5.23.12 classwork wednesday


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5.23.12 classwork wednesday

  1. 1. May is Young Achievers Month. Name one young personthat you admire. Explain. Wednesday May 23, 2012 Alan G Johnny Linder Cincere Joey Gia Ricardo David Jose Adolfo Cameron Ramon Ryan Emma R Alan Natalie Nyashia Brian Andres Joshua Brianna Christopher Christian Sualee Mitzy Angel Elizabeth Matthew Roxana Massire Max Carlos
  2. 2. Morning Writing Young achievers probably had big dreams and high hopes. What do you dream about accomplishing someday? Explain Write neatly, skipping a line, and use loose­leaf (lined) paper. Hand in once you are finished. The work will be graded.
  3. 3. Reading ­ Talking in Codes (p. 578)Talk About ItName somedifferent kinds ofcodes. What aresome situations inwhich you might PICTURE PROMPT Look at the picture andwant to talk in respond in writing. You can write a poem, a story, or a description, or any other type ofcode? writing you like.
  4. 4. Reading ­ Talking in Codes (p. 578) A corridor is a long, narrow hallway. A reservation is land set aside by the government for a specific purpose.
  5. 5. Reading ­ Talking in Codes (p. 578) Someone who has enlisted has volunteered to join the military. Invasion refers to armed forces entering a region to conquer it.
  6. 6. Reading ­ Talking in Codes (p. 578) A shield is a person or thing that protects against danger. A location is an exact place.
  7. 7. Reading ­ Talking in Codes (p. 578)Sagged refers to things thatdrooped down in the middle fromweight.Something that is creased is lined,folded, or wrinkled.
  8. 8. Reading ­ Rita, the Storyteller (p. 580)Context CluesContext Clues arewords or phrases thatsurround an unfamiliarword and can helpyou define it. They canappear in a nearby location What context clues you can find in the story tosentence or help you define the word.somewhere else in theparagraph
  9. 9. Reading ­ Rita, the Storyteller (p. 580) Clues Authors Perspective Meskwaki are proud of Positive their story telling. The story is about brave Complimentary Meskwaki code talkers. The tribe enlisted and were chosen for a secret Approving mission during WWII. Their codes were never Neutral, factual broken. Narrator is sad they got Partial to the Meskwaki no recognition.
  10. 10. Reading ­ The Unbreakable Code (p. 582)GenreHistorical Fiction tells astory in which fictionalcharacters take partin actual historicalevents from the past. PREVIEW AND PREDICT Read the title,Authors Perspective preview the illustrations, and noteLook for clues that questions and predictions about the story.reveal the authorspoint of view.
  11. 11. Reading ­ The Unbreakable Code (p. 582)Navajo: a member of a NativeAmerican people of northernNew Mexico and Arizonadrills: training exercises
  12. 12. Reading ­ The Unbreakable Code (p. 582)platoon: a division in the militaryrecruits: new members of thearmed forces
  13. 13. Reading ­ The Unbreakable Code (p. 582) Clues Authors Perspective The Navajo language is as The author has a favorable warm and familiar as the attitude toward the Navajo patterns on a Navajo language. blanket. Grandfather tells John The author feels that the never to forget the Navajo Navajo language is language. important to remember.
  14. 14. Reading ­ The Unbreakable Code (p. 582)Reading HomeworkUse vocabulary words in asentence.
  15. 15. Math ­ Chapter 7 Test
  16. 16. Spelling
  17. 17. Spelling ­ Pretest1. sadness 11. bottomless2. gladness 12. foolishness3. needless 13. fondness4. harmless 14. effortless5. darkness 15. meaningless6. fullness 16. emptiness7. stillness 17. forgiveness8. hopeless 18. motionless9. fearless 19. ceaseless10. weakness 20. fierceness
  18. 18. Spelling ­ Review and Proofread     The soldiers moshunless in the field. What was so important about a marmliss code? As the darknes crept in, they felt alone. An emptyness came over them as they waited. The mission seemed meaninglis to them. They had no idea that the language which was eforless to them would stump the Japanese army!
  19. 19. Spelling ­ Review and ProofreadWriting ActivityWrite a paragraph about whatyou would do if you had a codeof your own. Use four words fromyour spelling list.
  20. 20. Spelling ­ Review and ProofreadSpelling HomeworkWord Map ­ handout
  21. 21. Homework Summary ­ Wednesday, May 23, 2012Reading1. Use vocabulary words in a sentence.Spelling1. Word Map ­ handout.Have a great Memorial Day weekend!
  22. 22. Range: Mode:8 Median: Mean: Reward 10 Pizza Party 8­9 Wheel of Fun 7 Spelling 6 BrainPOP 4­5 Silent Snack 2­3 Class Work 1 No Snack
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