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Information about the Los Angeles Metro Debate League

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  1. 1. Los Angeles Metro Debate League Local District 5 Meeting June 8th, 2010
  2. 2. Organizational Structure Public-Private Partnership LAUSD (Jan Davis - Office of Curriculum Instruction) Los Angeles Metropolitan Debate Commission National Association for Urban Debate Leagues University of Southern California
  3. 3. Programming Free Summer camp for coaches and students for the upcoming year Weekly practices for students led by coaches 6 LAMDL tournaments at local high schools Free workshops, training, and support for coaches and students Access to the LAMDL and NAUDL network
  4. 4. Student Success Competitive Academic Community
  5. 5. Academic - National  Study published by Briana Mazuk in Journal of Negro Education  Increased GPA by .20 (20% of a letter grade)  50% more likely to reach ACT English Benchmark  Graduated at a rate of 80% compared to an overall rate of 55%  African-American Males  Increased GPA by .5 (50% of a letter grade)  70% more likely to reach ACT Reading Benchmark and twice as likely to reach ACT English Benchmark  Graduated at a rate of 73% compared to 43% overall
  6. 6. Graduation Rates
  7. 7. Graduation Rates At-risk students
  8. 8. College Readiness Debaters are 50% more likely to reach ACT English benchmarks
  9. 9. College Readiness At-risk students were 70% more likely to reach ACT Reading benchmarks
  10. 10. College Success Amherst UCSD Brown UCSB USC SDSU NYU Pitzer Cal Poly Emory CSULB Williams CSULA UC Berkeley Humboldt UCLA CSU Fullerton
  11. 11. Academic - LA  Increased GPA for over 75% of debaters from non-debating year  Increased number of AP and Honors classes  91% of students passed the CAHSEE on their first try compared to LAUSD rate of 67%  Increased interest in school and increased leadership within the classroom  Over 90% of graduating seniors are going to a 4-year university
  12. 12. Community Building  Students led school and regional reforms  Class and Club Presidents  Citihood East LA  UTLA rallies  Debate Community  Women’s Debate Institute  Gonzaga Debate Institute  Increased interaction among groups of students from different schools  Increased interaction with non-LAMDL schools
  13. 13. Community Involvement in local schools Over $216,000 worth of outside resources invested in LAUSD schools through LAMDL Law firms, businesses, universities, and individuals invest both time and money
  14. 14. Competitive Success  LAMDL Tournaments:  All but two schools were in elimination rounds  Balanced Novice program  Growing interest in advanced debate arguments  Non-LAMDL Tournaments  Speaker awards at Long Beach, USC, Pepperdine, Fullerton, Berkeley  Won the Berkeley Invitational and the Pepperdine tournament  Participated in elim rounds at every tournament
  15. 15. Participating Schools Local District 6 USC Family of Schools  South East High School  Crenshaw High School  South Gate High School  Foshay Learning Center  Bell High School  Manual Arts High School  Elizabeth Learning Center  Bravo Medical Magnet  Huntington Park High School  Maywood Academy High School Charter  Stern Math and Sceince Local District 4 High School  Downtown Magnets High School  Huntington Park College  Roybal Learning Center Ready Academy Local District 5  Lincoln High School