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Using The Atom To Make Electricity

Using The Atom To Make Electricity






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    Using The Atom To Make Electricity Using The Atom To Make Electricity Presentation Transcript

    • Using the atom to make electricity
    • Different power stations (advantages/ disadvantages)
      • Use these cards to think about the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power , fossil fuel power stations and renewable energy sources.
      • Write the 3 groups down in your book.
    • Today you will achieve
      • You will be able to
      • Recall how a chain reaction happens
      • Describe how a chain reaction is controlled to stop a melt down
      • Label how a nuclear power station works
      • Understand why Einstein and E=mC 2 is such a powerful equation
    • Einstein E=mC 2
      • E = Energy
      • m = Mass
      • C = speed of light
      • (300000000 m/s)
      • c 2 is 9 X10 16 .
    • Some E = mC 2 questions
      • 1 What does Einstein’s theory allow us to predict?
      • 2 a The amount of energy released by 1 kg of uranium-235 undergoing nuclear fission is 1013 J. How much mass is changed into energy?
      • b What percentage of the mass is changed into energy?
      • 3 a The average energy content of a litre of petrol is 34.8 MJ. How much mass is changed into energy when a litre of petrol is burned?
      • b A litre of petrol has a mass of 0.68 kg. What percentage of it is changed into energy when it is burned?
      • 4 Sam has a mass of 60 kg. How much energy would be released if all his mass was converted into energy?
      c 2 is 9 X10 16
    • Watch the video and answer these questions
      • Which atomic isotope can undergo fission?
      • Which particle starts a chain reaction?
      • Neutrons need to be slowed down to allow other atoms to absorb them. What is the name of the thing that slows neutrons down?
      • To stop a runaway chain reaction something is put into the reactor to absorb neutrons, What is this called?
      • How does water turn into steam to turn a turbine?
      • What else can nuclear reactors power?
    • A chain Reaction, does it happen?
      • Critical mass is the amount of pure uranium you would need close together to start a chain reaction (this occasionally happens in nature)
      • Look at each of these slides, will a stable chain reaction happen?
    • Sections of a nuclear power plant Label the main parts and write what each section does.