Sedona Az


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Student Project for Travel and Tourism 08

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Sedona Az

  1. 1. 10 things to do in Sedona, AZ By: Student Sample - Se
  2. 2. Jeep Tours Jeep Tours are something that is really interesting and enjoyable thing to do. It is interesting because you could find and see many interesting things that you have never seen before and it is enjoyable because it something really fun to do and a really cool feeling, to be in the middle of all those mountains.
  3. 3. Hiking Hiking is one of the things that I always wanted to do but never got the chance to, even though I think that I might get a little scare, I really look forward on hiking one day. I think it would be something really cool because like this you get a chance to admire the mountains and their amazing color up close and at the end reach the top to see a amazing view.
  4. 4. Hot-Air Ballooning Hot-Air Ballooning would be the best experience that could ever happen to you in my opinion, I have never done this before, but if it is like I imagine it, I think that it is really relaxing and also so wonderful to see all the beautiful places from the sky.
  5. 5. Horse-Back Riding Horse-Back Riding is something that you can't miss doing sometime in your life it is so amazing and also relaxing. I personally really like horses and I rode one when I was little and it was really cool!!!
  6. 6. Mountain Biking Mountain Biking is something really cool to do, you could find And discover many interesting things and at the same time you Explore all the beautiful things there is you could do some exercise and lose some weight…[:
  7. 7. Golfing Even thought I don’t really like and know how to play golf it is Always good to learn and enjoy everything possible and more if You are in vacations and also think that playing golf is a really Enjoyable thing to do.
  8. 8. Grand Canyon Tours It is obvious that if you go to Sedona, AZ, you have to go to visit The Grand Canyon and it would be more better if you go on a helicopter, since it is really close, it would be great to visit this place and explore all the beautiful things that there is and learn all the interesting things that there is from the sky and on land.
  9. 9. History and Culture Of course it is always nice to learn some history and culture about the place that you are visiting and in Sedona, the best place that you could go is the Hopi Cultural Center, this is people showing you how the first people used to live, it is a really interesting place to go and learn.
  10. 10. Shopping And of course wherever we go, we have to go shopping and Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village would be the best place to go. Here you will find everything that you look for and that special thing that will never make you forget the amazing time you experience in Sedona, AZ. As you shop here you will be also learning different things from Sedona, AZ.
  11. 11. Spas And of course us ladies can’t miss going and enjoy a day in the Best spa, go on vacations and don’t take a day to relax? Those Are no vacations..[: People might not know after taking a relaxing Day off at a spa is like you were born again and you forget about All the problems that you might of have.