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Overview of NAR's Young Professionals Network

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Ypn 1 19 12

  1. 1.  2006: YPN born from REALTOR® Magazine’s “30 Under 30” Goal: Give all applicants a way to feel connected. 2007: Dick Gaylord suggests National Advisory Board 13 members, including seven “30 Under 30” 2009: Local & State YPNs begin to form 2010: YPN Advisory Board approved by NAR Board of Directors as YPN Advisory Subcommittee, reporting to NAR’s Communications Committee
  2. 2. • 18 Members representing NAR’s 13 Regions • Coordinate Conference Calls • Create Agendas • Provide Staff Perspective2011 YPN Advisory Subcommittee
  3. 3. • You’ve ever referred to the MLS in BOOK FORM Your business card photo is OVER 10 YEARS OLD You’ve ever used a CAR PHONE to complete a transaction You’ve listed your PAGER # on your business card You’ve sold a home while people were still putting wallpaper UP Your membership is not DECREASING the average age of a REALTOR® You’ve sold home when shag carpeting & wood paneling was IN STYLE You’ve sold a home when they were still using LEAD BASED PAINT in NEW CONSTRUCTION
  4. 4. • 2010 NAR Member Profile: 9% of REALTORS® < 35 Currently 231 networks in 49 states & 3 Countries Estimated 18,000 registered members Join through your association or register online Targeted towards REALTORS® under 40**August 2009: 17 networks & 2,200 registeredmembers
  5. 5. YPN is a member-driven organization that helps young real estateprofessionals excel in their careers by giving them the tools andencouragement to become involved in four core areas:• REALTOR® associations. Attend REALTOR® conferences and pursue leadership roles withtheir local, state, and national associations.• Real estate industry. Take an active role in policy discussions and advocacy issues; beinformed about the latest industry news and trends.• Peers. Network and learn from one another by attending events, participating in onlinecommunication, and seeking out mentoring opportunities.• Community. Become exceptional members of their community by setting a high level ofREALTOR® professionalism and volunteering for causes they feel passionate about.
  6. 6. The Young Professionals Network is a dynamic entry point for real estate professionals striving to become more successful in their careers and gain leadership experience. By providing this entry point, NAR is building a new, diverse generation ofleaders, strengthening members affinity for the REALTOR® brand early in their career, and gaining a valuable perspective ongenerational shifts. YPNs growth has been driven by REALTORS®. YPN has evolved from a magazine offshoot to a determined, passionate, savvy group of members who use social media effectively and transparently and who are committed to strengthening the REALTOR® brand.
  7. 7. • Judge Finalists (>700)• Identify & Invite• Coordinate Logistics• Plan Networking Event• Plan Educational Event• Connect• 2010 10 Year Anniversary
  8. 8. • Create Agenda & Help Run YPN Advisory Subcommittee Meeting • Plan YPN Reception for 200 • Attend Applicable NAR Committee Meetings2010 YPN Advisory Subcommittee w/2012 NAR President Moe Veissi
  9. 9. • Create Agenda & Help Run the Meeting• Invite Applicable Members• Coordinate Attendees• Plan Networking Events
  10. 10. 2010 YPN Fire & Ice Reception, New Orleans2009 YPN Reception on the Rooftop, San Diego
  11. 11. • Created to raise awareness of threats & issues to organized real estate• Minimum $100 donation to begin the pledge• Goal: 100 YPN members pledge $10,000 to the REALTOR Action Fund over their career• $10,000 x 100 = $1 Million
  12. 12. • Once a month for three months the Chicago YPN Committee chooses a local real estate icon to interview• Chairperson interviews the icon, which is recorded on video and blogged about on the association’s website• After 3 icons are interviewed, a live panel is hosted followed by a networking reception
  13. 13. • A YPN Member dares another YPN Member to sing a song by offering $$....• ….Dared YPN Member either has to sing the song or pay the offered $$ to get out of singing.
  14. 14. • Fill out your expertise profile on REALTOR.org• Update your NRDS profile & designate YPN as a business specialty• NAR Committees (March 12 – May 23)• Focus Groups: REALTOR.org, RPR, Government Affairs, Global• Social Bios, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  15. 15. Rob ReuterManager, Young Professionals NetworkNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®430 N. Michigan AvenueChicago, IL 60611 Phone: (312)329-8433 Email: rreuter@realtors.org Facebook: NAR YPN Twitter: @YPN or @Rob_Reuter Website: www.realtors.org/ypn