Northouse EDU 653 Energy Sources PowerPoint


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Northouse EDU 653 Energy Sources PowerPoint

  1. 1. Energy MacEntee, S. (Photographer). (2010, May 19). energy [Web Graphic]. Retrieved from auyNHN-9xFfYL-7WTgHE-7L4JQ2-cgqXLu-9hafH6-9haig2-9kcyps- bvZSsZ-9kcxxj-9k9tGF-9k9ueV-9kcy9L-9k9tee-9kcx6o-9k9tfB-9k9tiM-9kcwhC-9kcyxj-9kcwjS-9kcxTd-9RbBvN-9k9uND-9kcyvb-9kcytf-9kcw8w-9k9u4V-9k9uGk-9k9tXz-9kcxbQ-9k9uwV-9 kcxnW-9kcxLj-9kcweE-9k9sKX-9k9u1i-9kcy1q-9kcyr3-8EsL5r-7WTAf4-9k9t5B-9k9sZT-9k9toZ-9kcwMw-9k9tbR-9kcwTs-9kcwoL-9kcwzL-9hSw21-8ydBha/
  2. 2. Lesson Goals •  Students will: – Understand energy and how it is transferred – Define Potential and Kinetic Energy and compare and contrast the similarities and differences – Defend a point of view using prior knowledge on Energy Sources – Create a way to inform others about a renewable energy source
  3. 3. What is the Earth’s main energy source?
  4. 4. What is Energy? Was ist Energie? •  Energy is the ability to do work
  5. 5. What is Work? •  Amount of energy transferred from one object to another.
  6. 6. Types of Energy Energy is found in different forms, such as light, heat, sound and motion. There are many forms of energy, but they can all be put into two categories: kinetic and potential. Kinetic EnergyPotential Energy
  7. 7. Potential Energy •  stored energy and the energy of position.
  8. 8. Kinetic Energy •  Energy of motion––of waves, electrons, atoms, molecules, substances, and objects.
  9. 9. Potential or Kinetic? Ball - Potential Foot - kinetic
  10. 10. Potential or Kinetic? Wave – Kinetic Gerry - Kinetic
  11. 11. Potential and Kinetic Energy 1. The rolling boulder crashing down the mountain That’s Kinetic Energy The boulder sitting high up on the mountain — That’s Potential Energy Chorus. Energy in motion is Kinetic Energy that’s waiting is Potential But whether it’s Kinetic or Potential Both of them are energy! (Ole!) 2. You stretch a rubber band and then release it — That’s Kinetic Energy You stretch a rubber band and then you hold it — That’s Potential Energy 3. The heat that comes when gasoline is burning — That’s Kinetic Energy The energy that gasoline has stored up — That’s Potential Energy — from “Ballads for the Age of Science,” by Hy Zaret and Lou Singer — recorded by Tom Glazer and Dottie Evans, “Energy & Motion Songs” Motivation Records MR 0314, Argosy Music Corporation, NYC
  12. 12. Think About it…. What does this mean? AIMS Science
  13. 13. Law of Conservation of Energy •  Energy can neither be created or destroyed, only transformed. •  When we use energy, it doesn‘t disappear. We change it from one form of energy into another.
  14. 14. Sources of Energy Renewable •  Solar •  Wind •  Hydro •  Biomass •  Geothermal Nonrenewable •  Oil •  Natural Gas •  Coal •  Uranium •  Propane We use many different energy sources to do work for us. Energy sources are classified into two groups:
  15. 15. Renewable vs. Nonrenewable •  Can be used more than once •  Unlimited amounts •  Lower carbon emissions •  More expensive to create •  Have environmental impact •  Can be used one time •  Made with fossil fuels •  Limited supply •  Higher relative carbon emissions •  Less expensive to create •  Have environmental impact
  16. 16. Take Your Side Answer this question by choosing a side of the room. Does the US use more renewable or nonrenewable energy?
  17. 17. AIMS Science
  18. 18. Sources of Energy •  Energy from Fossil Fuel –  Coal –  Oil –  Natural Gas •  Energy from Atoms (Nuclear) –  Fission – nucleus of atom is split –  Fusion – nucleus of atom is combined •  Energy from the sun (solar) •  Energy from Water –  Hydroelectric Power •  Energy from Heat in the Earth (Geothermal) •  Energy from the Wind •  Energy from Living Things (Biomass)
  19. 19. Application – Renewable Energy Research 1.  Choose a renewable energy source you want to learn more about. 2.  Find the answer to the 5 questions 3.  Prepare a presentation to share with the class. 4.  Make sure to check the rubric for grading and assessment purposes.
  20. 20. Media Sources •  .nednas. (Photographer). (2006, June 10). Throw it [Print Photo]. Retrieved from pzWpY-q64dm-q64dy-u72BB-unaa3-v9dmM-xcF4h-FK9pQ-GhCzb- PNUfQ-2wL9wZ-2wNioN-2NcaHF-2Xj4qB-35TgK1-376TDx-38SD3P-3etnyR-3iP35e-3KoakS-3XNz89-47zQqk-4tEfyb-4uuVw6-4uuWiR-4uuWRB-4uyXyL-4KjnyT-4PvL6a-4 UD972-4YrZ9u-52Tno4-58u36Y-5dopPs-5ibAPY-5noKCF-5xay9d-5ysvin-5yzXJ5-5zVFb5-5BHsYt-5D8DiL-5Dv1kN-5J9M7y-5K65bM-5TosFM-6dQeBM-6jrKhg-6kpwkb •  blueforce4116. (Photographer). (2007, September 16). Sun [Web Photo]. Retrieved from photolist-389UX2-3fCPkM-49McQY-4dLbL4-4jwPCE-4owFH7-4x5ZcE-4xiijt-4DqthP-4FMyVc-4FVBeP-4PwCFC-4UPu9N-55WXF2-56BDEX-5eLNM6-5fANcz-5iPq6x-5m1j Uh-5rcbam-5ut13i-5AUJzh-5HaaCV-5Hm3QH-5HxnQA-5KdvnQ-5SQV5q-6cWBHR-6fuYxZ-6mjYqh-6pgdgi-6roC2Z-6NqrzH-6UA9gq-7bXDYD-7kbYmD-7km6J3-7rd63F-7 vpDnd-9kpcHD-eazTF5-aA5Bgw-7N6Q4P-7M98Tj-aTfAi8-efUUmQ-9DFRVT-dRirFX-aMo4g6-7MoETq-9Hth4S •  Clark, A. (Photographer). (2006, April 23). Run Gerry Run [Web Photo]. Retrieved from eWb3T-fVbaa-haWSE-hXpf1-hXpoR-iJ7j2-jYeP4-k5SQd-maCLu-vgBnd-wijck-xrSKX-xx9QP-xDD8a-y8Y2H-AMyA9-CMGCk-CVHWQ-FD1Fw-FD1G3-GsMtp-HwJXs- HM8Zo-JAoLc-KAbhu-Mk58c-PEvMc-Q2Jw2- TkX55-2hXf2u-2rnPQX-2MCWkz-2MHiX7-2NioyW-2VZGoL-2VZGzo-3g5wCH-3jsHft-4aKHt9-4c7nEg-4fpi2j-4piguu-4td5xp-4wx9br-4wxfkB-4EZnmJ-4FLje2-4GfX6c-4GDz ou-4JfHKN •  Incase. (Photographer). (2010, June 16). Pushing [Web Photo]. Retrieved from photolist-8rdvNF-8qvUiB-8qz2nh-8pV8w3-7Z2YpP-8pRUyv-dMvcMC-e5Cd3n-9qv5j6-8Bp7KV-9cPwwx-aY55kg-9mcB5V-9JNacR-9uaxee-8tsDUm- dvPdxn-7MSsqa-8pYsZn-ariPys-8xeCD7-7xS9Eh-dxfppZ-9Bzo9N-djb4kt-bEU7oB-brZihN-bETYuT-bEUahB-arQgKR-aEmJye-8Mf4GU-attyXb- a5zxRm-9BznW1-9Bws8T-9Bwr5i-9BgMPe-9BznnN-9BgLjT-bAkBNR-9AiuBw-bEU38R-bEU7Er-brZhMu-bEU97K-brZc85-bEU9Jc-brZ5yo-bEUaHR-brZfXL •  G, A. (Photographer). (2009, February 27). Potential Energy [Web Photo]. Retrieved from photolist-65NCCs-6h2dwt-6h2dwv-6hbFPF-6meWYY-6r6Jmm-6zLLuv-718YqZ-75SLGj-78HMKs-7otUJ8-7tt3h2-8MLKdR-cHDHsj-cHEPVN-7J51dL-9GrqT4- dpg6Rz-7zBigD-dApyRq-9z4zkh-9tpNp3-cZn14C-eMjeuQ-ahLjaj-8cdtbC-7USKH6-bTdykc-8UdqHp-eXShsW-9hcyKg-8uQCCq-84oa7H-8Uw7KM-7PMojt-7PMo64- a353MZ-cKK6Ay-asxhck-cEF4o7-9PACqA-7Zn1FA-8x9WJn-8t67uh-dbrK4B-dg1oEP-dg1oAe-dg1oCp-8i4C5T-anGdnL-8i4Ddi/ •  MacEntee, S. (Photographer). (2010, May 19). energy [Web Graphic]. Retrieved from auyNHN-9xFfYL-7WTgHE-7L4JQ2-cgqXLu-9hafH6-9haig2-9kcyps- bvZSsZ-9kcxxj-9k9tGF-9k9ueV-9kcy9L-9k9tee-9kcx6o-9k9tfB-9k9tiM-9kcwhC-9kcyxj-9kcwjS-9kcxTd-9RbBvN-9k9uND-9kcyvb-9kcytf-9kcw8w-9k9u4V-9k9uGk-9k9tXz-9kc xbQ-9k9uwV-9kcxnW-9kcxLj-9kcweE-9k9sKX-9k9u1i-9kcy1q-9kcyr3-8EsL5r-7WTAf4-9k9t5B-9k9sZT-9k9toZ-9kcwMw-9k9tbR-9kcwTs-9kcwoL-9kcwzL-9hSw21-8ydBha/ •  Schwarz, C. (Photographer). (2006, March 14 ). energy [Web Photo]. Retrieved from gykXc-su2gE-yAmnf-CvMaD-HjtYc-Qztn1-2tue1o-48cYU6-4bu5TY-5oaQt6-5UQhBV-6zSa6G-6KiCe8-6NPTWV-6NU5pC-6PSrgH-8VUic4-83uLRU- auyNHN-9xFfYL-7WTgHE-7L4JQ2-cgqXLu-9hafH6-9haig2-9kcyps- bvZSsZ-9k9tGF-9k9ueV-9kcxxj-9kcy9L-9k9tee-9kcx6o-9k9tfB-9k9tiM-9kcwhC-9kcyxj-9kcwjS-9kcxTd-9RbBvN-9k9uND-9kcytf-9kcyvb-9kcw8w-9k9u4V-9k9uGk-9k9tXz-9kc xbQ-9k9uwV/ •  van Zuijlekom, D. (Photographer). (2012, May 30). Philips lightbulb [Web Photo]. Retrieved from cagECj-dZDmSE-7xT3uT-bvzbsP-axgiff-apmYUc-bf7JW6-cykSvN-7Dx2T1-ed7sQ8-aRu87n-aRu7UK-dewWrb-awEXYZ-8gDFVB-bhhWNk-8obTz6- aRwP3e-7CbGWh-7CbHxm-c1Bcrw-956Qz4-8bKkfA-9fSu2D-7AxJVH-9iHXgH-8gsi73-aqUV1N-8F3SiA-7QMs2v-a7uu7X-dK1So4-bpnXDu-aB5TM1-dDojZD •  Memory, F. (Photographer). (2004, September 16). Waves hit Navarre Pier hard during Hurricane Ivan's approach: Navarre Beach, Florida [Web Photo]. Retrieved from a7zEb5-7Xp9vx-8vg48u-9Q1mMV-diSRUa-bB917D-cnNU7h-8GyT4Y •  CHARTS from AIMS Education Science Booklet
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