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Engaging ways to use moodle
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Engaging ways to use moodle



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  • 1. Moodle "2" EngageStudents20 WaysTips to help engage students in using MoodlePlease feel free to contribute or Retweet
  • 2. Aim:-to increase student engagement in the use of Moodle.Objectives:-Staff will increase the usability of Moodle, by creating interactivity, more use ofmulti-media, collaborative and reflective learning opportunities.We need to ensure that students have a rich, interactive multi-media onlinelearning environment.....We need to ensure that students have the opportunity for collaborativeactivities.....Engaging Ways to useMoodle
  • 3. # 1 Making Moodle Visually PleasingFind out more here: MoodleVisually PleasingUse labels and HTML editor to createa clickable section link in TopicOutline.Keep font types to max of three.Use Icons/image(try to keepconsistency in the icon types used).Dont over clutter your site, use theBlock facilities to add RSS feeds.@muppetmasteruk
  • 4. # 2 Embedding TwitterEmbedding SocialMediaGoto the following webpage thtp:// choose “get widget”Open a new BlockGive the block an appropriate name.You then need to copy and paste HTMLcoding into the block@muppetmasterukFind out more here:
  • 5. # 3 Using a Wiki in MoodleUsing Wiki in MoodleSuggested uses of wikis:-Group project -Set students a collaborative groupproject, for example geography students studying“Hazards”, by creating a page for each Hazard eg[Volcanic], [Earthquake], and so on, each groupcould be asked to collaborate to their allocated hazardand contribute to produce a group wiki on Hazards.The teacher may create a submission date on which toturn off editing capabilities for students so that he orshe can grade the final projects by giving credit forcontributions by looking at edit history.@muppetmasterukFind out more here:
  • 6. # 4 Moodle and Guerras ScaleGuerra Scale andMoodleMoodle course could be designed tomaintain student engagement based onGuerra Scale.Example@muppetmasterukGroup work Forum,wiki,GoogledocumentlinkGS7GS7GS1Find out more here:-
  • 7. # 5 Moodle and LessonsLessons and MoodleThe lesson facility in Moodle falls under theumbrella of Add an Activity.I believe that the Lessons module is one of themost powerful tools in the armament of Moodle.The basic principle is that the lesson is a seriesof HTML WebPages within Moodle, which canfacilitate the following learning/assessmentscenarios:-· Sequential learning ie one page linksto the next page and visa versa· Self-directed learning· Self-directed assessment· Simple Conditional@muppetmasteruk Find out more here:
  • 8. # 6 Moodle and ForumsForumsMoodle forums are one of the quickest tools toset up for a teacher - all you need is an idea orprompt to promote discussion. They canpromote communication and collaboration andall learners have a voice.Start with the "Simple discussion" to focus onone topic and to develop confidence andexperience in using forums.There are 5 different forum types in Moodle.Consider the Q & A forum to post a questionwhere students will only see the answer to thequestion in that discussion when they haveposted their reply.Great to collect ideas to prompt furtherdiscussion in class or elsewhere.Find out more here:
  • 9. # 7 Adding Video in a Moodle QuizVideo and QuizzesAdd a video to Moodle Quiz and askquestions based on the video.Create a quiz and go to Youtube to finda video or one you have previouslycreated.Click on share and embed code, copythis and return to Moodle.In the edit window click on HTML toggleand just Ctrl V or paste your code in.This process works in Moodle 2.0+ justmake sure you copy Old Code option inYoutube.@muppetmasterukFind out more here:
  • 10. # 8 Using Assignments for feedbackAssignment and MoodleThe assignment activity module allows teachers tocollect work from students, review it and providefeedback including grades.Students can submit any digital content (files),including, for example, word-processed documents,spreadsheets, images, audio and video clips.Assignments dont necessarily have to consist of fileuploads. Alternatively, teachers can ask students totype directly into Moodle using an online textassignment. There is also an offline activity assignmentwhich can be used to remind students of real-worldassignments they need to complete and to recordgrades in Moodle for activities that dont have an onlinecomponent.There are 4 types of assignments:@muppetmasteruk Find out more here:
  • 11. # 9 Using Moodle Feedback to createa Knowledge SurveyKnowledge SurveyMoodle Module called “Feedback”. Withinthis module is the ability to create “survey”like questions, with the added facility ofbeing able to quantify the data beingproduced in text form, graphical ornumerically and also get qualitativefeedback from the students.On this basis the information gatheredcould give the educator an overview of allclass understanding and knowledge or“confidence” level.The Feedback module can be downloaded from out more here:Design Project Screencast
  • 12. #10 Add WolframAlphaWidgetWolframAlpha WidgetAdd a WolframAlpha WidgetInstantly add live computational knowledgeto your blog or website● Hundreds of pre-built widgets availablein our Widget Gallery● No programming skills needed● Easy copy and paste embed code● Works on popular web and bloggingplatformsTwitter or email here@muppetmasterukFind out more here: out more here:
  • 13. # 11 Moodle like a WebpageMoodle like a WebpageMake Moodle like a webpage by adding RSS BlogFeeds in the Blocks.Click on Add a Bock, scroll down until you findRemote RSS Feed.Click on the configuration icon and follow thescreencast below.@muppetmasterukFind out more here:
  • 14. # 12 Adding a BlogAdding a BlogClass Blog -Each week a student is the class bloggerand posts to review what happened in the day/week. Aclass blog can provide the opportunity for students todiscuss topics out of the classroom environment. With ablog, every person has an equal opportunity to sharetheir thoughts and opinionsCurriculum based Blog-for example the results of afield visit, ask students to collaborate and upload imagesof the field trip, collate data and formulate hypothesis.Quick response-effective feedback, give studentschance to give and get effective feedback, for example:-● What was the least clear point of the lesson?● What was the most important point?● How useful was the lesson?@muppetmasterukFind out more here:
  • 15. # 13 Badges of AchievementBadges ofAchievementEncourage staff to create moreengaging content.The GSB set allows automatic medalawards for Moodle courses based upon adefined benchmark criteria of activitiesand resources. The set consists of areport which allows the criteria to bebenchmarked and a block to publicise theaward to the student(s) or even teachers.Twitter or email here@mupppetmasterukFind out more here:
  • 16. # 14 Live Noticeboard with GoogleDocsGoogle Docs LiveNotice BoardAdd a google document to Moodle.By embedding a Google Document intoMoodle you can create a live documentfor example a Noticeboard that can beupdated via Google Documents withouthaving to go into Moodle to re-editYou could also embed a GoogleSpreadsheet and give access to yourstudents and see their collaborationwithin Moodle live!Twitter or email here@muppetmasterukFind out more here:Google Drive
  • 17. # 15 Incorporate Adobe Flash Media.flv and .swf files can beadded to createinteractive mediaUsing the Adobe products Captivateand Flash or embedding already madefiles found on the InternetIf the teacher knows Flash or Captivate (orsomeone who does), they could createinteractive media that is easilyuploaded/embedded into MoodleNote: be sure to follow proper licensinglaws and guidelinesTwitter:@BrockDHFind out more here:
  • 18. # 16 Javascript ProgrammingJavascript is the<script> for HTML5Using Javascript, one can createinteractivity on each page by adjustingthe HTML coding.If the teacher knows Javascript (or someonewho does) they could add interactivity within apage to create dynamic web pagesTwitter:@BrockDHLearn Javascript:
  • 19. # 17 Checklist PluginChecklist Plugin Moodle 2.0onwardsThis is is a Moodle activitymodule for Moodle 1.9 andMoodle 2.0+ that allows a teacherto create a checklist / todo list /task list for their students to workthrough.View your entire class ata quick glance & see theirprogressTwitter or email here@muppetmasterukFind out more here:
  • 20. # 18 Live Web Teaching inMoodleLive Web Teaching Plugin forMoodlePlugin for 1.9 onwards. Createand run Live Web Teachingsession. Access and collaborateonline notes, videos andclassroom setting.sTwitter or email here@muppetmasterukFind out more here:
  • 21. # 19 Collaborative Real TimeEditorCollaborative Real time EditorRTollaboration is a type of assignment.Its a collaborative real-time editor that workslike Google DocsTwo or more users can work at the same timein the same document. When you type a word,the text is updated in real-time for the otherusers.Twitter or email here@muppetmasteruk Find out more here:
  • 22. # 20 Book ModuleBook ModuleThe book module makes it easy tocreate multi-page resources with abook-like format. This module can beused to build complete book-likewebsites inside of your Moodle course.Note: The book module is available as astandard plugin in Moodle 2.3 onwards.Twitter or email here@muppetmasteruk Find out more here:
  • 23. MoodleMark RollinsWebsite:- E-TeachUKBlogsite:- @muppetmasterukLinkin Available as an eBook