Your guide for preparing for the global mid term


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Your guide for preparing for the global mid term

  1. 1. Your Guide for Preparing for the Global Mid-term
  2. 2. You will take the midterm exam in class on Tuesday, March 27
  3. 3. You will take the test on using a laptop.Please make sure your Junoed account is working before you come to class!
  4. 4. The test will have 65multiple choice questions and one thematic essay.
  5. 5. The Multiple Choice Questions• These questions will include information you have learned about throughout this year.• The questions will be more than fact recall. You will make connections between the many places you have studied.
  6. 6. For example, you rememberlearning about Confucianism, right? In addition to remembering facts about Confucianism, the test questions will push you to make connections.
  7. 7. Here’s a sample questionConfucius’ five relationships, the Hindu belief in Dharma, and Buddhism’s Eightfold Path are all similar because eachb.requires a belief in one godc. is a code of proper behaviord.promotes equality among all peoplee.discourages the education of children
  8. 8. The correct answer is of course “B” Did that example help you to understand what the multiple choice questions will be like? Good.
  9. 9. Now, here is some information about the essay question. The essay will be a thematic essay, not a DBQ.
  10. 10. In a Thematic Essay• You are given a theme to write about.• You are also given a task.• Some common themes are:Belief Systems [Religions], Conflicts, Migrations of People, Important People, Trade,
  11. 11. Sample thematic essay: ChangeHistorical Context:Throughout human history various events have changed the way people have lived.  These changes have had positive and/or negative effects.
  12. 12. Sample thematic essay: ChangeTask: Identify two changes from your study of global history and for each:• Describe the causes and key events that led to the change• Discuss whether the effects of the change were either positive and/or negative
  13. 13. You have learned about so many changes in Global history.Which ones could youwrite about in thisessay?
  14. 14. Here are some ideas:The discovery of fire by early humansThe migration of humans out of AfricaThe Neolithic RevolutionThe return of Jews to the Holy Land (Israel/Palestine)The invention of paperThe discovery of mathematicsThe creation of language- spoke and written
  15. 15. More?!The founding of Buddhism by SiddharthaConfucius’ teaching in ChinaContact between Japan and ChinaThe Greek victory in the Persian WarsThe Golden Age of Athens
  16. 16. Those are great topics!Remember, you are not limited to those suggestions. You can chose any appropriate topic that we learned about in Global.Reminder: Do not write about the United States in your answer! You will do that in 11th Grade!
  17. 17. Now you have all the information you need to prepare for the midterm!• It’s in your hands now! Study and do your best on Tuesday! Good luck!
  18. 18. One last thing 
  19. 19. Reminder: Stay on the Junoed website only. If you play music, use headphones, or visit any otherwebsites your test will be turnedoff. You will turn in your laptop and take the test on paper.