym. Wonder whatwe are going to play. Gym
    • It`s time! Time topractice our test. Test Time
    • Mary Ann is at the smartboard guessing theanswer. Math Time
    • Ms. Stecker is getting asalad for lunch. Ms. Stecker getting lunch
    • 3 triplets are in thispicture.Maryann, Lena, andEmila. We Are just aboutto start Guided Reading. Guided reading time
    • These are a few of myfriends reading thebooks they got at thelibrary. The person infront is Sean. Reading
    • This is my friendConnor. He is eating hissnack. Connor is eatinggoldfish at his desk. Snack
    • These are 2 of myfriends , Julia andMcKenna. They are onthe carpet in ourclassroom room 406.They’re waiting for Mrs.Hazard. Friends
    • This is one of Lena’sbook’s. She’s going toread this book. Aftershe’s done we’ll line up. Lena’s book
    • This is Hadley eating hersnack. Tasty Crackers
    • This is Lena drinkingher juice box. She is ingroup four in ourclassroom. Snack time
    • The End