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Mr. Pooler's Geometry Adventure
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Mr. Pooler's Geometry Adventure



Mr. Pooler's Vacation leads to finding Geometry in the world around him.

Mr. Pooler's Vacation leads to finding Geometry in the world around him.



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Mr. Pooler's Geometry Adventure Mr. Pooler's Geometry Adventure Presentation Transcript

    • Mathematics is Everywhere, Just Look around you and See
    • The Adventures of Mr. and Mrs. Pooler, in search of Math in the Most Unlikely Places.
  • We join our two Math adventurers the Pooler’s on Summer Vacation at Niagara Falls trying to relax after both working in Math fields. Hoping to get away from Math and banking the Pooler’s try to relax when suddenly . . .
  • Mr. Pooler began to think about all of the mathematics he was not thinking about. I mean this was his vacation. There couldn’t be math anywhere around here . . . Or could there??? In this picture there are several geometric and mathematical ideas being displayed. What are they???
  • What does Mr. P’s Shirt say?? It isn’t math oriented. . . Or is it?? Look at all of these buildings. See any familiar figures?? Can you find any other examples of math in this picture??
  • Next the Pooler’s went for a ride on The Maid of the Mist where there couldn’t possibly be any Math. . . Or could there???
  • Just as the Pooler’s didn’t think there could be any Math the ship’s Captain came over the loud speaker and announced that Niagara falls sent 109,000cubic feet of water through the Robert Moses Generation Station per second. . . Without thinking Mrs. Pooler said, “Wow!!, I wonder how much water that is per day? Find out how much water that is per day for Mrs. Pooler?
  • That is just 9,417,600,000 cubic feet per day
  • After the Falls, Mrs. Pooler thought it would be safer to take a ride on a Merry – Go – Round. There Couldn’t Possibly be any Math Here. . . Just then Mrs. Pooler spotted a sign on the wall that said this Merry-go-round makes one revolution every 7 seconds. This ride will last 2.5 minutes. How many revolutions did Mrs. Pooler do if she paid for the ride twice?
    • About 43 revolutions
  • The Pooler’s trying to get away from the Math all around them then traveled Cincinnati, Ohio, where there couldn’t possibly be any math. . . Right??? Do you see any Math that the unsuspecting Mrs. Pooler cannot see behind her?
  • Mrs. Pooler showing a simple bridge. Right???? No Math to see here???
  • WRONG!! Parallel Lines Vanishing Points Polygons Line Segments Rays Points
  • Not being able to escape the Math all around him Mr. Pooler fell asleep to dream of a rest that did not involve math. What did he dream of you ask? Here is a glimpse of the images that danced across his dreams.
  • Tracks to Nowhere. . . Or . . .
  • A Geometric Castle in the Sky
    • I guess there is no escape from Math for the Pooler’s, even in their dreams.
    • What was so mathematical about Mr. Pooler’s dreams?
    • Can you find examples of Math in the world around you?
    • Math is all around you!!!!
    • Are you ready to see?