9.19.12 classwork wednesday


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9.19.12 classwork wednesday

  1. 1. What one book from the library should every child yourage read? Explain. Wednesday Donovan September 19, 2012 Ayanna Emily Andrianete Bryan Jackeline Philicia Diana Cindy Jessica Leslie Ricardo Alexis Ixza Christy Jordan Kareena David Lilah Kathy Remy Samira Alejandra Michael Yamilee Carlos Edward Leon Jeffrey Daeshawn Dariel Ericka Jose Jaileen
  2. 2. Morning WritingToday in 1783, theMontgolfier brotherssent up the first balloonwith live creatures onboard: a sheep, arooster, and a duck.Prompt: Why do you think the Montgolfier brothers sentup animals before they tried to go up in the balloonthemselves? Do you think it was fair? Why or why not?
  3. 3. Reading ­ Davy Crockett Saves the World(p. 52)GenreA Tall Tale is a story about alarger­than­life character thatis so exaggerated you know itis not believable.Story StructurePlot and SettingAs you read, use your Plotand Setting Chart.
  4. 4. Plot Setting Halleys comet is hurling Near the Mississippi River toward America. almost 200 years ago.Davys decision to go toWashington means hewill try and stop Halleyscomet from hitting Earth.
  5. 5. Reading HomeworkPractice Book, page 8
  6. 6. Math ­ Place Value Through Thousandths (p. 43) hundredths three hundredths
  7. 7. twenty­three and one hundred forty­fivethousandths and
  8. 8. ones thousandth tenth hundredth
  9. 9. nineteen andfour tenths
  10. 10. Independent Practiceexercise 6­25 on page 45 and 46
  11. 11. Math Homework"My Homework" on page 47­48.
  12. 12. Spelling ­ Word Meanings 1. paste 11. theme 2. bride 12. type 3. shave 13. oak 4. spice 14. growth 5. greed 15. yolk 6. plead 16. folks 7. greet 17. aim 8. heap 18. prey 9. paid 19. tow 10. coach 20. grind
  13. 13. Spelling ­ Word Meanings oak1. They had an _____________ tree in their backyard. heap2. He left a large ___________ of clothes on the floor. paste3. He decided to ____________ the photos in an album.
  14. 14. Class WorkUse the dictionary to define the spellingwords.
  15. 15. Spelling HomeworkSpelling Practice Book, page 10
  16. 16. ELA ­ Nouns (p. 88)RULESA noun is a word thatnames a person, place,thing, or idea.The gardener planted. (person)We visited the Tivoli Gardens. (place)I learned about some unusual plants. (thing)Their beauty amazed us. (idea)
  17. 17. A noun can be one word or two or morewords used together. Nouns name thingswe can see as well as things we can onlythink about, such as ideas and feelings.
  18. 18. Language ArtsHomework"Extra Practice" on page 156 1­25
  19. 19. Religion ­ We are joined to Jesus Christ andto one another (p. 32) Jesus, be with us always.Class Work• Complete "We Gather" in your notebook.• Read pages 32­33• Write five facts about the chapter Homework 1. How did Jesus describe the relationship between himself, his Father, and his disciples? 2. How can we help the Kingdom of God to grow?
  20. 20. l am the vine, you are the branches.Whoever remains in me, and I in him willbear much fruit, because without meyou can do nothingJohn 15:45
  21. 21. Scholastic Code JYYWZ
  22. 22. Homework Summary ­ Wednesday, September 19, 2012Reading• Practice Book, page 8Math• "My Homework", page 47­48Spelling• Practice Book, page 10Language Arts• "Extra Practice", exercise 1­25 on page 156Religion1. How did Jesus describe the relationship between himself, his Father, and his disciples?2. How can we help the Kingdom of God to grow?
  23. 23. Range: Mode:6 Median: Mean: Reward 10 Pizza Party 8­9 Wheel of Fun 7 Spelling 6 BrainPOP 4­5 Silent Snack 2­3 Class Work 1 No Snack
  24. 24. Attachments 1314158