LIGHT & HOPE OVERSEAS PLACEMENT AGENCY (LH) is a Philippine corporation engaged in overseas employment services duly licen...
If the interview is physically impossible, then a telephone interview can also be arranged for this purpose. Testing from ...
An applicant who passed the final selection shall then be issued by the foreign Employer an Employment Offer subject to th...
After the applicant has accepted the Employment Offer, the applicant shall then be subjected to Medical and Laboratory Exa...
At this point, the necessary visa of the applicant shall also be applied by the foreign employer.</li></ul>Employment:<br ...
Light & Hope Manpower Terms + Conditions
Light & Hope Manpower Terms + Conditions
Light & Hope Manpower Terms + Conditions
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Light & Hope Manpower Terms + Conditions


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Light & Hope Manpower Terms + Conditions

  1. 1. LIGHT & HOPE OVERSEAS PLACEMENT AGENCY (LH) is a Philippine corporation engaged in overseas employment services duly licensed since 2003 by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) of the Philippine Department of Labour and Employment.<br />LIGHT&HOPE has provided professional, technical personnel and skilled workers to land-based overseas clients. We are located on Roxas Boulevard direct across from the US Embassy in Manila, on the ground floor of Pearl of the Orient Towers.<br />LIGHT&HOPE has mobilized and developed competent and highly skilled professional workers, whose knowledge and expertise in their respective jobs makes them highly desired by foreign employers even under numerous challenges, demanding work conditions and diversity in cultures and climates.<br />Today, LIGHT&HOPE is taking another big step towards professionalism in the field of training. Realizing the competition in the global market especially for highly skilled craftsmen and specialists, LH has initiated training programs in collaboration with the leading training centres in the Philippines for continuous upgrading of skills, technical expertise, and increased productivity and improvement of occupational health and safety.<br />Another area LIGHT&HOPE is the development of a Group Network of manpower agencies to further our capabilities with large corporate demands. Our alliance is located in Asia, Middle East and Europe. This will help further our client’s needs by broadening our base.<br />TERMS AND CONDITIONS IN RECRUITMENT<br />Foreign employers/principals who intend to recruit workers from the Philippines are required to be legally represented by a government-licensed manpower recruitment company. Through the POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration), an attached agency of the Department of Labour and Employment (DOLE), recruitment of Filipinos for foreign employment are regulated to insure the interests of all parties – the employer and employee – are protected by well recognized rules, regulations and guidelines.<br />It needs to be emphasized that Philippine manpower recruitment companies are highly regulated by POEA and are tasked take responsibility and insure the welfare of the workers it has recruited and deployed to foreign employers.<br />Terms and Conditions in Recruitment:<br />DOCUMENTARY REQUIREMENTS: A foreign employer needs to be registered with the POEA, the government body that regulates all matters concerning overseas recruitment and deployment. In order to achieve this, the foreign employer needs to initially submit the documents mentioned below to the Philippine Overseas Labour Office (POLO) for verification in the host country. <br />LIGHT & HOPE OVERSEAS PLACEMENT AGENCY (LIGHT & HOPE) shall perform other documentary formalities and submissions to POEA in behalf of the foreign principal after receipt of verified documentation:<br />HIRING GUIDELINES IN THE PHILIPPINES: There are strict rules and guidelines in hiring Filipinos for overseas employment. Our government’s implementing administrative body which carries out these rules is the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration or POEA. Regulation requires that any recruitment activity in Philippines intended for overseas employment must pass through the “approval” of the POEA. Without its approval, any overseas recruitment here in Philippines shall be illegal. To explain the legalities will be a lengthy process. Our effort to educate prospecting employers will be concentrated in the legalities required in hiring through a POEA-licensed Philippine Recruitment Agency.<br />To begin with, an “approval” from POEA requires a “JOB ORDER DULY VERIFIED AND ACCREDITED”. This requires a 3-steps process:<br /> STEP 1 - JOB ORDER PREPARATION. <br />This is a standard set of documents comprising of the following:<br />Special Power of Attorney or SPA – This document gives the Philippine Recruitment Agency like our company the AUTHORITY to recruit in behalf of the overseas Employer. In other words, the Employers give LIGHT & HOPE the power of attorney to act / recruit to make recruitment of the manpower the employer needs to hire from Philippines.<br />Manpower Request – Used synonymously with the terms Job Order and Demand Letter, this document summarizes among other things, the positions, quantity required, qualification, salary offer, and employment terms and conditions proposed by the Employer.<br />Recruitment Agreement – Used synonymously with the term Memorandum of Agreement, this document stipulates the working terms and conditions between the Employer and LIGHT&HOPE.<br />Standard Employment Contract – This is the Employment Contract that stipulates all terms and conditions including but not limited to salary, overtime-pay, medical and health insurance, vacation leaves among other things.<br />Photocopy of the Employer’s Passport.<br />Certified true copy of Business License of the employing Company.<br />POEA License of the appointed Philippine Recruitment Agency.<br /> STEP 2 - JOB ORDER VERIFICATION. This process entails the employer to hand carry all the job order mentioned in the above and present them to the Philippine Overseas Labour Office, POLO, care of our Country resident Labour Attaché, nearest to the Employer’s intended job site. In the absence of a POLO office or a Labour Attaché, please contact the Philippine Consulate office nearest the intended job site. Or you may call LIGHT&HOPE for advice and we shall check this for you. In this process, our Labour Attaché shall make “verification” of the terms and conditions of the intended job hiring and the stipulations therein to ensure that employer’s employment terms and conditions are in accordance with POEA rules and regulation. Once approved, your job order is considered ‘VERIFIED”.<br /> STEP 3 - JOB ORDER ACCREDITATION. Once verified by our Labour Attaché, the last thing the employer needs to do is to send the “Verified Job Order” to our company through courier services like FedEx or DHL. Upon receipt, we shall send this to POEA for ACCREDITATION. Once accredited, your JOB ORDER shall become registered with POEA and all formal recruitment activities and eventual deployment of selected candidates may from this point on carried out.<br />THINGS EMPLOYER NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HIRING IN THE PHILIPPINES<br />Hiring in the Philippines is simple and yet many employers think it's complicated, primarily because of lack of knowledge in the hiring guidelines our government requires, especially when it comes to document preparation.<br />Most employers do not know that we undertake to assume the Employer’s responsibly and even financial obligation as part of our requirement to get a license. Any maltreatment, non-payment of salary, switching of employment contracts, among other things that is in violation of the employee’s Standard Employment Contract shall also be considered a violation on the part of your appointed recruitment agent in the Philippines. To avoid any such problems, the guide is simple, review your contracts and agreements with LIGHT&HOPE and the employee, and follow all stipulated terms and conditions. Any deviation on the agreed stipulation may translate into a violation. Should any changes be necessary, please contact LIGHT&HOPE and we shall provide you the answers you require to ensure no violation will be committed.<br />Job Order verification and accreditation is a very important requirement to get Filipinos to work legally in your company. Any recruitment activity intended for overseas placement without going through this process is highly illegal and at times may involve criminal offenses. Any attempt to shortcut the process is also highly risky.<br />Always check the background of your chosen Philippine Recruitment Agency to ensure your recruitment project will be carried out in the terms and result you expected. It is your duty to make sure overseas Employers get what they came for without wasting time, money and effort. LIGHT&HOPE has been in existence since 2003 and we pride ourselves “never” to have a violation. <br />LIGHT&HOPE’s business is in the export of Filipino manpower and we believe in the rights of workers to be treated with respect and dignity.<br />MOBILIZATION REQUIREMENTS / FEES<br />LIGHT&HOPE employs various recruitment strategies to gather CVs and pre-select qualified candidates. Expenses related to advertisement, mobilization, of personnel to come to interview and/or trade test, when applicable, need to be addressed prior to the visit.<br />Per Philippine government requirement; the air ticket shall be borne by the employer. <br />Fees related to the medical examinations at the country of origin will be shouldered by the applicant. If confirmatory medical examinations are conducted in the host country, the fee shall be borne by the employer. <br />In consideration of our job placement services, we collect from the worker a Placement Fee, an amount equivalent or not more than the worker’s one month salary, as per POEA’s implementing rules and regulations. <br />The manner of charging fees practiced by Philippine manpower recruitment companies are listed below. Foreign employers/principals may choose what it deemed as appropriate depending on the country or company policy of charging fee against workers. Likewise, the manner of payment in which the recruitment company or legal representative is remunerated for services rendered may also determine the acceptance of the candidate of the employment offer<br />DOCUMENTATION / PROCESSING / INSURANCE FEE<br />LIGHT&HOPE charges the Employer NO FEE for our documentation, processing, and mandatory insurance fees required for each Applicant. <br />PLACEMENT FEE<br />Herewith are different options for the payment of Placement Fee: <br />Option 1: In some cases where company/country policy prohibits recruiters from exacting fees from selected employee, the Employer may shoulder the payment called the Recruitment Fee usually equivalent to One Month Salary or a fixed fee, but this is negotiable.<br />Option 2 : Employee may accept the job offer and requests the employer to settle placement fee (usually the amount of one month salary) in advance which would be subsequently deducted (by way of instalment payment) from his/her monthly salary for a period of 4 to 6 months.<br />Option 3: Employee accepts the job offer and shoulders the payment of placement fee.<br /> We collect NO FEES from our overseas CLIENTS<br />We stress the fact that we evaluate an applicant based on his experience, skills and qualifications and not on his capacity to pay the Placement Fee. In case an applicant is financially incapable of paying the Placement Fee, we bring to the attention of the foreign employer to shoulder the cost of the Placement Fee, for the time-being, subject to salary deduction from the worker so the foreign employer may recover this cost.<br />OBLIGATIONS<br />Pre-Employment:<br /><ul><li>LIGHT&HOPE will recruit and pre-select applicants for your evaluation and final selection. This will be very useful when the foreign employer will come here to interview the pre-selected workers.
  2. 2. If the interview is physically impossible, then a telephone interview can also be arranged for this purpose. Testing from a TESDA (Technical Skills & Development Authority, an agency under the Philippine Department of Labor & Employment (DOLE) accredited private testing centre may be undertaken. A skills evaluation certificate addresses the skills level of the applicant.
  3. 3. An applicant who passed the final selection shall then be issued by the foreign Employer an Employment Offer subject to the acceptance of the applicant.
  4. 4. After the applicant has accepted the Employment Offer, the applicant shall then be subjected to Medical and Laboratory Examinations, LIGHT&HOPE processes all the documentary formalities with the POEA.
  5. 5. At this point, the necessary visa of the applicant shall also be applied by the foreign employer.</li></ul>Employment:<br />The validity of the employment contract is normally 2 years, renewable at the option of both parties. <br />Vacation Leave, Sick Leave, Overtime Pay shall be in accordance with the Labour laws of the host country. <br />The Employer shall provide Insurance policy to the worker with the coverage of work related risks. <br />Other benefits as provided by the Labour Law, due to the worker, of the host country shall be accorded to the worker. <br />Employee concerns shall be governed by the Master Employment Contract. <br />Post – Employment:<br />After the expiration of the employment contract, the foreign Employer shall issue the worker a Certificate of Release, if applicable.<br />