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by Michael Imperiosi & Michelle Trojan

by Michael Imperiosi & Michelle Trojan



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Greco-Roman Presentation Greco-Roman Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Greco/Roman Mythology Michael Imperiosi and Michelle Trojan
  • Neolithic Period (6000-2900 BC) ●a time of farming and simple life History of the Greeks
  • ● bronze metal introduced ● Lerna Village ○ roofs made of clay tiles and stone walls ○ baskets with personal seals ○ Stone fences for protection ● Burial systems for deceased Early Bronze Age (2900-2000 BC)
  • Lena Village
  • ● wet painting of plaster- fresco type ● stone carving- soft stones such serpentine, steatite and soapstone ● stone seals- identifying marks Minoan Age (2000-1400 BC)
  • ● Peloponnese, Southern Greece /Athens / Thebes / Pylos/ Tiryns ● beehive tombs ● rich and poor classes ● Linear B - own script from Linear A which was used by Minoan ● King Agamemnon Mycenaean Age (1600-1100 BC)
  • ting-history-the-acropolis The Acropolis
  • ● cause by the fall of the Mycenaeans ○ internal problems and invasions by the Dorians ● no growth/ development in this period ● population drop ● no sign of art or language The Greek Dark Ages (1100-800 BC)
  • ● revival of art and poetry ● small farming villages grew to form ‘poleis’ city-states ● each ‘poleis’ was protected by a god or goddess (ex. Athena was the goddess of Athens) ● spread to Asia Minor, from North Africa to the coast of the Black Sea Archaic Period (750-500 BC)
  • ● era of war and conflict ○ Greeks v. Persians ○ Athenians v. the Spartans ● Socrates ● ‘demokratia’ - rule by the people To Find Out More- Classical Greece (500- 336 BC)
  • Hellenistic Greece
  • ● Greek and Roman Gods were the bases of everyday life ● Few Gods were worshipped at first ● As Greek and Roman civilization grew more Gods were worshipped and added to the “Family Tree” ● Gods were worshipped daily ● Each God had a different role in Greco/Roman Life ● Examples of Gods ○ Zeus(Jupiter):God of the sky/Chief Olympian God ○ Poseidon(Neptune):God of the sea ○ Hades(Pluto):God of the dead/underworld ○ Dionysus(Bacchus): God of wine and party ○ Demeter(Ceres):God of agriculture ● Each God was praised depending on their role in Greco/Roman life Early Greco/Roman Life
  • ● Greco/Roman Mythology influences life today ● Not as much as it did in early life ● The Gods/mythical creatures are used today for store names and sport team names ● The names symbolize strength or power ● Many of the original myths are still used today ● Some myths are now used and put in modern context ○ Movies: Percy Jackson/Clash of the Titans ○ Stories:Percy Jackson series ○ Comic Book Heroes: Olympian Gods(DC Comics) Present Greco/Roman Life
  • Arts and Architecture
  • Minoan Queens Fresco
  • Parthenon- for Athena (on the Acropolis in Athens)
  • More for Athena
  • The Temple of Apollo at Didyma Medusa
  • ● Ruler of Olympus ● God of the Sky Zeus
  • ● Brother of Zeus ● God the Sea and Horses Poseidon
  • ● Zeus’ other brother ● God of the dead and underworld Hades
  • ● Olympian God of War, Battlelust, Civil order, and Manly Courage ● Was not a well liked God because of his egocentric ways ● Son of Zeus and Hera Ares
  • ● Goddess of war, wisdom and domestic arts ● Daughter of Zeus ● Sister of Ares Athena
  • ● Goddess of Victory ● Daughter of the Titan War God Pallas Nike
  • Important Gods
  • ● There were many popular stories ● Many stories are still told today and well known ○ Story of Hercules ○ Story of Prometheus ○ Story of Perseus ○ The Odyssey ○ The story of Hades and Persephone ○ Jason and The Argonauts ● Just to name a few Popular Stories
  • Jupiter - king of gods Juno - queen of gods Neptune- god of the sea Pluto-god of the underworld Apollo-god of the sun Diana- god of the moon Mars- god of war Venus - god of love Mercury - messenger of the gods Minerva - god of wisdom Bacchus - god of wine Roman Gods So…. basically the Romans had the same gods as the Greeks but had different names for them
  • The Colosseum
  • -----read about it The Pantheon
  • ● ● ● ● ● ● Work Cited