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Effect of use satellite channels for news
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Effect of use satellite channels for news






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Effect of use satellite channels for news Effect of use satellite channels for news Document Transcript

  • EFFECT OF USE SATELLITE CHANNELS FOR NEWS OF NEW MEDIA TOOLS ON NEWS SERVICE Introduction The new media changed all the services, functions, performance and the audience’s ways to deal with the traditional media; it added other dimensions to the news service such as the possibility of exposure at any time and any place. New media has changed all the traditional ways of receiving news. This has been clear in the services, functions, and performance done by the recipients. New media has created a possibility of exposure to news at any time and place. My research is concerned with this tremendous difference in news reception by traditional and old media. There are so many examples of the impact of new media in our life. A very vivid example of the impact of new media can be seen in cell phones and laptops. If one has a cell phone or laptop with an internet access, he/she can follow up with the news at any time and place. Moreover, one can interact with people all over the globe. For instance, major incidents were received in more than one country in a fast way. This was due to the great advancement in technology. During Tsunami earthquake, for example, people carrying cameras on their cell phones were able to send pictures to their families in other places all over the world and this has transferred the views about people in general. In stead of being news recipients, people have become news makers. Therefore, one can predict that future news will be transformation point where people have change will be more in the form of conversation, or a seminar. Lines will blur between producers and consumers (Dan Gillmor, 2004 1 ).
  • Media futurists have predicted that by 2021, "citizens will produce 50 percent of media production 2 ” Many media organizations have noticed this importance of the new media format. The press attracted a large number of audiences for their websites. For example, if one visits the Web site of the news channel, CNN one finds, in the "i-Report" section, a tool to receive the video press, the same section is in the website of in BBC and ALJAZEERA news channels. Audience can also share their news with friends online through chat rooms .and they can send links of news via e-mail and social networking sites such as FACEBOOK and TWITTER etc. Many TV channels send their latest news to audience via e-mail. In addition to this, these channels have access (or free streaming) on YOUTUBE in this regard. We can assume that audience control their time of exposure. Thus, these new media provides reliable information for TV news channels about Intensity and patterns of exposure. This helps TV channels to develop their news service. Statement of the Problem New media has led to more interaction of for viewers. New media a merged all of media in only medium, This is visible in the internet access people can watch television, listen to the radio and read newspapers and more services that are not provided by the traditional media. New media such as websites, mobile connectivity, blogging, and photo/videosharing and Social Network Sites provided reliable sources of information for TV news channels. In this regard, TV news channels are developing their news service. My study
  • is concerned with the new media and the traditional media. My research questions are concerned with the impact of the new media on the news service; how does the audience interact with news service? What is the audience role in news industry and break and spread the news? And what is the relationship between the audience participation in this new media and the general democratic space in their societies? What is the difference between Western channels and Middle Eastern news channels in terms of the audience interaction with the news service? Study hypotheses The researcher predicted that:  Western satellite channels for news use technology services provided by the new media more than Arab satellite channels for news.  Western satellite channels for news on the internet achieve higher levels of interactivity more than Arab satellite channels for news.  There are significant statistical interrelationship between the use of new media tools and the interactivity with the audience.  There is significant statistical relationship between channel’s use of new media and the audience degree of use to this channel.  There is significant statistical relationship between channel’s use of the new media and the degree of audience’s dependency on this channel as a source of news.  There is significant statistical relationship between ease of audience’s use of new media and their intensity of use and exposure to news.  There are positive relationships between Demographic variables (gender, age, education and Economic level) and the degree of use of new media and its rate of use among audience. New media I found a lot of definitions, but simply we can definite new media as new formats of delivering media and entertainment.
  • New media refers to a variety of technologies that have emerged at the end of the 20th century 3 , and according to webopedia dictionary new media means “A generic term for various forms of electronic communication that are made possible through the use of computer technology, which includes Web sites, streaming audio and video, chat rooms, e-mail, online communities, Web advertising, DVD and CD-ROM media, virtual reality environments, integration of digital data with the telephone, digital cameras and mobile computing” 4 . Research Methods My research methods are combining qualitative and quantitative approaches. This study employed two types of this study employed two types of survey research, and content analysis of TV channels websites visited by students and some news programs on traditional TV channels for news. The study sample will include news broadcast in CNN international and Aljazeera English *8:00 PM for news in both two channels In addition to this, there is the questionnaire tool to allow for increased richness of data. Subjects The population for this study is comprised of university students in Egyptian and Norwegian universities. Those students must have Internet access. References 1 Gilmour Dan (2004). We the Media - Grassroots Journalism by the People, for the People. p6 2 We the media website, last access on 12/19/2010, available at: http://www.hypergene.net/wemedia/weblog.php
  • 3 Wikipedia dictionary, last access on 12/19/2010, available at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass_media 4 Webopedia dictionary, last access on 12/19/201, available at: http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/N/new_media.html