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Lake Tahoe Budget
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Lake Tahoe Budget


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Student project creating a budget for Travel.

Student project creating a budget for Travel.

Published in: Travel, Business

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  • 1. Lake Tahoe Budget Intro to travel
  • 2. Transportation I have decided to drive my own vehicle instead of flying. My reason is because it costs almost double the amount to fly, then it would to drive. I would be driving a 1998 Nissan Altima and runs at about 23 miles per gallon. We would travel approximately 920 miles total. The price per gallon in the state of Nevada is approximately $3.80. I would spend around $240 on gas to get there and back. was one very helpful website I used to get these results. Lodging We would use the website to help us decide on the perfect place to stay. I found the cutest little cabin located in Cave Rock, south east shore of Lake Tahoe, NV. There is one bedroom, one bathroom, and a loft that sleeps four to five people comfortably. Because we have decided to stay March 25th till March 28th, it would cost $125 per night, or $375 total.
  • 3. Activities We would decide to snowboard at the Heavenly Ski Resort. We would decide to buy/rent our lift tickets and snowboarding gear online in order to save a few dollars. Lift tickets for two days costs $156 per person, or $312 total. The two day snowboarding include a snowboard, boots, and bindings. Rentals are $71.54 per person, or $143.08 total. Going Out Since we do not like to spend too much money, we would only visit two local spots. The first place is called the Paddle Wheel. I did some research, and they supposedly have great live music. We would spend no more than fifty dollars at the Paddle Wheel. I also thought the Horizon casino would be a nice place to visit and maybe watch a movie or two. Approximately seventy-five dollars. With a total of $125 spent music and movies!
  • 4. Food 1st breakfast : Denny's We order the Everyday Value Slam and the French toast breakfast. • The Everyday Value slam includes 2 pancakes, 2 eggs, 2 sausage links, and and orange juice. ($6.14) • The French toast breakfast comes with French toast, 2 eggs, 2 sausage links, hash browns and a vanilla ice coffee. ($8.14) 6.14 + 8.14= 14.28 + 3.00 tip comes to a • Total bill of $17.28 1st lunch : The Red Hut Cafe • We order a BLT ($8.00), iced tea ($2.00) • Bacon Cheeseburger ($9.00) coca cola ($2.00) + $3.15 tip • Total bill $24.15 1st dinner : Subway • We order a turkey breast & black forest ham foot long and a sprite ($9.00) • Subway club and a dr.pepper ($7.25) • Total bill $16.25
  • 5. Food 2nd breakfast : Buffet @ MontBleu • $12.95 per person(2) + $2.00 tip • Total bill $25.90 2nd lunch : Cafe Del Soul • We order Philly Cheese Steak with french fries ($10.00) lemonade ($2.50) • ABLTC with potato salad ($8.00 vanilla milk shake ($3.99) + tip $3.67 • Total bill $28.16 2nd dinner : Lake Side Inn • We order Lamb barbacora wrapped in banana leaves (full rack) ($12.00) mint mojito ($7.00) • Pork Chops in a pineapple rum glaze with chorizo and spinach ($10.00) red sangria (glass) ($3.50) + tip $4.88 • Total bill $37.38
  • 6. Food 3rd breakfast : American Cafe • We order Chicken Pot Pie with broccoli, peas, and carrots (12.00) milk ($2.15) • Chicken & Waffles with honey mustard dressing ($12.25) water ($0.00) + tip $3.96 • Total bill $ 30.36 3rd lunch : Four Seasons • We order Calamari Sandwich with steak, cheese, onions, sprouts, tomato, and french fries ($10.25) hot tea ($1.75) • Horizon Club House with bacon, turkey, lettuce, tomato, a pickle, and a salad ($8.50) pepsi ($1.95) + tip $3.37 • Total bill $25.82 3rd dinner : Lone Eagle Grille (overlooks the beautiful beach!) • We order Seared Ahi Tuna ($14.00) water ($0.00) • Lamb Shank ($42.00) water ($0.00) + tip $11.20 • Total bill $67.20
  • 7. total budget 1. transportation $240 2. lodging $375 3. lift tickets $312 4. snow rentals $143.08 5. going out $125 6. 1st days meals $57.68 7. 2nd days meals $91.44 8. 3rd days meals $123.38 $1467.56 total!!