Period 7- Henry Zhen- How does sleep affect your health

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  • 1. How Does Sleep Affect Your Health
    By Henry Zhen
    SLC: Magnet
  • 2. Introduction To Sleep
    It maybe obvious sleep is good for you, but people don’t realize how important sleep really is.
    The Average human spends a third of their life sleeping, which is about 30-35 years over a 10 year life span.
    Sleep is responsible for a lot of good benefits, as well as some bad things.
  • 3. A Good Night Sleep
    Waking up from a good rest is the best feeling.
    When waking up from a good rest, you feel more refreshed.
    Many studies have proven that we are more alert and can think better following a good night rest.
  • 4. Benefits of Sleep
    Sleep is a cure that can help prevent cancer, heart disease and obesity.
    Sleep also helps improve your memory, physical performance, and prevent illnesses.
  • 5. So how do you know if you got a good night sleep?
    Sleep varies for different people.
    If you received about seven to nine hours of sleep, but you are still tired then you didn’t get a good sleep.
    If you wake up feeling relaxed, you’ve got a good night sleep.
  • 6. A Bad Night Sleep
    Lacking sleep can affect your nervous systems, causing it to not work properly.
    The result of having too littler sleep is it leaves us drowsy and unable to concentrate the next day.
  • 7. Effects of Bad Sleep
    When waking up from a bad night of sleep, a common side effect is a headache.
    Lack of sleep can hinder you from thinking clearly, hurt work performance, relationships, and lead to mood problems like anger and depression.
  • 8. Too Much Sleep
    Too much of anything can be bad, even sleep.
    Many people like to sleep, but they do not know what too much sleep does to your body.
    Too much sleep can be linked to medical problems such as diabetes, and obesity.
  • 9. How do you know if you got a bad night sleep?
    When you wake up, ask yourself these questions throughout the day:
    Is it hard to concentrate on a difficult task?
    Do you often forget things that you probably should know?
    If so you’re probably not getting enough sleep.
  • 10. Tips For Sleep
    Sleep varies for different people, but people should take sleep more seriously.
    To avoid oversleeping you should set an alarm clock.
    To get more sleep, make sure you are comfortable and not disturbed.