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Why music is important
Why music is important
Why music is important
Why music is important
Why music is important
Why music is important
Why music is important
Why music is important
Why music is important
Why music is important
Why music is important
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Why music is important


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Period 3 …

Period 3
Colin Chen
Why Music is Important

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  • 1. Why music is important
    Colin Chen
    Liberal Arts
  • 2. Why did I choose this topic?
    Music has been a big part of my life.
    It has shaped my personality and work ethic.
    Gives me a home away from home.
    Allows me to strive for excellence and success.
  • 3.
  • 4. Thesis Statement
    Music education should continue to thrive in the school curriculum because of it’s benefits.
    What makes music so valuable?
    Teaches discipline and the value of teamwork
    Stimulates the brain (Daily, 2009)
    Allows people to express emotions
    Gives one a sense of accomplishment and belonging
    Raises self-esteem
  • 5. Sacrifice
    With today’s economy, money is tight wherever you go.
    Cut backs are being made within in the schools.
    This affects the activities, and programs, such as the creative and performing arts.
    The board of education is unclear of the great things music education can bring.
  • 6. The World of Sound
    Music is a universal language that binds people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. (Shah, 2009)
    The universe of music is also a complex art form opening doors to new wonders and magic.
  • 7. School Related
    Learning how to express music involves many skills used in a regular classroom.
    These techniques involve:
    Sub-dividing musical beats and rhythms
    Understanding foreign vocabulary
    The value of practice and studying
    Multi-tasking (Shah, 2009)
  • 8. Expansion
    Not only do students benefit from music, but anyone with stress as well.
    Music can activate a state of serenity by soothing and calming them resulting in:
    Lowering blood pressure (Radwan, 2008)
    Ease muscle tension
    Boost the immunity system (Ibid)
  • 9. Vague
    If the processes of learning music have so many benefits, than why are the arts always the first to get cut from school curriculum?
    The problem is that the majority of the people can’t see how much of an impact it has and what it can offer to your life.
  • 10. Solution
    How can we keep these amazing programs in our schools and lives?
    People must:
    Get involved! (instrumental/vocal)
    Spread the word about music education
    Continue to support the success of the students
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