Expression... the #1 freedom


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Student project about the 1st Amendment

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Expression... the #1 freedom

  1. 1. The FREEDOM to Express.... An exclusive civil liberties presentationpowered by: Miss Student Xs brain
  2. 2. What in the world....Question one: "What is freedom of expression?"• Sums up all the liberties mentioned in the First Amendment• Your right to be who you are, express what you want without being imposed on by Government
  3. 3. Still cant get a clear picture?
  4. 4. Ok...Its starting to make a little moresense now..Question two: "What exact liberties are in this First Amendment you speak of?"Simple.• Freedom of: speech, religion, the press, and association/assembly
  5. 5. Oh. But.....what makes expressionso special..Question three: "Why did you choose the topic of Expression?"• It doesnt have to be on creative terms nor does it even have to do with self-expression. Humans express all the time- it is life• Here in America, we can do it in ways that would be considered abominable in other places• Without this freedom, 99, no...100% of our American existence would not be as it is
  6. 6. Getting started: ORIGINS• Thomas Jefferson states "A democracy cannot be both ignorant and free."• Framers held belief that if the new U.S. citizens fail to nurture sharing info. among themselves, theyd be worse off than in the British monarchy they fled• Fled from tyranny and official control of information
  7. 7. The Framer Fathers took ACTION!!!• These enlightened men, later known as our "Founding Fathers" used their past experiences/backgrounds to their advantage• Wrote into their new Constitution• Bill of Rights came about
  8. 8. Heres proof.....
  9. 9. A Little more Insight...• Because it was the very 1st Amendment, it didnt exactly have to be taken to the Court in order to become official• However, that didnt stop citizens from experiencing obstacles by exercising the freedom
  10. 10. Do not Tinker Our Expression!!!• Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District (1969)• John Tinker, Christopher Eckhardt, Mary Beth Tinker expelled for wearing black armbands to school• Symbolic protest of Vietnam War• Exposed place/issue of Freedom of Expression in schools (First Amendment rights of students)
  11. 11. Well, howd it go?• Supreme Court held that students "do not shed their constitutional rights at the schoolhouse gate"• First Amendment DOES protect public school students rights to express political and social views
  12. 12. Words of the Man Himself.... — Justice Fortas, speaking for the majority". . . In the absence of a specific showing of constitutionally valid reasons to regulate their speech, students are entitled to freedom of expression of their views."
  13. 13. Where does EXPRESSION stand today?• Clearly, still important part of day to day lives• Basic examples such as: what to wear to school, lingo used with friends, signing petitions online, Wall Street protests, social networking and what is expressed there, etc.
  14. 14. Where does EXPRESSION stand today?• Though our freedom to express does us good and has done us well in the past (strikes, protests that brought about more civil liberties) there are still negative effects
  15. 15. Unfortunately........• Because we have freedom to express, that also gives some the freedom to express hurtful things--- •Bullying in general Cyber-bullying •• Bullying consists of all types of prejudice (racism, homophobia, religious intolerance, basic playground meanie)
  16. 16. BUT! (Just a few examples)• Freedom to Express is still a blessing• Women can wear whatever they want- dont have to be covered from head to toe- without being punished• Individuals can create havens- a lot are technology/media(press) driven- for those being affected by the "bullies" who abuse their freedom to express (LGBT communities, depression/suicide victims, autistic support communities, and so on)
  17. 17. Here in America.....• We are free to assemble these communities• We are free to create social networking powered forums• We are free to wear expressive clothing for a beautiful cause
  18. 18. AND............Those things are possible BECAUSE of the freedom American citizens have to EXPRESS A.K.A. the First Amendment!