Help Create Health: Become a health coach!


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Learn how to be a health coach. Virtual coaching model (no office space required) coaching others through the weight loss process. Implementation is easy. Help others get healthy today.

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  • The United States is having a huge obesity crisis!
  • There are 20 million diabetics in this country, and growing. 95% of these diabetics have Type 2 Diabetes.
  • We deliver healthy, safe and effective solutions to health and weight management through personal coaching It starts with our leading edge meal replacements which help our clients reach a healthy weight We teach our clients the healthy habits necessary to support permanent health We provide continuous coaching and innovative products to help people attain and maintain optimal health. Our Bionetwork Support Team: Virtual Clinic Medical Team Physician-Nursing Calls The Health Institute provides Health Coach Training Certified Health Coaches BeSlim Club Support in Motion Nutritional Support Team Leading Product Research Team Medifast, Our Parent Company
  • Help Create Health: Become a health coach!

    1. 1. Help Create Health: Become a health coach! An Optimal Health Program – Health coach others thru the wt loss process Help Others lose wt by coaching them by phone or email – no need for anoffice space. Virtual flexible coaching model! Contact Marianne for details at or 518-265-5057!
    2. 2. Obesity: the weight of the nation!
    3. 3. A Crisis In America Today • 2/3rds of adult Americans are overweight • By 2030 Johns Hopkins study: 86% will be overweight or obese. • Being overweight is becoming the #1 preventable disease • Human and financial costs are enormous • This challenge has spawned a $57 billion dollar industry
    4. 4. Obesity Trends* Among U.S. Adults BRFSS, 1990, 1998, 2007 (*BMI ≥30, or about 30 lbs. overweight for 5’4” person) 1990 1998 2007No Data <10% 10%–14% 15%–19% 20%–24% 25%–29% ≥30%
    5. 5. Diabetes Trends* Among Adults in the U.S.,(Includes Gestational Diabetes) BRFSS, 1990,1995 and 2001
    6. 6. as they are
    7. 7. Childhood Obesity is a huge concern!
    8. 8. What About Exercise? Exercise is important but canyou lose wt doing extra exercise each day? 3500 calories burned = 1 lb Body Fat 1 mile walk only burns approx. 100 calories
    9. 9. Calories In>Calories Out
    10. 10. Calories In>Calories Out 1
    11. 11. Calories In>Calories Out 2
    12. 12. Calories In=Calories Out Calories In Calories Out
    13. 13. We Provide Personal Health Coaching for Every Client • Help clients reach a healthy weight. • Teach habits to support permanent health. • Offer innovative products for reaching and maintaining optimal health. • Provide ongoing support. • Our success rates are excellent.
    14. 14. Use a Safe Effective Portion Controlled Meal Replacement• Portion Controlled •A personalized health meal replacements coach helps you thru the are used• Vitamin/mineral program fortified •Online support and• No Stimulants or support calls ensure drugs healthy wt. loss success• Convenient •Wt loss maintenance &• Effective• Cost efficient support is provided• Safe ensuring lifelong wt. loss• Real foods are eaten along with the meal replacements
    15. 15. Real foods are allowed along with the mealreplacements A protein rich vegetable laden meal can be eaten any time throughout the day but most common is dinnertime. This meal includes 5-7 oz of lean meat or protein source plus 2 cups of salad and/or vegetables. Vegetarian options.
    16. 16. Eat Healthy Lean Protein & Veggies!
    17. 17. The Program• Low calorie program (900 to 1000 cal/day)• Creates a gap between energy required and energy provided causing the body to release fat.• Patient/client eats some meal replacements per day and one protein and vegetable laden meal• Patient/client eats every 2 ½ to 3 hrs stabilizing blood sugar levels• Patient/client is not hungry• Women lose 2.5-3.5 lbs/wk, men 3.5-4.5 lbs/wk
    18. 18. Creating Healthy Habits for Life!
    19. 19. Lifelong Healthy LifestylePhase Two: Maintaining a Healthy Weight for Life Eat Breakfast Exercise Daily Have Support Eat Low fat meals 5 – 6 times a day Use an Individual Plan Monitor weekly
    20. 20. Maintain a Healthy Wt. National Weight-Control RegistryThe National Weight Control Registry (NWCR), established in1994 by Rena Wing, Ph.D. from Brown Medical School, andJames O. Hill, Ph.D. from the University of Colorado, is thelargest prospective investigation of long-term successfulweight loss maintenance. Copyright TNT 2008, All Rights Reserved
    21. 21. Learn How to Be a Health CoachFor more info on becoming a health coach contact:Marianne Romano