9.10.2012 classwork - monday


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9.10.2012 classwork - monday

  1. 1. Imagine that your school board is considering startingschool an hour earlier. Write a letter to your school boardexpressing your opinion about this. Monday September 10, 2012 Bryan Ricardo Ayanna Emily Andrianete Jackeline Alexis Cindy Jaileen Philicia Christy Ixza Leon Jessica Jose David Alejandra Jordan Leslie Donovan Yamilee Kathy Remy Michael Diana Samira Jeffrey Kareena Lilah Carlos Edward Daeshawn Dariel Ericka
  2. 2. Morning Writing The sewing machine was patented today in 1846.Prompt: Do you think the sewing machinewas an important invention? Why or whynot? What would we do without the sewingmachine? What are some other inventionsthat you think are important? Why?
  3. 3. 1   A   B   C  
  4. 4. 2   A   B   C  
  5. 5. 3   A   B   C  
  6. 6. Reading ­ Miss Alaineus (pg. 20)GenreRealistic Fiction uses settings,characters, and events thatcould actually exist.Story StructureCharacter and PlotAs you read, use your Characterand Plot Chart.Read to Find OutHow does the kind of personSage is affect the plot?
  7. 7. archaeology: the scientific study of thehuman past.chalkboard: a hard, smooth board meantto be written or drawn on with chalk.vocabulary: a list of words, usually arrangedin alphabetical order and defined.
  8. 8. Character and Plot Chart Character PlotSage is hardworking Starr gives Sage theand responsible. She words she missed inis concerned about a rush, so Sage maymissing assignments have misunderstoodwhen she is sick. some of them.
  9. 9. Reading HomeworkIdentify the main characters thoughts,feelings, and actions. Recognize and list theimportant developments in the plot.
  10. 10. Math ­ Place Value Through Millions (pg. 11)Problem SolvingComplete exercise 13­17on page 14. thirty­two  thousand, five  hundred twenty­ six
  11. 11. three hundred four million, ninehundred sixty­seven thousand
  12. 12. 14) 139,852 one hundred thirty­nine thousand, eight hundred fifty­two square kilometers
  13. 13. 123.456787
  14. 14. Math Homework"My Homework", page 15­16
  15. 15. Math ­ Compare and Order WholeNumbers Through Millions (p. 17)
  16. 16. Spelling ­ Pretest 1. jut 11. gush 2. nick 12. scan 3. tenth 13. batch 4. shrug 14. rough 5. stuff 15. stump 6. sense 16. tough 7. damp 17. laugh 8. cot 18. guess 9. fling 19. lead 10. notch 20. dove
  17. 17. Spelling ­ Word Sorts/a/ /e/ /i/ /o/ /u/batchdamp Nick cot Shrug gush fling Stuff
  18. 18. Spelling ­ Word SortsSpelling HomeworkWrite each Spelling word in ABC order, tentimes each.
  19. 19. Aim: Word Sortsdamp tenth fling cot jut nick
  20. 20. ELA ­ Sentence and Sentence FragmentA sentence is a group of words thatexpresses a complete thought.
  21. 21. Kelsey and Jamie listened to thethunder.
  22. 22. A sentence fragment is a group ofwords that does not express acomplete thought. Listened to the  thunder.
  23. 23. More Practiceexercise 6­20 on page 3.
  24. 24. Write sentence or sentence fragment for each group ofwords. fragment6. Told stories about their father.7. Dads hair was black and curly.sentence8. Baby pictures of Kelsey and Jamie. fragment9. One picture showed Grandma playing games withthe girls. sentence10. Jamie took new pictures of us. sentence sentence fragment
  25. 25. Add words to each fragment. Then write the newsentences.11. Found her camera.12. Grandma and Kelsey.13. Posed together in silly hats.14. Each of the two girls.15. Enjoyed the rainy day after all.
  26. 26. Write sentence if the words are a sentence. Rewrite eachsentence fragment correctly. 16. Photographs remind us of happy times. 17. Family memories. 18. A picture of your friends. 19. Took a picture during their vacation. 20. A family album has special memories.
  27. 27. Language ArtsHomeworkExtra Practice, exercise 1­25 on page 74.Write the sentences in your HW notebook.
  28. 28. Religion ­ Jesus is the Son of God (pg. 20)Jesus, share your life with us.Class Work• Read pages 20­21• Define Key Word(s)Homework1. What is the Blessed Trinity?2. What did Jesus announce in the synagogue?
  29. 29. repentancechange your life.
  30. 30. Social Studies ­ Exploration and Settlement(pg. 96)Class Work• Read pages 108­115• Define Vocabulary Words
  31. 31. Santa 1492 discovery Maria explorer Christopher Columbus new land (uncharted)captain Nina Pinta Atlantic Ocean
  32. 32. Specials Monday ­ Music Tuesday ­ GymThursday ­ Library/Computer
  33. 33. Homework Summary ­ Monday September 10, 2012Reading1. Identify the main characters thoughts, feelings, and actions. Recognize and list the important developments in the plot.Math1. "My Homework" on page 15­16Language Arts1. Extra Practice, exercise 1­25 on page 74. Write the sentences in your HW notebook.Spelling1. Spelling words in ABC order, ten times eachReligion1. What is the Blessed Trinity?2. What did Jesus announce in the synagogue?
  34. 34. Range: Mode:Median: Mean:Reward10 Pizza Party8­9 Wheel of Fun7 Spelling6 BrainPOP4­5 Silent Snack2­3 Class Work1 No Snack