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  • 1. Force and mass determine acceleration
    • Newton’s second law
    • Calculate force (F=ma)
    • Force works in a circular motion
  • 2. Newton’s second law
    • The acceleration of an object increases with increased force and decreases with increased mass
    Small force acceleration larger force acceleration small mass acceleration acceleration larger mass
  • 3. Newton’s second law
    • Also states that the direction in which an object accelerates is the same as the direction of the force
    force acceleration
  • 4. Calculating force
    • Force= mass x acceleration
    • F= ma
    • Standard unit: newton (N)
    • - The amount of force it takes to accelerate
    • 1 kg of mass 1 m/s
  • 5. What force is needed to accelerate a 10 kg shopping cart 3 m/s ?
    • What do you know? m= 10 kg a= 3 m/s
    • What do you want to find out? Force
    • Write the formula: F= ma
    • Substitute the formula: F= 10 kg x 3 m/s
    • Calculate: F= 30 N
    2 2 2
  • 6.
    • If a 5 kg ball is accelerating 1.2 m/s what is the force on it?
    • F= ma
    • F= 5 kg x 1.2 m/s
    • F= 6 N
    • A person on a scooter is accelerating 2 m/s . If the person has a mass of 50 kg, how much force is acting on the person?
    • F= ma
    • F= 50 kg x 2 m/s
    • F= 100 N
    2 2 2 2
  • 7. Centripetal force
    • Any force that keeps an object moving in a circle
    • Force points towards center of a circle
    The force that keeps the female skater moving in a circle is the pull exerted by her partner
  • 8. Summary
    • Newton’s second law: Acceleration increases with increased force; decreases with increased mass. An object accelerates in the same direction of the force.
    • F= ma
    • newton (N)
    • Centripetal force: keeps an object going in a circle.