One Week in Cancun


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Student project for Travel/Geography class

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One Week in Cancun

  1. 1. Cancun Trip Photo Album
  2. 2. Day 1: Breakfast at Mango Café Playa Linda Beach dive tour Submarine from Playa Linda to Isla Mujeres Eat at La Cazuela M & J for lunch Walk around the shops at Isla Mujeres Mango Café La Cazuela M & J Playa Linda Beach is great for tourism. It is the perfect beach for kids because it isn't deep. It also offers dive tours and other attractions. The submarine takes you from Playa Linda to Isla Mujeres and is great for viewing under the ocean if you don't want to go on a dive tour. The shops at Isla Mujeres offer many different places for tourists to buy souvenirs.
  3. 3. Day 2: Eat at Amigos for breakfast Morning yoga on Isla Mujeres at the Hotel Na Balam Garrafón Park -gift shops -zip line flight -eat at a restaurant in Garrafón Park for lunch -Caribbean Bungee Jump Eat at Angelos on Isla Mujeres for dinner Los Tres Amigos Restaurant Yoga by the Sea is a great morning relaxation that allows you to be outside on the beach in Cancun. Garrafón is fun for the whole family. It offers a wide variety of activities from zip line tours, swimming with dolphins, and snorkling. It also has shopping and restaurants for a full day of fun. Zip lining is a fun way to see Cancun from a different view. Angelos at Isla Mujeres
  4. 4. Day 3: Eat breakfast at 100% Natural Lay out on the beach at Playa Las Perlas Eat at Sunset Grill for lunch Go to the turtle farm Eat at Bucaneros for dinner Coco Bongo night club 100% Natural Restaurant Playa Las Perlas is one of the main beaches in Cancun Sunset Grill Restaurant Turtle farm in Cancun is important to Cancun because it protects the turtles breeding grounds Bucaneros Restaurant Coco Bongo is great for the night life tourism because it represents the spirit of Cancun
  5. 5. Day 4: Eat at Mango Cafe for breakfast Swim with dolphins at Dolphin Discovery Eat at Café Mogagua for lunch Go to Playa Norte Beach to swim and lay out Eat at Rainforest Café for dinner Bulldog Cafe (Club) Mango Café Dolphin Discovery is the best experience and leaves tourists with a phenomenal story to tell at the end. Rainforest Café Playa Norte Beach is good for those tourists who just want a beach to relax at. Bulldog is full of tourists and a great way to spend your night at the bar or participating in different nightly contests. Café Mogagua Restaurant
  6. 6. Day 5: Eat at Amigos for breakfast Go on a tour of the Chichen Itza Ruins Go to Carlos & Charlies for lunch Lay at the Playa Las Perlas Beach Go to National Folkloric Ballet of Mexico dinner show 6:30-10:00 Los Tres Amigos Restaurant The Chichen Itza Ruins was a sacred city. It is rated among the most important of the Mayan Culture. Tours are offered of the ruins. Carlos n' Charlies Restaurants Playa Las Perlas Beach is one of the main beaches in Cancun. The National Folkloric Ballet of Mexico is a dinner show. The Folkloric Ballet of Mexico was founded in 1960 and has become one of Cancun's premier entertainment options.
  7. 7. Day 6: Eat at 100% Natural for breakfast Walk around the shops Eat at Hacienda el Mortero for lunch Go to Bullfight at 3:30 PM Dinner at Laguna Grill Go out to The City night club 100% Natural Restaurant Shops in Cancun are a big tourist attraction because they're great for finding gifts and buying things that represent the Spanish culture. Hacienda el Mortero Restaurant Bullfights are very popular in Mexico and have been around since the 1500's. If you want to experience true Spanish culture bullfights are one of the best attractions. Laguna Grill Restaurant The City night club is one of the best night clubs in Cancun to dance at. It is the best night club in Latin America.
  8. 8. Day 7: Eat at Mango Cafe for Breakfast Nohoch Jungle Crossing Tour (all day) Eat dinner at Captains Cove Go to Basic Night Club Mango Café Restaurant Basic Night Club is near the beach and is a main tourist night attraction because it has every type of music and is great for dancing. Captains Cove Restaurant The perfect way to spend a day seeing the beautiful land of Cancun. During the tour tourists enjoy an intense overland experience as well as a snorkeling tour, hike through the jungle, and lunch.