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Curriculum Night Presentation

  1. 1. Curriculum Night Presentation If you have any questions about any slide, please contact me.09/04/12 1
  2. 2. My PhilosophyCreate a learning environment thatprovides students the opportunityto develop anunderstanding/curiosity of howacademics and good character canhave a positive impact onthemselves, their peers, and theglobal community.
  3. 3. What to Expect in Fourth GradeDevelopment of self-responsibilityApplying their knowledgePrepare for Middle School and beyondThey won’t have all this perfected by theend of the year.
  4. 4. Communication with YouAssignment Notebook (signed)Classroom WebsiteTest Folders4-2 NewsEmail and/or Phone CallRoom Moms: Ms. Cole and Ms. Heintz
  5. 5. Character EducationThe 6 pillars of Character Counts are taughtthrough group activities, modeling, anddiscussions.Self-Motivation and intrinsic rewardPopcorn jarR.A.P. form
  6. 6. R.A.P. Form
  7. 7. HomeworkRead for an estimated 20minutes a night (signature & min.)Practice math facts 5-10 minutes a night40-50 minutes a night. This can fluctuatedepending on projects and assignments.
  8. 8. Homework (cont.)Returning Homework / TestsLate homework notices– Signed and returned with late assignment completedMake up work
  9. 9. Testing/Conference ScheduleMAP Testing (Reading and Math) – Fall, Winter, SpringISAT (Reading, Math, and Science) – MarchAIMSWeb (Fluency)- September and monitor if need beConferences-November and March-I would like if kids could attend
  10. 10. Field Trips Art Institute Field Museum Chaperones Background checks for allvolunteers
  11. 11. Food / TardiesNotification when using food inexperimentsHealthy morning snack (nut-free)Parents must escort students intoschool if they are tardy
  12. 12. Curriculum
  13. 13. WIREDWorld Focus: Connecting to worldIntegrate: Connecting curriculum, 21st CenturySkills and Habits of MindReflect: How is what I’m doing, or have done,going to affect the futureEngage: Commitment, interconnections, andinvolvementDiscovery: A sense of wonder
  14. 14. 4 C’s (21st Century Skills) / HOM Creativity Communication Collaboration Critical Thinking
  15. 15. Habits of MindPersistenceThinking about ThinkingQuestioningCommunicatingCreativityThinking Interdependently
  16. 16. Habits of Mind (cont.) Thinking flexibly Striving for Accuracy Applying past knowledge Remaining open to continuouslearning
  17. 17. Google Apps / DocsA collaboration tool
  18. 18. Google Apps / Docs (cont.)TrainingFeedbackCreativityLess paper
  19. 19. SpellingPretestStudents will receive individualized spellinglistsThey study their words throughout theweek and practice using them (Google Docs)Bring their lists back on Friday
  20. 20. Reading– Whole class: model skills and strategies and practice together– Small group reading– Application of skills: (BDA and novels)– Possible at home reading project
  21. 21. Reading (cont.)Shifting from “how to read” to:• Reading for information• Building vocabulary skills• Thinking critically about the text• Making judgments and evaluating the text• Providing support from the text
  22. 22. Writing (WEX)Staying focused and showing insteadof telling.Character DevelopmentRevise and edit to clarify thoughtsSharing and supporting each other
  23. 23. MathNumber Sense – Multiply by 2 digit numbers – Divide 3 numbers by 1 number – Compare and contrast large numbers, fractions, and decimalsPerimeter and areaAlgebraGeometry parallel, perpendicular, angles, and congruencyData analysis and probability – Organize and display data in a variety of tables and graphs, find the mean, median, mode and range given a set of data
  24. 24. ScienceScience InquiryMatterElectricity (new this year)Earth’s Changing Surface
  25. 25. Social StudiesMap Skills – contact infoEarly American IndiansExploration of the New WorldEarly SettlementsColonizationCurrent Events
  26. 26. What You Can DoPlease contact me if you notice a change inyour child or that something may be impactingtheir learning.Practice Math Facts online or with flash cardsTake a quick moment each night to make surethat what is in their assignment notebook iscompleted and write down their minutes.Make sure kids have all school supplies (rulers,calculators, protractors, etc.)
  27. 27. Sign and ReturnBlue Sheet (Dryden Handbook)Volunteer Form (optional)Parent Survey (optional)Dryden CelebrationKindle permission slip
  28. 28. Contact InfoEmail: mnoltner@sd25.orgSchool Phone: 847-398-4280Voice Mail: 847-506-6999 Ext. 7120