5.2.13 classwork thursday


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5.2.13 classwork thursday

  1. 1. ChristySamiraLeonKareenaPhiliciaAyannaLilahRemyDonovanMichaelYamileeJessicaLeslieCarlosBryanRicardoAlexisDavidJordanAlejandraKathyDianaIxzaEmilyJaileenJeffreyThursdayMay 2, 2013If you were a flower, would you rather be planted in agarden at someones house or at a park? Explain.EdwardAdrianette
  2. 2. DO NOW:Write the x6Times Table tentimes.Morning Work
  3. 3. ReadingAim: Fairy Tales(p. 638)Talk About ItWhat are thefeatures of a fairytale? Why do youthink fairy tales arestill popular after hundreds of years?
  4. 4. ReadingAim: A Real Princess(p. 640)HomophonesHomophones are wordsthat sound the same buthave different spellingsand meanings. Forexample, the homophonesbridle and bridal soundalike but have very differentmeanings.
  5. 5. ReadingSummarizeSequenceA Sequence Chart helps yousummarize information bylisting events or actions inthe order that they takeplace. use your SequenceChart as you reread "A RealPrincess" to figure out thesequence of events.
  6. 6. The prince needs to marry a princess byhis thirtieth birthday, or the court willdismiss him.Princess Araya, wearing torn and muddyclothes, arrives at the castle. The princedoubts that Araya is a princess. Thequeen asks the prince whether he willmarry Araya if the queen can prove thatAraya is a princess. The prince agrees.Araya is sent to a bed of seven feathermattresses. The queen orders that apebble be placed on top of the seventhmattress to test Arayas royal blood.Instead of sleeping, Araya gives themattresses away to poor people. Theprince sees her true worth and agrees tomarry her.Events
  7. 7. ReadingAim: The Golden Mare,the Firebird, and theMagic Ring (p. 642)GenreFairy Tales take placelong ago, haveimaginary charactersand settings, andinvolve good and evil.
  8. 8. huntsman: a person who hunts animals forfood.mare: a female horse.Tsar: a ruler in Russia having great or absolutepower or authority.mythical: having to do with myths, or ideasand stories that many believe but which arenttrue.regal: having qualities of a king or other rule.
  9. 9. signal words:At midnight...then...all night...as the first golden rays...
  10. 10. tsar character traits:* selfish* mean* greedy* smart* tyrant
  11. 11. herdheard
  12. 12. Alexi seeks fortune and adventure. Hemeets a Golden Mare that can speak.The mare takes Alexi to the Tsar. The Tsar isimpressed with the mare and hires Alexi asa huntsman.At midnight, maize was scattered over thefield, and Alexi took the saddle off theGolden Mare. Then Alexi hid in a nearbytree. All night they waited. As the firstgolden rays of dawn lit the sky, theFirebird came flying.
  13. 13. Reading HomeworkUse your Sequence Chart tosummarize The Golden Mare, theFirebird, and the Magic Ring.Keeping track of the order ofevents can help you betterunderstand the story.
  14. 14. If you dismiss someone, you fire that personfrom a job.Intentions are plans to act in a certain way.Despair is lack of all hope.The straps that fit around a horses headand guide the horse are called the bridle.
  15. 15. Descended means to have moved from ahigher place to a lower one.Accompany means to go together with.Delicacies are rare and delicious foods.If you consented to do something, yougave permission or agreed to it.
  16. 16. MathAim: Check My Progress (p. 575)Lesson:Complete pages 575­576Homework:"My Homework" pages
  17. 17. MathAim: Least CommonMultiple (p. 577)Lesson:Define Math wordsComplete pages 577­580Homework:"My Homework" pages 581­582
  18. 18. Spelling1. subtraction 11. attraction2. transportation 12. dismiss3. missile 13. inspector4. portable 14. distract5. export 15. spectacle6. committee 16. inspect7. respect 17. mission8. transport 18. import9. tractor 19. intermission10. spectator 20. suspect
  19. 19. SpellingAim: Pretest (697G)Lesson:• Complete pages 167­168Homework:• Spelling words ten times each.• Spelling exam on Monday.
  20. 20. Language ArtsAim: Vocabulary:Prefixes and Suffixes(p. 206)DefinitionPrefixes and suffixes are word parts added tothe beginning or ending of a base word, orroot word.A prefix is a word part added to the beginningof a base word. A suffix is a word part addedto the end of a base word.
  21. 21. Prefix Meaningre­ again, backun­, dis­, non­ not, the opposite ofmis­ wrongly, badlypre­ beforebi­ having two of; twiceim­, in­ not, without, in, intoSuffix Meaning­ful full of­able, ­ible capable or worthy of, fit for­ness state, condition, or quality of­less without, not having­ist one who does or makes­ment the act, state, quality, or result of
  22. 22. Write each sentence. Draw one line under words with a prefix.Draw two lines under words with a suffix.1. Last night we watched a movie that was sheer nonsense.2. I rode my bicycle to the video store to ask for a refund.3. The clerk was inexperienced but helpful.4. We had forgotten to rewind the tape.5. The clerk still honored the "money back" agreement, even though the mistake had been ours.6. place7. wonder8. amaze9. patient10. flex11. behave12. paint13. agree14. hope15. pay
  23. 23. Homework Summary for Thursday May 2, 2013ReadingSummaryMath"My Homework" pages 581­582SpellingSpelling words ten times each
  24. 24. Attachments1314158Analogies TTT.notebook