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Healthcare Digital Marketing: Planning Guide

Healthcare Digital Marketing: Planning Guide



First steps to creating a digital marketing plan for a pharmaceuitical brand

First steps to creating a digital marketing plan for a pharmaceuitical brand



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    Healthcare Digital Marketing: Planning Guide Healthcare Digital Marketing: Planning Guide Presentation Transcript

    • Digital Marketing PlanningDi it l M k ti Pl i A roadmap for successfully communicating with physicians through digital channels www.PraeMedica.com
    • What trends are driving change?1. Growth in no. of channels2. Growth in new media content (audio, video, images)3. Fragmentation of content production4. Fragmentation of user consumption5. Growth in short-form content6. User-generated content7. Decline in traditional channel domination8. Control of media consumption moves to consumer9. Uncertain profitability of some channels10. Uncertain long-term viability of certain channels www.PraeMedica.com
    • Digital marketing requires a new approachh Unique characteristics of digital marketing Duration Online is indefinite ua o Interactivity Customer initiates & terminatesHuman-computer interface Audio visual, text consumption Audio, visual Pull v push Supply mindset v demand mindset Two-way Two way communication Di l Dialogue v monologue l Market research Detailed analytics Adaptable Ad t bl Test & perfect Segmenting & targeting Granular & tailored content Breadth & depth Unlimited & layered www.PraeMedica.com
    • The Planning Process gSituation AnalysisSit ti A l i While digital channels are different in many ways to traditional channels, the principals of marketing still apply. Objectives A structured approach should be taken, based around an understanding of your customers and competitors and theStrategy & Tactics opportunities for achieving your business goals.Analysis & Control www.PraeMedica.com
    • Situation Analysis• Customers How many of your customers are online; when are they online and what sites and channels do they use? How does this vary across different regions?• Competitors and third parties (eg medical societies) Examine website content, target audience, volume of visitors, positioning. Include search for brand and disease websites, social media, journal sponsorships.• Legal and regulatory Healthcare and pharma specific, for example to verify HCP status of visitors; data protection and privacy laws for example on gathering and storing visitor data laws, data.• Technological New communication channels and devices• Social Changes in working p g g practices and lifestyle, for example are y y , p your customers using g iPhones? www.PraeMedica.com
    • SWOT AssessmentA SWOT analysis can provide a valuable snapshot of the marketing scenario. • Strengths (internal) • Weaknesses (internal) • Opportunities (external) • Threats (external) Strengths and weaknesses are those factors which are internal and controllable, while opportunities and threats are external and beyond your control. www.PraeMedica.com
    • First Decisions• Which customers can you • Is ongoing dialogue target? feasible?• What do they want to • Can you integrate with know? offline activities?• What will they value? y • How will you p y promote it?• What channels can you • Future development? communicate through? www.PraeMedica.com
    • Digital Activities Consider which types of digital channels can be exploited• Product.com website (for • Email marketing professionals) f i l ) • Sponsored content, e.g. on journal or• Prouct.com website (for patients) society websites• Unbranded website (for professionals) • Mobile device marketing (e.g. creating audio & video podcasts on iTunes)• Unbranded websiste (for patients) • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)• CD-ROMs via direct mailing, journal inserts or salesforce • Brand team workspace• e-detailing • Salesforce resources for giving p presentations & meetings g• KOL website / forum www.PraeMedica.com
    • Types of Media Videocasts & Podcasts Publications Slide Sets Webcasts• Forums and web 2.0 features• News feeds• Written commentaries• Diary of meetings & events• Interactive: case studies• 2-way: Q&As, feedback, requests for data Case Studies www.PraeMedica.com
    • Digital Activities• Complementary: a digital add-on to an offline activity. For example, recording a satellite symposium and distributing it on CD-ROM• Replacement: replacing an offline activity with a digital equivalent. For example a virtual ad board hosted online or email campaign instead of post mailer• Incremental: a digital activity with no offline equivalent. For F example a di l disease microsite or T itt page. i it Twitter www.PraeMedica.com
    • Communication Channels Which channels can deliver your communications to your customers? Web 2.0 sites email CD distributedProfessional resources micro/site Brand Online Disease micro/site objectives advertising Rep sales mobile bil resources marketing e-detailing g Intranets www.PraeMedica.com
    • ObjectivesMany objectives can be addressed through digital, eg: • To increase SOV • To counter (new) competitor threat • To increase reach among the target audience • To leverage KOL support • To support new indication / data www.PraeMedica.com
    • IntegrationHow will you integrate your digital marketing activities with offline activities? Marketing Objectives Traditional & Digital Offline Activities Activities www.PraeMedica.com
    • OptimisationDigital provides greater opportunity for instant feedback and optimisation • Split A/B testing • Vary copy content on Email • Var attrib tes on email (From To S bject line) Vary attributes (From, To, Subject • Vary copy content on websites • Vary design of email and websites • Focus group testing • Expert usability testing www.PraeMedica.com
    • Measurement There are plenty of metrics for measuring your digital activities. activities For example:• Email: delivery rates, open rates, click-through rates• Online advertising: cost-per-thousand (CPM), cost-per-click g p ( ), p• Web sites: number and duration of visits per page and site, entry and exit pages journey tracking pages,• CD-ROMs: tracking to record no. opened.• General: customer engagement• Qualitative feedback using online questions and surveys, page rating www.PraeMedica.com
    • PraeMedica Digital g Planning Service www.PraeMedica.com
    • PraeMedica Digital Planning Service• Aims: to advise you on the potential and on strategy for communicating with your customers through digital channels• Scope: situation analysis including customers, competitors, third parties and social/technology; objectives; tactics and activities; offline integration; budgets; measurement and control• Deliverables: marketing report (~5k words) and accompanying slide set• Timescale: 3 4 weeks 3-4• Cost: £5,000 to £10,000 www.PraeMedica.com
    • Content of The Report p• Situation Analysis • Customer Acquisition• Objectives & Retention• Digital Strategies • Integrating Digital g g g within Overall• Tools & Tactics Marketingg• Digital Content • Measurement & Control C t l www.PraeMedica.com
    • Customer Acquisition & Retention The report will advise on how to generate traffic to a website and k b it d keep customers coming b k t i back• Search Engine Optimistion • Journals (online & offline)• Online advertising • Periodicals• Pay Per Click (PPC) search • Salesforce activity• email • Live events • Direct mail • Professional portals p www.PraeMedica.com
    • CostsThe report will advise on budgets required for any recommended actions • Creating and launching a website • Content development • Promotion (SEO, PPC, advertising) • Features (email newsletter, contact, forums) • Management (user registration, hosting) • Analysis • Integration activities (co-promotion) www.PraeMedica.com
    • SolutionsPublication solutionsSymposium solutionsConference solutionsConsensus statement solutionsContent for corporate, disease or brand sites corporate www.PraeMedica.com
    • Websites & Online Communication www.PraeMedica.com
    • e article e-article Publication Solution• Raise your study profile y yp• Disseminate findings• Emphasise conclusions and implications• Reach specific customer segments p g Customer Views of Programme 700• Leverage opinion-leader influence 600 500• We can work with any medical 400 publisher 300• CD-ROM customer use is fullyy 200 measurable. Special software on the 100 CD reports usage stats. 0 1 2 3 4 Week www.PraeMedica.com
    • Supporting Materials pp g– F ll article i screen view Full ti l in i– Downloadable PDF article– Author interviews– PowerPoint slide set– Author webcast– PDA summary– Audio podcast– Reading list of supporting publications www.PraeMedica.com
    • Meetings Solutions www.PraeMedica.com
    • Salesforce Resources www.PraeMedica.com
    • Clients and Partners Solutions www.PraeMedica.com