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Ramayana (456)
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Ramayana (456)

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  • 1. chapters 4, 5 and 6 RAMAYANA CHAPTER NOTES
  • 2. Chapter 4
    • Ravana hears of brother’s death. Revenge=CAPTURE SITA
    • Maricha objects claiming that it will destroy the city.
    • Ravana feels that Rama is no match for his wit or strength.
    • Maricha devises a plan.
  • 3. Chapter 4
    • Maricha’s plan=to lure Sita with a beautiful golden and silver deer with antlers of sapphire and skin as soft as petals of flowers
    • Sita sees the deer and wants it.
    • Lakshmana tells Rama to beware of the deer. He felt is could be a rakshasas in disguise.
  • 4. Chapter 4
    • Rama doesn’t heed the advice and asks Lakshmana to watch Sita.
    • Rama follows the deer, shoots it and Maricha resumes his shape.
    • Maricha disguises his voice as Rama’s and calls Lakshmana.
    • Sita hears the cry and tells Lakshmana to find Rama.
  • 5. Chapter 4
    • Lakshamana refuses. Sita is angry. Lakshmana goes.
    • Ravana watches Sita and disguises himself as a holy hermit. The forest knew of Ravana’s deception.
    • Ravana approaches Sita, introduces himself and asks her to choose him as her love.
    • Sita refuses. Ravana kidnaps her as she shouts for her husband and Lakshmana.
  • 6. Chapter 4
    • Brahma is happy because he knows that Ravana will die.
    • Sita throws her golden veil and jewels to the earth/monkeys.
    • When Rama return Sita is gone.
    • Sugriva, the monkey king, tells Rama of his wife’s kidnapping and agrees to help Rama.
  • 7. Chapter 4
    • Hanuman will be able find Sita.
    • Rama gives Hanuman his signet ring to show Sita so that Sita knows that Hanuman comes to help her.
    • Hanuman turns into a cat and enters Lanka but cannot find Sita.
    • Sita is in the forest with Ravana. She refuses him. Hanuman whispers to her and gives her the signet ring.
  • 8. Chapter 4
    • Sita asks Hanuman to give Rama a jeweled token.
    • Ten months pass…
    • Rama speaks to Hanuman about his wife.
    • Sugriva and Rama lead the monkeys to the great sea.
  • 9. Chapter 5
    • Kumbha-karna promises to support Ravana in his plight to destroy Rama.
    • Vibhishana will not fight as he states,”The warrior who fights the right fight is doubly armed”
    • Ravana banishes Vibhishana and he joins Rama.
    Hanuman burns part of Lanka.
  • 10. Chapter 5
    • Vibhishana becomes king after Ravana is defeated.
    • Battle: might #1=Rama, #2=Ravana
    • Rama fights Ravana on the back of Hanuman, demolishes chariot, breaks crown and wounds Ravana with arrows.
    • Rama doesn’t kill Ravana because he is too weak to fight. Look for the example of flaw of pity.
  • 11. Chapter 5
    • Kumbha-karna joins Ravana to fight, kills hundreds of monkeys and refuses to fight Lakshmana so that he may save his strength for Rama.
    • Rama tears off Kumbha-karna’s arms and with Indra’s great arrow severs his head from his neck.
    • Lakshmana kills Ravana’s son.
  • 12. Chapter 5
    • Rama v. Ravana
    • Ravana enters with a new chariot and horses.
    • Indra resolves to help the righteous Rama by providing him with golden armor and a horse drawn chariot.
    • Rama uses Vishnu’s bow in battle.
  • 13. Chapter 5
    • Rama slices off all ten of Ravana’s heads but they continue to grow back.
    • Brahma’s arrow kills Ravana as Rama shoots it through Ravana’s heart.
    • Rama sends Hanuman to retrieve Sita.
    • Rama tells Sita that she bears a moral stain because she has lived with another man.
    • Rama explains that he must publicly renounce her.
  • 14. Chapter 5
    • Sita asks her husband why he rescued her.
    • She claims that she has not been unfaithful and that Rama must work to restore her honor.
    • Sita enters the flames and disappears.
  • 15. Chapter 5
    • The gods come to earth.
    • Sita passes the test of purity.
    • The exile is over.
    • Dasa-ratha speaks to Lakshmana asking him to take care of Rama. Dasa-ratha asks Sita to forgive Rama.
    • Indra gives Rama a gift of renewed life for the dead who fought for his cause.
  • 16. Chapter 5
    • Hanuman requests eternal life to tell the tale.
    • Rama and Sita reign as the King and Queen of Ayodhya for 10, 000 years.
  • 17. Chapter 6
    • Sita becomes pregnant.
    • Rama meets wise men at the Ganges River.
    • Rama asks what his subjects think of him.
    • The wise men say that his subjects criticize Rama for taking back Sita.
    • The wise men tell Rama to renounce Sita again but Rama knows that she is pure.
  • 18. Chapter 6
    • Lakshmana is to take Sita to Valmiki’s and leave her to rest as she is pregnant.
    • Sita accepts her exile because it is her dharma.
    • Sita gives birth to twins.
    • Valmiki teaches the children to sing The Ramayana.
  • 19. Chapter 6
    • Brahma requests that Valmiki put Rama’s story into beautiful verse.
    • Valmiki creates The Ramayana .
    • Years pass and Rama has a celebration for his subjects. Valmiki attends with Rama’s twin sons.
    • Rama realizes that they are his children and speaks to Valmiki about Sita.
  • 20. Chapter 6
    • Rama wants his wife back after she proves her purity again.
    • Rama apologizes to Sita.
    • Sita claims that it is time to leave her life behind.
    • The earth opens, a golden throne rises and Sita leaves.
  • 21. Chapter 6
    • Brahma tells Rama that he will rejoin Sita. They will live as Vishnu and Lakshmi.
    • Rama and his brothers enter the afterlife as Vishnu.
    • THE END!!