Period 7-Charis Trinidad-Dreams
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    Period 7-Charis Trinidad-Dreams Period 7-Charis Trinidad-Dreams Presentation Transcript

    • A Presentation by: Charis Trinidad
      SLC: Magnet
      “While we are asleep in this world, we are awake in another one...”
      -Jorge Luis Borges
      • Dreams can be powerful.
      • Dreaming enables the dreamer to enter into a whole different realm.
      • Dreams have meaning.
      • Dreams allow people to explore their imagination.
      A mixture of reality and the unreal...
      • Dreams affect individuals physically and emotionally.
      • Dreams can provide insights and warnings.
      • Dreams offer ways to communicate with inner self.
      Serve an importance and purpose...
      • Sigmund Freud
      Dreams provide an opening to one’s unconscious.
      Wish fulfillment
      Fears, desires, and emotions make themselves apparent.
      Manifest and Latent contents
      Carl Jung
      perceived the unconscious mind as more spiritual
      influenced by the Greek philosopher Heraclitus
      All things have an opposite.
      Dream theories...
    • Types of dreams...
      • Mutual
      • Healing
      • Prophetic
      • Signal
      • Progressive
      • Daydreams
      • Nightmares
      • Lucid
      • False Awakening
      • Recurring
      • Intense emotions
      • Sensations
      • Sensual experiences
      • Disroganized and illogical
      • Difficulty remembering
      Dream characteristics...
      • Essential to physical, mental, and emotional health
      • Represent desires and wishes
      • Daily experiences
      • Connect with inner self
      • Escape reality
      Why do we dream?
      • Process and reveal information
      • Reflect what is on people’s minds
      • Hidden messages through use of symbols
      What do dreams tell us?
      • Help better understand oneself
      • Change one’s perspective
      • Acknowledge what one is avoiding
      • Great problem solvers
      • Motivate and inspire
      • Guidance
      Importance of interpreting dreams...
    • Dreams remain a mystery to those who try to analyze and explain why a person dreams. Whether admitted or not, dreams undeniably play an important role in the life of every individual.
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