Greenfoot - An introduction
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  • 1. Greenfoot An introduction
  • 2. Background • Developed by University of Kent for school age learners (suggested age 13 upwards). • Teaches object-oriented programming and Java in a visual and interactive way. • Develop 2-D graphical applications, such as simulations and interactive games – comes with a range of scenarios.
  • 3. Introduction • Interesting (unique?) idea to teach novice programmers object-oriented concepts. • Hands-on approach, coming back to the theory later. • Make programming “interesting, relevant and enjoyable”.
  • 4. Programming model • World class (screen area) • Actor class (objects can be programmed to act independently). • Programming a “scenario” consists mainly of implementing act methods for the scenario's actors. • Greenfoot offers methods to easily program these actors, including methods for movement, rotation, changes of appearance, collision detection, etc. • Greenfoot also provides methods for animation, sound, randomisation, and image manipulation. All standard Java libraries can be used.
  • 5. Computing concepts • • • • • • Abstraction Class/object relationship Methods Parameters Object interaction Inheritance
  • 6. Pedagogy • Motivate learners with a highly interactive environment using graphics, sound and gaming challenges. • Encourage exploration and experimentation. • Based on constructivist and apprenticeship approaches. • Experimental learning • Hands-on program development
  • 7. Teaching support • Greenfoot – Download, support, tutorials • Greenroom - The Greenfoot Educators Community • Joy of Code provides an excellent set of video tutorials introducing Greenfoot.
  • 8. Technical stuff • • • • Version 2.3.0 Open-source (free!) Requires Java 6 or Java 7 JDK. Runs on all platforms
  • 9. Summary • Teaching young people Object Oriented programming, rather than a traditional procedural language. • Making programming fun by creating games. • Allowing students to explore what is possible. • Full Java libraries available so extension activities are endless.