One Size Doesn't Fit All: What's wrong with my database?


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Slides from webcast on changes in the database market, basics of what's wrong with a relational database, where the market is headed. Video replay is available at

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One Size Doesn't Fit All: What's wrong with my database?

  1. 1. One Size Doesn’t Fit AllFebruary 22, 2012Mark R. Madsen
  2. 2. The future of data is the database
  3. 3. You keep using that word.I do not think it meanswhat you think it means.
  4. 4. Good conceptual model, but a prematurely  standardized implementationThe relational database is the franchise technology for storing and retrieving data, but…1. Global, static schema model2. No rich typing system3. Many are not a good fit for network parallel computing, aka cloud4. Limited API in atomic SQL statement syntax  & simple result set return5. Poor developer support
  5. 5. Plus, if they’re all the same why are there so many? Sybase IQ, ASE EnterpriseDB Algebraix Teradata, Aster Data LucidDB Intersystems Caché Oracle, RAC Vectorwise Streambase Microsoft SQLServer, PDW MonetDB SQLStream IBM DB2s, Netezza Exasol Coral8 Paraccel Illuminate Ingres Kognitio Vertica Postgres EMC/Greenplum InfiniDB Cassandra Oracle Exadata 1010 Data CouchDB SAP HANA SAND Mongo Infobright Endeca Hbase MySQL Xtreme Data Redis MarkLogic IMS RainStor Tokyo Cabinet Hive Scalaris And a few hundred more.
  6. 6. The future of data is the relational database? SQL noSQL
  7. 7. The future of data is the relational database? SQL noSQL
  8. 8. Technologies are not perfect replacements for one another.When replacing the old with the new (or ignoring the new over the old) you always make tradeoffs, and usually you won’t see them for a long time.
  9. 9. About Third NatureThird Nature is a research and consulting firm focused on new andemerging technology and practices in analytics, business intelligence, andperformance management. If your question is related to data, analytics,information strategy and technology infrastructure then you‘re at the rightplace.Our goal is to help companies take advantage of information-drivenmanagement practices and applications. We offer education, consultingand research services to support business and IT organizations as well astechnology vendors.We fill the gap between what the industry analyst firms cover and what ITneeds. We specialize in product and technology analysis, so we look atemerging technologies and markets, evaluating technology and hw it isapplied rather than vendor market positions.
  10. 10. About the Presenter Mark Madsen is president of Third Nature, a technology research and consulting firm focused on business intelligence, analytics and information management. Mark is an award-winning author, architect and former CTO whose work has been featured in numerous industry publications. During his career Mark received awards from the American Productivity & Quality Center, TDWI, Computerworld and the Smithsonian Institute. He is an international speaker, contributing editor at Intelligent Enterprise, and manages the open source channel at the Business Intelligence Network. For more information or to contact Mark, visit