Period 3 - Imtaz Alli - Social Networking
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Period 3 - Imtaz Alli - Social Networking






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Period 3 - Imtaz Alli - Social Networking Period 3 - Imtaz Alli - Social Networking Presentation Transcript

  • Social Networking
    A presentation by Imtaz Alli
    Magnet SLC
  • Outline
    Cyber predators
    Cyber bullying
    Health problems
    Works cited
  • Importance
    As a teenager, the social world is a huge part of my life
    Though millions use sites such as Facebook and Myspace, many are unaware of the dangers associated with the cyber universe.
    Being exposed to social networking has opened my eyes to how harmful the cyber world could be.
  • Thesis
    Social networking is dangerous because:
    • It attracts predators,
    • can lead to cyber bullying,
    • and causes health problems.
  • Playground for Cyber Predators?
    In 2009, Myspace identified 90,000 sex offenders with profiles on the site (“”).
    Aside from this fact, online predators have the ability to hack into business servers and steal billions of dollars using basic personal information (Hansen 305-328).
  • Cyber Bullying
    Cyber bullying is the use of social networking sites to humiliate or threaten others (Billitteri 385-408).
    There are numerous cases in which children have committed suicide because of cyber bullying.
    Cyber bullying effects all ages and genders.
  • Health Issues
    Social networking could be unhealthy for both the mind and body.
    It could lead to sleep deprivation and possibly attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (Mackey).
    The cyber world is also extremely addicting for all ages.
  • Facts
    Carlos Salgado stole over 100,000 credit card numbers by hacking into an online database using personal information found on profiles (Hansen 305-328).
    Phoebe Prince, a young girl, hanged herself after being cyber bullied for over three months (“ABC News”).
  • Conclusion
    Knowing the potential dangers of social networking, will people refrain from usage of these harmful sites?
    Very few are aware of the dangers of the cyber world and are constantly at risk everyday.
    In the end, social networking is dangerous because it attracts predators, could lead to cyber bullying and causes health problems.
  • Works Cited
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    Mackey, Robert. "Is Social Networking Killing You?."Blogging The News With Robert Mackey. The New York Times, 29 Feb 2009. Web. 17 Dec 2010.
    "Teens Indicted After Allegedly Taunting Girl Who Hanged Herself." ABC News (2010): n. pag. Web. 17 Dec 2010.