4 immig debate


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4 immig debate

  1. 1. The Immigration Debate The American dream is the magnet that attracts many different nationalities to the USA The inscription on the statue of Liberty reads: “Give me your tired, your poor,. Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free “ The USA is often claimed to be a nation of immigrants – due to its history of European settlers. The only people that are truly ‘originally’ American are the Native American Indian tribes. All others were decedents/relatives of people who immigrated to the USA. However if current levels of immigration continue it is estimated that white people will no longer be the largest ethnic group in the USA. Hispanics will have overtaken them. Many see this as a threating reality check that immigration legal and illegal is out of control. It has led to a debate over immigration to the USA. Many people consider immigration to be a benefit to the USA; some even argue that illegal immigrants who are in already in the USA should be allowed to stay. Arguments FOR immigration 1
  2. 2. Cheap labour Employers in the USA want people to work for wages, many immigrants do jobs that Americas refuse to do because they are too low paid. Many immigrants do these low paid jobs as they are better than they had back home. Young and active Immigrants are young and active, most immigrants come to the USA to work they want to work hard and live the dream – not claim benefits Cultural diversity The US is a nation of immigrants and diversity is enhanced by more immigrants, through music, food etc New Skills Immigrants moving to the USA bring with them new skills and create jobs for Americans. For Example  In Texas and California immigrants are vital for the economy esp in farming work. For Example  It is estimated that immigrants contribute around $30 billion a year to the US economy For Example  Use of bagpipes in NYC with police funerals.  Italian food and culture thriving in NYC  RAP music from African Americans For Example  Asians in particular have set up successful businesses and hired Americans.  Americans benefit from attracting the best doctors etc to the USA HOWEVER!!! There are concerns that the current levels of immigration are not good for the country 2
  3. 3. By 2050 it is estimated that the Hispanic group, will be almost as large as the white group in the USA = change in official language to Spanish? Arguments AGAINST immigration Wage levels kept low Employers know that immigrants are willing to work for low level of wages, therefore wage levels are kept low putting Americans off doing certain jobs Unskilled and Uneducated Many immigrants have poor education level and lack in skills and therefore are only able to basic low paid jobs. They end up taking more out of the system than they pay in, in tax. Culture overwhelmed It is believed by some that the current levels of immigration are ‘swamping’ American culture. With many immigrants unwilling to adapt i.e. many Hispanics cannot speak English. Crime Levels of immigration can lead to tension and conflict between people already in the country and new immigrants. Current immigrants may even feel threatened by new arrivals willing to take their jobs this can lead to crime For Example  There is competition for jobs in farming, gardening and cleaning as these are jobs many immigrants do therefore wages are kept low as there is always an immigrant willing to do these jobs For Example  Immigration is costing the taxpayer a lot of money, it its estimated that around $30 billion is spent on education, health and welfare for legal immigrants For Example  Around 45 million people in USA speak Spanish and there are many TV channels which are in Spanish, some feel threatened by this. For Example  The US state department identified Mexican gangs as the biggest crime threat to the country Activities 1. Why is the USA seen as a ‘nation of immigrants’? 2. Draw 2 pie charts – one showing the % of the different ethnic groups in 2010 and one showing what the % will be by 2050 3 3. Write two PEEL paragraphs explaining why some people think continued immigration is a good thing
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