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East Asia Final






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East Asia Final Presentation Transcript

  • 1. People in East Asia
  • 2. Asian Art
    • Some of the earliest Chinese works of
    • art have been found in burial sites. Pottery, bronze vessels, and jade disks have been discovered in the excavation of old tombs. In addition, paintings have been found on tiles
    • decorating the walls of tombs. Chinese artists created
    • beautiful works using different materials, such as clay,
    • bronze, jade, ivory, and lacquer.
  • 3. Asian Inventions
    • The Chinese introduced many
    • inventions to the world, such as paper, printing, and
    • gunpowder. Other Chinese inventions are the compass,
    • porcelain, and silk cloth
  • 4. Asian Activities
    • They play what is called Sepak-Takraw which is somewhat volleyball and soccer put together.
    • They have a career fair every year.
  • 5. Authentic Asian Food
    • The Asian festival menu spans a wide range of tastes. The finest appetizers of Indonesian sate skewers, Chinese spicy home styled noodles, and other dishes from the Japanese.
  • 6. Languages in Asia
    • Chinese
    • Japanese
    • Indian
    • Cambodian
    • Armenian
    • And lots more
  • 7. Religion
    • India has a variety of religion,but the main religion is Hinduism.Hinduism is a complex religion with roots in Aryan culture.
  • 8. Religion
    • Hindus make up around 80% of the population, believe in many gods. They also believe in reincarnation the rebirth of souls after death.
  • 9. Climate & Landform East Asia has a tropical climate zone.Which means there is a lot of rain falling.The land has a tall dense forest of broadleaf trees.
  • 10. CHINA History - China is the world’s oldest continuous civilization. The beginnings of that civilization extend back into the mists of prehistory.
  • 11. CHINA
    • Economies – During the1980s and early 1990s,many Asian economies did very well.
    • Culture - China is a cultural hearth that has influenced its neighbors. It has been
    • the source for many of the important ideas and inventions that have
    • shaped Mongolia and Taiwan and the rest of the region