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Millennial mega strategy 2013 2020

  1. 1. Millennial MegaStrategy 2020 VOTE MOB + Local Power Network DRAFT 2013 -2020 Strategic Plan
  2. 2. Executive SummaryIn 7 years, the Millennial Generationwill be one third of the US electorate.If youth keep voting as a progressive bloc, theywill create an unprecedented Youthquake inAmerican politics. We must INVEST BIG in thenext generation to WIN BIG in the 21st Century.Millennial Mega Strategy 2020 is a new effort toorganize this generation in unprecedented ways.Gamechanger Labs + All Hands On Deck Networkare catalytic incubators advancing millennialstrategies on many fronts – in collaboration.
  3. 3. Let’s take a step back… Why are we doing this? What are we up against?What’s our theory of change?
  4. 4. 21st Century Crises Climate Crisis Bye-Bye Middle-Class UnsustainabilityPlutocracy v. Democracy Corporate Machine Right-Wing Resurgence
  5. 5. Millennials Our Best Hope The largest, most diverse, most progressivegeneration in American history (born 1980-2000). In 2020, they’ll be one third of electorate.
  6. 6. Millennials Are THE KEY to a progressive futureBut ONLY if they: 1. Stay on a progressive path 2. Continue VOTING in large numbers!
  7. 7. Youth DELIVERED in 2012Youth share of the electorate roseto 19% (from 18% in 2008) andsupported Obama by 24 points.“If Romney had won half the youth vote, or if youngvoters stayed home… Romney would have woninstead of Obama.” – Exit Poll report
  8. 8. 2014 = Uphill Battle• Dems could lose the Senate. They must defend 9 Senate seats in states like Louisiana, Arkansas, Alaska, West Virginia, Iowa, North Carolina, Montana, and South Dakota.• Gerrymandering is really bad –hard to win House and many state legislatures because districts are drawn so horribly.• Young voter turnout is likely to be MUCH LOWER than in 2012.
  9. 9. 2016 = Not in the Bag Rubio is not Romney.And Hilary is probably notObama in terms of appeal toyoung voters...
  10. 10. 2010 = Hard Lesson2010 GOP wave + 2011 Redistrictinglocked in GOP Control – until 2022!
  11. 11. 2020 = HUGE Opportunity Youthquake 2020 + Redistricting = Progressive Super Majority
  12. 12. Opportunity 2020A Youthquake in 2020could make The 2020s aprogressive decade thatdramatically re-orientsAmerican political life.
  13. 13. Let’s Not Screw This Up “Look, I’ve been building a youth movement for over 15 years. And it’s FINALLY paying off. We have an opportunity in the next 7 years. If we All Hands on Deck + keep our momentum up, Gamechanger LabsFounder Billy Wimsatt we’re gonna win BIG. Let’s not screw this up.”
  14. 14. Timeline 2020 Starts NOW2013 – 2020 target, scout + develop organizers2014 – Mid-term election2016 – Presidential election2018 – Mid-terms: State Senates on 4 year cycle2020 – Must Sweep Election2021 – Redistricting2022 – First mid-terms post re-districting2024 – Progressive Presidential2025 – Likely to win Progressive Supermajorities
  15. 15. Context on Youth Sector• There are several strong existing youth groups that deserve more support.• The youth field needs to be totally re- invented for the 21st Century.• Youth orgs are in constant survival mode and need support to re-invent themselves and collaborate better.• There are a LOT of huge gaps to fill, both geographic and national niches.
  16. 16. Six Gaps We Must Fill• STATES: There is no strong youth organizing in many key states and districts.• GATHERINGS: There is no major all-purpose national gathering of youth and student organizers.• ONLINE: There is no “MoveOn” in the youth space.• NETWORK: There is no network of the strongest independent local orgs and organizers.• NIMBLENESS: There is not enough capacity for nimbleness or incubating new efforts.• SUPPORT: There is little support for young staff, Executive Directors, and the field as a whole.
  17. 17. Seven Efforts to Fill Gaps• VOTE MOB – youth vote in neglected places• Local Power Network – ditto for local issues• FutureSpeak – MoveOn-style online platform• Student Power 2013 – a national convergence• Local Strategy Network – learning community• State-based partners – support in key states• Millennial mega strategies – in discussion
  18. 18. VOTE MOB 2013-2014 VOTE MOB plans to hire/stipend 200-500 Local Organizers in 20+ States in 2013-2014 to work on key issues and elections.HOT SENATE STATES OTHER KEY STATES TOP ISSUES• North Carolina • Ohio • Climate• South Dakota • Florida • Student debt• West Virginia • Wisconsin • Immigration• Iowa • New Hampshire • Economic justice• Louisiana • Nevada • Prisons• Alaska • Colorado • Democracy• Arkansas • Virginia• Montana • Maybe – PA, MI, TX • Gender + LGBT• Minnesota • Violence• Maybe – CO, NH, VA, ME, KY, and potentially house seats
  19. 19. Local Power Network • Partnering with allies to build a national student power network. • 2nd National Student Power Convergence planned August 2013. VOTE MOB Ohio organizerKirin Kanakkanatt is acting as National Coordinator.
  20. 20. Millennial Mega Strategy We’re helping upgrade the youth movement leading up to 2020.
  21. 21. What We Want from YOU• Feedback and ideas.• Funder & donor partners.• People with similar visions to collaborate.• Interns for Spring, Summer and Fall.• Highly-skilled Super Volunteers for various key roles.
  22. 22. Good News for Supporters Our 2013 plan doesn’t cost that much!Lean in 2013 – to focus on the work, not fundraising!
  23. 23. Two Ways to Donate501(c)4 501(c)3 sister organization:Checks payable to: “Movement Strategy Center”“All Hands On Deck Network” “Gamechanger Labs” in memo.c/o Billy Wimsatt c/o Sihle DinaniAll Hands on Deck Network Movement Strategy Center1213 8th Ave #2 436 14th St. 5th Fl.Brooklyn, NY 11215 Oakland, CA 94612
  24. 24. Testimonials“In terms of movement building, Billy is in acategory by himself.” –Van Jones“I think of Billy as the Chief Ideas Officer of theprogressive movement.” – Natalie Foster“I ran three big national projects this year (in2012). Two of the three, National VoterRegistration Day and, were ideasBilly Wimsatt came up with.”–Matt Singer
  25. 25. About the Parent Orgs…Gamechanger Labs + All Hands On Deck Catalytic Incubators with a BIGvision to collaboratively upgrade the progressive movement – by 2020, starting with Millennials.
  26. 26. 2013 Priorities1. Millennial Mega Strategy2. Strategy Salons*3. Crazy Ideas Bank*4. Incubate New Efforts*5. 2020 Visioning & Planning**Even our “non-Millennial” strategies involve Millennials in a central way
  27. 27. Our Niches• New Ideas, Innovation, Incubation• Talent Scouting in Unlikely Places• Developing Great Leaders• Bridging Movements + Elections• Building a Collaborative Culture• Big Vision, Strategy, Story
  28. 28. Types of IncubationTYPES OF PROJECTS TYPES OF SUPPORT• Big Idea Development • Advising + Coaching +• Convenings Visioning + Strategy• Online Salons • Evangelism + Fundraising• Creative Rapid Response • Pro-Bono Consulting Actions and Memes • Light-touch Incubation• New Projects (non-exclusive)• New Organizations • In-house Incubation• New Collaborations • In-house Incubation plus• Organizational Re-inventions management We will provide multiple levels and types of incubation as needed within the youth space.
  29. 29. What is VOTE MOB?VOTE MOB is the most nimbly opportunistic youthvote organization in America. We target the hottestraces and ballot measures in the country using aunique model: We talent scout in key districts forunlikely local influencers and turn them into voterorganizers. We combine proven voter contactmethods with creativity to GOTV unlikely voters.Rather than build our own costly infrastructure (andcompete with our friends), we partner to strengthendozens of allies. We hire local organizers at the 11thhour when GOTV has the biggest bang for its buck.We leverage the adrenaline of elections as a gatewaydrug to build a stronger movement.