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Christmas Diary
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Christmas Diary


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. OUR CHRISTMAS DIARYPUPILS FROM SAN GARCIA SCHOOL 03/12/20106º LEVELISABEL, MIRIAM, DANIEL, JORGE DE SANCHA, YOLANDA, RAFA, LIDIA, ANDREA, NAOMI, ISRAEL, RUBEN, ANA BELÉN, JUAN, CLAUDIA, EUGENIA, JESÚS, VANESA, NEREA, ALEX AND RAQUEL.<br />RAFA MILLÁN‘S DIARY<br />1st day: We put some ornaments such as: the tree, the crib and some other things.<br />2 nd day: We put the last pieces left and we color some pictures related to Christmas<br />3rd day: The family comes home for dinner and we tell scary stories.<br />4 th day: We celebrate with the family the day of the holy innocents.<br /> <br />5 th day: This is day of the grapes which I always choke and spit.<br />Last day of the most anticipated of all children and not so young for all the gifts we so desire.<br />Ana Belén’s Christmas Diary<br />24TH December<br />This night Father Christmas comes to all children’s houses and Baby Jesus borns.<br />And my family comes to my house and we have dinner together.<br />25TH December<br />Today we open the presents Father Christmas has brought to us<br />And my brother and I are very happy.<br />31ST December<br />Today we have dinner in my aunt’s house.<br />We eat twelve grapes and we celebrate New Year Eve.<br />And my cousins and I throw petards.<br />1ST January<br />All my family eat with my grandfather.<br />And my cousin and I play games.<br />5TH January<br />We go to see the parade and we catch the sweets they throw.<br />And my brother and I sleep early because this night comes The Three Wise Kings.<br />6TH January<br />In the morning we look the presents they have brought us.<br />And I feel very happy.<br />JUAN´S CHRISTMAS DIARY<br />1st December:<br />We always put the Christmas tree and decorate it<br />2nd December:<br />I open one door every day until Christmas Eve and my mother makes the Christmas cake<br />10th December:<br />We go to Sierra Nevada and we see the snow and we play with the sled<br />15th December:<br />I write the letter to father Christmas and we go to the streets to see the lights <br />17th December:<br />We go to the markets and we buy the presents for my friends and food for the night<br />24th December:<br />It´s Christmas Eve. We go to my uncle and aunt´s house for dinner over there and I play with my cousins and I sing carols<br />25th December:<br />It´s Christmas day. I open my presents and my stockings. I´m very happy!<br /> <br />CLAUDIA´S DIARY<br />8th december:<br />We put the Christmas tree and put the Belen. <br />9th December:<br />We put the decorations in all the house.<br />24th December:<br />We go with my father’s family to have dinner.<br />30th December:<br />We go with my mother’s family to have dinner and we eat grapes.<br />5th December:<br />We go to carry over tins and pick up sweets.<br />6th December:<br />We get up early and open the presents than The Magic kings put down the tree.<br />Eugenia´s Christmas Diary.<br />1st December.We always get an advent calendar.<br />14 th December. we decorate the Christmas Tree and we put some Christmas decorations.<br />24th December. (afternoon) My mother and I make lots of different foods and we always make a chocolate cake.<br />24th December. (night) It’s Chritmas Night. Family comes to home. We have dinner and we sing carols.<br />25th December. We open our presents. At lunch time we go to my uncle and aunt´s home to have lunch.<br />31st December. It’s New Year dinner. At twelve o´clock we eat twelve grapes and we shout:``Happy New Year´´.<br />5th January.We go to see the Magic Kings.We go to bed early.<br /> <br />6th January. We open our presents and we<br /> go to our family´s homes.<br />739775148590<br />Naomi´s Christmas Diary<br />1st of December<br />Today I get an advent calendar.<br />5th of December<br />Today Mum usually buys the turkey and the crackers.<br />10th of December<br />I always put the tree up today.<br />15th of December<br /> I often decorate the living room today.<br />20th of December<br />I make cards and presents for family and friends today.<br />24th of December<br />I hang my stocking up tonight.It´s Christmas eve!<br />25th of December<br />It´s Christmas day!I open my presents and pull crackers.<br />Merry Christmas!<br /> <br /> <br />Vanesa’s Christmas Diary<br />1st December<br />I do Christmas drawings and I decorate the house.<br />10 th December<br />I hang the stockings up in the chimney.<br />15 th December<br />We send cards to the family.<br />21st December<br />We place the Christmas Tree and decorations.<br />24th December<br />We have dinner with the family and we cook turkey.<br />25th December (morning)<br />It´s Christmas day and we open the presents.<br />25th December (lunchtime)<br />We have another dinner with the family and we celebrate Christmas cooking cake,eggs,roast potatoes and desserts.<br />ALEX CHRISTMAS DIARY<br />1ST DECEMBER WE ALWAYS GET AN ADVENT CALENDAR<br />WE CAN OPEN THE WINDOWS EVERY DAY UNTIL CHRSTMAS EVE<br />10TH DECEMBER ABOUT NOW, MUM MAKES PINCE PIES AND THE CHRISTMAS PUDDING.<br />15TH DECEMBER WE SEND CHRISTMAS CARDS TO ALL OUR FRIENDS AND<br />FAMILY. WE ALSO BUY PRESENT FOR OUR FAMILY AND GOOD FRIENDS.<br />24TH DECEMBER IT´S TIME TO DECORATE THE CHRISTMAS TREE AND<br />TO PUT CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS UP IN THE LIVING ROOM.<br />25TH DECEMBER WE HAVE TURKEY FOR CHRISTMAS DINNER IN FAMILY<br />ON MY HOUSE. <br />JESUS ‘S CHRISTMAS DIARY <br />8th December.<br />My family does a Christmas tree with a star<br /> Also we do a Nativity Set with baby Jesus.<br />14th December<br />My grandmother makes Christmas sweets with flour and honey.<br />I am going with my mother to buy the presents <br />20th December.<br />My mother buys a turkey to have dinner in this night.<br />24th December<br /> My grandmother and my aunts come to have dinner to my house.<br /> I help my mother to prepare the food <br /> It is a good night and Father Christmas comes with presents<br /> My family and I go to the chapel at 12 p.m.<br />We sing Christmas carols.<br />25th December <br />We get up late <br />27th December<br />We are on holidays and we do sport.<br />6th January <br />The kings come and bring presents for all my family.<br /> <br />Raquel's Chrístmas Diary<br />8th December<br />I put Christmas tree in my house with my mother this year the tree is golden color.<br />24th December<br />Every year we celebrate Christmas with my family in different houses.<br />25th December<br />To the following day we go to the same house that we have eaten the night before and parents play poker <br />31st December<br />In the night we have dinner at home with all the family, at twelve o'clock we eat twelve grapes with the bells and we celebrate New Year.<br />1st December<br />We do the same things,we eat and play. It´s very funny.<br />518795272415<br /> <br /> <br />Nerea’s Christmas Diary<br />8th December<br />The whole family get up as early as possible and we put the Christmas tree with ornaments<br />24th December<br />We celebrate Christmas Eve we go to my grandmothers’ house and we have dinner<br />25th December<br />We have Christmas lunch with the family<br />30th December<br />My mother makes pancakes and at night we go to my other grandmother's house. We eat grapes and we throw firecrackers<br />1st January <br />New Year has arrived<br /> My family Christmas Diary<br />Ruben´s Work<br />On the first days of December<br />We decorate Christmas tree and the house.<br />24th December .<br />My mother makes mince pies and<br />Cake sand we’ll eat at Christmas.<br />25th December (morning)<br />It´s Christmas day. We open some<br />Presents.<br />25th December(evening)<br />We have dinner with my family.<br />31st December<br />It´s New Year Eve. We have a wonderful dinner and grapes welcoming.<br />6th January (morning)<br />We get up and we open our presents.<br />ISRAEL AND ANDREA’S CHRISTMAS DIARY<br />1ST DECEMBER.<br /> WE GO TO BUY CHOCOLATES AN NOUGAT-LIKE DELICACY.<br />2ND DECEMBER.<br /> WE WRITE THE LETTERS TO PAPA NOEL AND THE THREE MAGIC KINGS.<br />8TH DECEMBER.<br />WE PUT THE CHRISTMAS TREE.<br />15TH DECEMBER.<br /> WE THINK ABOUT CHRITSMAS MEAL.<br />24TH DECEMBER.<br /> ALL MY FAMILY COME TO MY HOUSE TO HAVE DINNER.<br />25TH DECEMBER.<br /> WE ARE WAITING FOR PAPA NOEL, HE IS GOING TO GIVE US SOME PRESENTS.<br />31ST DECEMBER.<br /> WE CELEBRATE THE END OF THE YEAR AND WE WISH EVERYBODY A HAPPY NEW YEAR.<br /> Lidia´s Christmas Diary<br />1st December<br />We open the advent calendar.<br />7th December<br />I have dinner with my family and we open the crackers.<br />8th December<br />My family and I put and decorate the Christmas tree.<br />24th December<br />This night, my family and I have dinner and we celebrate birth's Jesus and we receive the visit of Santa Claus.<br />We also sing carols.<br />25th December<br />I have lunch with my family and we play lotto.<br />31st December<br />This night, my family and I have dinner , we eat 12 grapes at 12:00. It’s New Year Eve.<br />We also celebrate New Year.<br />1st January<br />My family and I celebrate New Year and we have lunch.<br />6th January<br />We open the presents the Kings Magics have brought us.<br />890618608778<br />Wednesday 1st of December 2010-12-01 Andrea Fernández Gómez 6ºA<br />My Christmas diary<br />24thof December<br />On the 24th of December we prepare the Chirtmas tree. This night Christmas Father visit to me!<br />25th of December<br /> Christmas Father gives me lots of presents!! On the morning we go to eat with my uncles.<br />31st of December(11am)<br />We prepare the grapes for the New Year .<br />1st of December(00:00)<br />Happy New Year!<br />5th of January <br />At night we go to the parade and we catch candies.<br />6th of January<br />Wow! I’ve got lots of presents under the tree!<br />YOLANDA’S DIARY<br />21ST DECEMBER, WE CELEBRATE MY SISTER’S BIRTHDAY.<br />25TH DECEMBER, SANTA CLAUS COMES!!!<br />31ST DECEMBER, WE HAVE DINNER AND WE EAT GRAPES WITH ALL THE FAMILY.<br />1ST JANUARY, IT’S MY FRIEND SANDRA’S BIRTHDAY.<br />6TH JANUARY, WE HAVE A LOTS OF PRESENTS! THE THREE MAGIC KINGS HAVE ARRIVED.<br />7TH JANUARY, WE RETURN TO SCHOOL.<br />JORGE´S CHRISTMAS DIARY<br />10TH DECEMBER, I DECORATE CHRISTMAS TREE<br />15TH DECEMBER, I BUY SWEETS AND CAKES<br />21ST DECEMBER, SCHOOL FINISHES AND WE DO A PARTY<br />24TH DECEMBER, WE PREPARE CHRISTMAS DINNER<br />25TH DECEMBER, IT’S CHRISTMAS DAY! WE SPEND THIS DAY WITH THE FAMILY<br />MIRIAM’S CHRISTMAS DIARY<br />8TH DECEMBER, WE ALWAYS DECORATE A NICE CHRISTMAS TREE.<br />10TH DECEMBER, WE SEND CHRISTMAS CARDS TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY.<br />15TH DECEMBER, WE SOMETIMES BUY PRESENTS FOR OUR FAMILY, TEACHERS AND FRIENDS.<br />18TH DECEMBER, WE OFTEN GET ON AN ADVENT CALENDAR.<br />21ST DECEMBER, MY GRANDMOTHER MAKES MINCE PIES AND A BIG CHRISTMAS CAKE.<br />24TH DECEMBER, WE NEVER PULL CRACKERS AND WE EAT TURKEY, ROAST POTATOES AND CHRISTMAS PUDDING.<br />25TH DECEMBER, IT’S CHRISTMAS DAY. WE ALWAYS SING CAROLS AND WE OPEN OUR STOCKING AND OTHER PRESENTS.<br />DANIEL’S CHRISTMAS DIARY<br />1ST DECEMBER, I BUY PRESENTS TO MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS.<br />2ND DECEMBER, I SEND CHRISTMAS CARDS TO MY BEST FRIENDS.<br />3RD DECEMBER, I MAKE A CHRISTMAS CAKE.<br />4TH DECEMBER, I MAKE CRACKERS.<br />5TH DECEMBER, I DECORATE CHRISTMAS TREE.<br />25TH DECEMBER, IT´S CHRISTMAS DAY!<br />ISABEL’S CHRISTMAS DIARY<br />10TH DECEMBER, MY FAMILY ALWAYS PUT A CHRISTMAS TREE AND A NATIVITY SET. WE ALSO DECORATE THE HOUSE.<br />15TH DECEMBER, MY SISTER AND I DRAW PAINTINGS TO PUT IN OUR CHRISTMAS TREE. WE HANG STOCKINGS UP NEAT THE FIREPLACE.<br />24TH DECEMBER, MY MOTHER PREPARES DINNER FOR CHRISTMAS EVE.<br />25TH DECEMBER, ALL MY FAMILY GETS TOGETHER TO CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS EVE.<br />30TH DECEMBER, MY MOTHER PREPARES DINNER FOR NEW YEAR EVE.<br />31ST DECEMBER, WE CELEBRATE THE LAST DAY OF THE YEAR AND WE TURN ON TV TO WATCH THE CLOCK AND WHEN IT’S TWELVE, WE EAT GRAPES AND THE NEW YEAR BEGINS.<br />Clare´s Christmas Diary<br />8th December<br />-My family and me decorate the Christmas tree <br />9th December<br />-I go to my sister´s birthday .<br />23th December<br />-We have a party in class .<br />24th December<br />-My family and me go to my grandparents´ house .<br />25th December<br />-We stay at home because the night before we go to bed very late.<br />THE<br />END<br />