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  • 1. Taylor L. Marli T. Cameron K. David K.
  • 2. Dharma-is an Indian Spiritual and religious  term, that means one's righteous duty or any virtuous path in the common sense of the term. Ones role to fulfill your purpose in your caste. 
  • 3. Yudhistira-Eldest and most capable brother  Bhima- Second eldest; third to enter  Arjuna- third son; second to enter  Nakula- fourth son; first to enter  Sahadeva- fifth son; fourth to enter  A conflict between the two families , the kaurava and the Pandavas. Set off by Duryodhana, he played a game of chance with the eldest Pandava brother and cheated him. The pandavas lost their freedom and were sentenced to 12 years of exile in the forest. In this book, the brothers are still in exile and only have one year left. The importance to the piece, is that the oldest Pandava brother showed wisdom without acting on impulse thus saving his family because of his wisdom, willpower, integrity and poise. The other four brothers are to show the contrast to Yudhistira , and by showing what happens when acting on impulse and not showing respect.
  • 4. Test him to see beyond the physical spectrum  of the world. and answer questions relating to the metaphysical part of the world.
  • 5. The theme is being able to think through  situations wisely rather than rashly while under a difficult circumstance. Wise Vs. Rash
  • 6. One must fulfill your own Dharma.  Unlike heroism depicted in many other epics,  depends less on less on physical powers or cleverness and more on the proper fulfillment of dharma.