MRRBIZ: Wearable devices in sports and fitness 2014   2019
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MRRBIZ: Wearable devices in sports and fitness 2014   2019 MRRBIZ: Wearable devices in sports and fitness 2014 2019 Presentation Transcript

  • Wearable Devices in Sports and Fitness 2014 - 2019 The wearable devices industry has grown in the last four years dramatically. With the introduction of the new wearable devices, a once curiosity area for early adopters is rapidly evolving into a new accessory market where form and function are equally important.
  • This report provides an in-depth assessment of the wearable devices market in sports and fitness applications, including business models, market drivers, challenges, value chain analysis and an assessment of the industry from 2014 to 2019. Visit Complete Report Here: sports-and-fitness-2014-2019 All report purchases include telephone time with an expert analyst who will help you link key findings in the report to the business issues you're addressing. This needs to be used within three months of purchasing the report. Target Audience:  Sports apparel companies  Fitness and health companies  Augmented reality companies  Wireless device manufacturers  Wireless infrastructure providers
  •  Consumer electronics companies  Wearable technology developers  Embedded computing companies  Regulatory bodies and governments  Wireless service providers of all types Key Findings:  Forecasts for revenue and device shipments for devices including biosensors to 2015  Smart “wristware” is the leading area within this segment but watches are not important  The fitness industry is a key industry for the transition from smart phones to wearable tech of various types  Fitness wristbands are a major driver of wearable tech as evidenced by them outselling smart watches 4-to-1 Table of Contents:
  • 1 Executive Summary 1.1 Topics Covered 1.2 Target Audience 1.3 Companies Mentioned 2 Wearable Wireless Devices 2.1 Wearable Devices Overview 2.2 Case Study: Wearable Devices vs. Mobile Devices 2.2.1 Wearable Devices in healthcare 2.3 Case Study: Current Wearable Devices Analysis 2.3.1 Bluetooth Wrist Bands 2.3.2 Running and Health Monitor Devices 2.3.3 Wrist Watches 2.3.4 Integration with Mobile Devices 3 Body Area Network (BAN) 3.1 BAN Overview 3.1.1 BAN Applications 3.2 Current BAN Applications in the Healthcare Industry 3.3 BAN Challenges
  • 3.3.1 Security 3.3.2 Privacy 3.3.3 Power Complexity 3.3.4 FCC Regulations 4 Sports and Technology 4.1 Player Tracking Wearables 4.1.1 Head Impact Indicators 4.1.2 Wearables in Footwear 4.1.3 Activity Wrist Bands 4.2 Referees Monitoring Systems 4.3 The Impact on the Sports Industry 5 Future Applications and Industry Roadmap 5.1 Current Applications 5.2 Treadmill Visual Effects 5.2.1 Technology 5.3 Tracking Tennis Techniques 5.4 Smart Running Socks 5.5 Nike Barefoot Running Stickers
  • Download Full Report with TOC: 6 Other Areas 6.1 Wearables and Big Data 6.2 Wearables and Healthcare 7 Sports and Fitness Market Forecast 2014 - 2019 7.1 Wearable Devices Shipments 2014 - 2019 7.2 Worldwide Revenues from Wearables Devices in Sports 7.3 Market by Category 7.3.1 Wearable Electronics Table 1: Wearable Devices Shipments Worldwide 2014 - 2019 Table 2: Wearable Devices Shipments Worldwide 2014 - 2019 Table 3: Wearable Devices Revenues in Sports 2014 - 2019 Table 4: Biosensors Market 2015 - 2020 Figure 1: Smart Wristware in Fitness Programs
  • Figure 2: Google Glasses Figure 3: Hybrid System Architecture Figure 4: Fibit Flex Bluetooth Wrist Band Figure 5: Neptune Pine Smart Watch Figure 6: Wireless Body Area Network (BAN) Figure 7: Wireless Body Area Network Applications Figure 8: Alternative Intensive Care On-the-Go Figure 9: Early Wearable Devices Figure 10: Player Monitoring Systems Figure 11: CheckLight from Rebook and MC10 Figure 12: Skin Patches Figure 13: Treadmill with Goggles Figure 14: Nike Barefoot Running Stickers Figure 15: Big Data Anatomy Figure 16: Wearable Devices Revenues in Sports 2014 - 2019 Figure 17: Biosensors Market 2015 - 2020
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