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People Helping People, Inc has added Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Technology; PeopleZZing. As if VOIP (PeopleZDigital), wireless (PeopleZ Wireless), IVR the Handsfree Solution (Interactive Voice Response) wasn't enough. Most trend geeks solute mobile advertising, yet majority focus on text message marketing campaigns . PeopleZZing is another game changer. Prepare to be wow'd by the information shown here. And yes internet marketers it is HTML5 friendly and can hold your precious opt-in box! This is a permission-based product aka not spam. You can't control who sends a text; at least not now...
Visit or call 877-787-9320 to learn more about this exclusive product to PHPI.
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Bluetooth Proximity Marketing PeopleZZing

  1. 1. Bluetooth Media Business Plan
  2. 2. What is Blu-PonZ ? Blu-PonZ re-innovates the OOH advertising market using new wireless technology such as Bluetooth Blu-PonZ makes OOH advertising more: Effective to advertisers Attractive to prospects Engaged with audiences Intrigued to consumers Influential for brands Data driven FREE to send & receive Send & receive … UNLIMITED A GREEN TECHNOLOGY
  3. 3. How It Works An effective call-to-action Marketing Communication instructs consumers to enable their Bluetooth visibility to receive free content and discounts 1. Enabled Device Detection 2. The Permission Request 3. Consumer Receives Promotional Offer
  4. 4. Deployment Illustration
  5. 5. Ease of Use No need to overcome a steep learning curve, downloading a Bluetooth message is as easy as receiving a call. Accept incoming transfer from Blu-PonZ? First, turn on Bluetooth , make it visible. This is as easy as changing the wallpaper or ringtone of a mobile phone. Stand within a visible distance from the Hotspot stand, wait for 2 to 4 seconds The phone will be prompted with an acceptance message, click “YES” to download. File will be displayed after download Yes No
  6. 6. Is the Market Ready? There’s long been debate over the concept of “proximity” in terms of marketing, but a new report out by Borrell Associates paints the picture of a quickly growing market for mobile proximity marketing — one that’s set to grow to nearly $6Billion by 2015. The $200M figure for 2010 is set to nearly quadruple by next year alone. By 2015, proximity-based marketing will account for roughly 29% of all mobile marketing spending.
  7. 7. Deployment Successes
  8. 8. Deployment Successes
  9. 9. Deployment Successes
  10. 10. Blu-PonZ Hotspots Overview Thousands of hotspots negotiated across United States and growing Capable of operating flawlessly in almost any frequency density Blu-PonZ can adopt a “piggyback” strategy on digital screens, kiosks, etc. Typical partnership term: 1. 2 years exclusivity, physical maintenance included 2. Bluetooth base station is installed on the wall, ceiling or behind fixtures High Density, Enclosure, Accommodates Multiple Advertisers or Products and Services Sample Sponsors
  11. 11. Blu-PonZ Hotspots Overview Deployment Examples: Malls, Shopping Centers, Outlets Airports, Train Depots, Subways Stadiums, Concert Venues, Civic Centers Colleges, Churches, Government Complexes
  12. 12. Thank You