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9 Jamestown






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    9 Jamestown 9 Jamestown Presentation Transcript

    • Jamestown The First Colony
    • The Beginning…
      • London Company sent 3 ships (104 people)
        • Discovery, Susan Constant, Godspeed
      • To Virginia for gold, silver, and copper
      • April 26,1607
      • Sailed into river (Named it after King James)
      • Built fort on peninsula
      • Named it Jamestown
    • Jamestown
      • Endless troubles
        • Swampy
        • Fever-bearing mosquitoes
        • Malaria
        • Unable to build houses and plant crops before winter
      • End of summer- over half dead, others dying
      • 1 st ship from England a year later
        • Only 38 still alive
    • Fixing the problem?
      • King James made council
        • Mostly London Company stockholders
        • Knew nothing of situation
        • Insisted on finding gold
      • Created local council (no authority)
      • Lots of arguing among settlers
      • Poorly Prepared
        • No farming or carpentry skills
        • Not used to hard labor
      • Didn’t realize the hard work ahead of them
    • John Smith (in general)
      • English sailor, solider, and writer
      • Man of action- took charge
      • Seen much more of the world
      • Fought in many eastern Europe wars against the Turks
      • Once captured, sold into slavery, and escaped
      • After Jamestown, in sailing expedition caught by French pirates – and escaped from them
      • Lived out the rest of his life in England writing.
    • John Smith (in Jamestown)
      • Took charge when no one else would (or could)
      • Elected president of Virginia Council
      • Bargained for food with Indians
      • Stopped search for gold
      • Put people to work building shelters and planting crops
      • Hard work and discipline worked
    • London Company Steps In
      • Decide the colony needs a governor
      • Sends 9 ships with 600 people
      • The first governor put off coming
      • Lord De La Warr
      • Smith had to return to England for supplies and convince investors to spend more money
      • Without Smith rules and organization fell apart
      • 1609-1610 called the “starving time”
    • Homework
      • Write a journal article pretending to be one of the first to live in Jamestown.
      • Include
        • Date- Sometime shortly after April 26 1607
        • Who you were with?
        • What things did you see? New things
        • What was difficult? Fun?
        • What you think your future will be like in Jamestown.