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Lake Tahoe Budget
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Lake Tahoe Budget


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Student project about lake tahoe budget.

Student project about lake tahoe budget.

Published in: Education, Travel, Business

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  • 1. Lake Tahoe Budget Student Y
  • 2. Getting There...
    • I found it cheapest to rent a car and drive to Lake Tahoe. I chose to rent from Thrifty and rent a Cheverlot Aveo. This car gets around 35 miles per gallon, so the 470 mile trip to Lake Tahoe would only cost us around $40 there and $40 back. In addition, the rental car was $168.63 for three days. This would be a total of $248.63.
  • 3. Park Tahoe
    • This hotel that I would like to stay at has many fine qualities and it is very close to the ski resort that I will be going to and all of the restaurants and shops that I would want. They also offer a complimentary breakfast, which could be a way to save some money when it comes to buying food.
    • It is $53.20 per night, with an additional $5 a night fee for a parking space. That would be a total of $174.60.
  • 4. The Main Event!
    • Skiing is the main reason to even go to Lake here it is!
    • It would be $83 per person, per day for the ski lifts. For another person and myself, that would be a total of $498.
    • Ski equipment for beginners is $119.86 for three days, per person. For another person and myself, that would be a total of $239.72.
    • All together for skiing: $737.72
  • 5. What To Eat?
    • There are so many choices when it comes to food in Lake Tahoe, especially in the section where my hotel and ski resort is located at...
    • Breakfast
    • Personally, coffee starts off any good day. So, I've chosen cafes for breakfast, just in case that complimentary breakfast at my hotel doesn't fill my friend and I up!
    • -Higher Grounds-
    • -Cafe Blue-
    • -Driftwood Cafe-
    • All of these places were listed as costing under $ I budgeted $25 per day, at whichever cafe.
    Lunch and Dinner Most of the time lunch and dinner are heavier meals, so I decided on restaurants that probably serve more food.   -Slice of Heaven at Stagecoach Lodge- -Boulder Lodge- -Cabo Waba Cantina- -California Lodge and Bar- -East Peak Lodge-   I decided to go to any of these five places for lunch and dinner for my three day visit. The price was listed to be under $20, but just to be sure, I budgeted $40 per meal. Grand Total For Food: $315
  • 6. Fun Activities
    • After a long day of eating and skiing, I found a few more things that I think would just be a blast.
    • -Heavenly Scenic Gondola Rides
    • -Husky Express Dogsled Rides
    • -Scenic Helicopter Tours
    •   No prices were listed, but I put $200 in my budget for these activities, along with other things that my friend and I may find on our way.
    • Also, another $100 for extra snacks, drinks and souvenirs!
  • 7. Total For Three Day Trip For Two... $1834.83